Top 3 Cut and Sew Model Singer Sewing Machine Review :

After our roundup of the best Singer sewing machines, the time has come to introduce you to the three best Singer overlockers. It is about:

We have already talked about these models, but here we present them one after the other to help you understand what the differences are between each of them and which model is right for you.

We have ordered the three models based on price, starting from the cheapest to the most expensive model. All models come with an Italian-language instruction manual and a guarantee that is valid in Italy. If you want to download a copy of the instruction manual, go to the full review of the model you are interested in.

If you have never used an overlock and want to know what the features of this product are, skip immediately to the end of this post, and you will find all the explanations you are looking for.

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1. Singer 14 SH754 overlock machine

Best Singer sewing Machine

The first model we present to you is the Singer 14SH654 overlock machine. This is by far the cheapest Singer serger model you can find on the market. Before describing all the features of this model, we publish a presentation video.

We recommend that you watch this video carefully, especially if you have never used a serger. The operation of all overlockers is actually similar, regardless of the brand or model. But each model has its own particularities, and these particularities also concern threading the needle and managing the threads. To get started on the right foot, click on the video below


The Singer 14SH754 overlocker allows you to create many sewing stitches that you cannot achieve with normal sewing machines. But with this product, you can also do much more:

  • set the thread tension as you like
  • vary the fabric transport speed
  • work with a free arm, which is important to obtain perfect tubular packages
  • deactivate the knife, or adjust its position, to avoid cutting the fabric by mistake
  • set the stitch width from a maximum of 7 to a minimum of 3 millimeters
  • vary the stitch length from a maximum of 4 to a minimum of 1 millimetre
  • create invisible three-thread hems
  • sew the three-thread or even four-thread overlock stitch

Finally, this model is capable of producing up to 1,300 sewing stitches per minute. The Singer 14SH754 is also very compact and easy to handle. It weighs just under 8 kilos and has dimensions of 38.2 x 32.6 x 32.6 cm. So it is easy to transport and takes up more or less the same space as a normal sewing machine, even though it is capable of doing much more.

The functionalities

The possibilities of the Singer 14SH754 overlocker do not stop there. This product also allows you to:

  • distinguish the threads from each other during knitting . This machine is equipped with a patented system that distinguishes the threads using different colors. Let’s be clear: the system works even if you are working with four threads of the same color. Because each wire is inserted into a different colored guide,. This is a perfect feature, especially for beginners
  • cut all types of fabric. Thick ones like flannel or felt, but also delicate and very thin ones like tulle or organza. The Singer 14SH754 knife has a carbon blade, so it is able to make extremely precise and clean cuts
  • sew up to 1,300 stitches per minute. This is a very high sewing speed, typical of professional machines, but which you can now use too
  • transport the fabric in a differential manner. If you have used normal sewing machines until now, you are used to pushing the fabric under the presser foot by hand. With the Singer 14SH754, this is not necessary, as the machine transports the fabric under the presser foot itself.
Best Singer sewing Machine

There is much more to say about the Singer 14SH754 serger model. In our opinion, this product is suitable for those who need a serger that gives excellent results but does not cost too much. We are talking about hobbyists but this product is also useful for professional tailors and seamstresses. Beginners may have a little difficulty understanding how to sew with three or even four threads, but with a little practice and attention, learning to use this serger will be easy for them too.

If you want to know more about this model, we invite you to read our complete review of the Singer 14SH754 overlocker.

2. Singer S14-78 serger

Best Singer sewing Machine

And we come to the Singer S14-78 serger . This product has more or less the same price as the previous model but costs much less than the latest model that we present in this post. So it is a “medium” serger, suitable for amateurs but also for professionals who do not want or cannot spend too much.

We begin our presentation of this product with a video. Figuring out how to thread the serger needle is the most difficult step. This applies both to those who have never used this product and to those who are used to working with sergers of a different brand or model.

Once you understand how to thread the needle in this model and how the threads are managed, everything else becomes very simple. So we can go ahead and see what the features of the Singer S14-78 serger are:


We prefer not to compare and contrast for you, as we know very well that everyone has their own needs. Some work mainly with fabrics such as tulle, but also those who need to sew jeans, felt, or other materials. For this reason, below you will find a list of the most important features of the Singer S14-78 , which you can compare with those of the other two Singer overlock models that you find reviewed in this post.

With this overlock model:

  • you can choose between 12 different sewing stitches, all sewn at a maximum speed of 1,300 stitches per minute
  • You can sew, trim, and trim all types of hems in one step
  • it is possible to adjust the tension of the threads
  • you can work with two, three or even four threads to create gathered hems, rounded hems, trims and much more
  • you can choose the length and width of the stitches you prefer, adjusting it according to your needs
  • you can work stretch fabrics in complete comfort since the length and width of the stitch are also differentially adjustable. In this way, after sewing fabrics such as spandex you will not find the classic “stretched” stitches
  • you can work the inside of shirt sleeves, or even skirts and trousers, thanks to the free arm function.

There are many differences between a beginner tailor and a professional. Experience, of course. But experience alone, without a good serger, is worth little. Even if you are a hobbyist or a novice tailor, thanks to the Singer S14-78 serger, you too will be able to create high-level packages.

Accessories and Features

The Singer S14-78 is equipped with the same range of accessories as the other two models reviewed in this post. So we have the classic L-shaped screwdriver, the dust cover, the pedal, the tweezers for threading the needle, etc.

Compared to the other two models, the features are similar. We have:

  • the possibility of carrying out circular machining, thanks to the free-arm
  • the differential fabric transport function, which allows you to always have perfect seams, especially on stretch fabrics
  • an exclusive system that allows you to manage the threads with great ease, as it attributes a different color to each thread

The dimensions of the Singer S14-78 are the more or less standard dimensions of all Singer overlockers: 38 x 36 x 33 cm for 8 kilos of weight. At this point, you may be wondering what the differences really are between this model and the other two.

It’s easy to say: here you have 12 different types of sewing stitches at your disposal. So the only limit to your creations is your imagination, especially if you use the overlock in combination with a Singer sewing machine.

For those who don’t know, let’s say that this is a very frequent thing, especially if you want to create high-level work. In fact, the Singer S14-78 model mainly creates utility stitches and elastic stitches. Cannot sew decorative stitches. This is a limitation of all sergers. It is a product designed for needs other than decoration – or even machine embroidery – and therefore must be supported by the traditional sewing machine.

If you want to know more about this overlocker model, read our full review of the Singer S14-78

3. Singer 14SH654 overlock machine

The latest overlock model that we present to you is the Singer 14SH654 overlock machine. We won’t dwell too much on the aesthetics of this product, but let’s immediately describe how to use this overlocker, what its features are, and its functionality.

How to use the Singer 14SH654 overlock machine

Raise your hand if you don’t feel intimidated by the serger. While threading a single needle may be difficult for some, imagine having to thread three or four, and having to work with multiple threads at the same time. But using the serger is easier than it seems.

Anyone who needs to carry out more complex jobs than simple mending or joining two fabrics can use the overlocker without major difficulties. Being a professional tailor helps, but it’s not necessary. This machine does it all by itself, sewing the most difficult stitches for you.

Clearly, anyone who buys an overlock and uses it for the first time may have difficulty understanding how to thread the needle. For this reason, below we publish a video where you will find a clear and simple demonstration of how to start using the Singer 14SH654 overlock machine . The video is all in Italian:


If you have watched the whole video, you will surely understand how using the Singer 14SH654 serger is the easiest thing in the world. So you are already ready or ready for the next step: understanding what the basic features of this model are. Of course, threading the needle is very simple. Then, the work area of ​​this model is well-lit. But there’s much more. With this model, you can:

  • sew the safety stitch on stretch fabrics
  • perform the overlock stitch and the overedge
  • sew flat, rolled, and invisible hems
  • vary the tension of each of the 4 wires as you like
  • adjust the stitch length from 1 to 4 millimeters
  • vary the stitch width from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6.7 millimeters
  • turn off the upper knife, when you don’t need the fabric-cutting function

Decorating shirt cuffs, joining edges professionally, and making truly elegant skirts or trousers is now easier than ever. For making shirts, we recommend the flat hem, while the invisible hem is preferable for making trousers and skirts.

Dimensions and Accessories

If you are wondering if you have enough space at home for the Singer 14SH654 overlocker , we tell you that the answer is yes. This model has dimensions of 37.5 x 32 x 32 cm, so it is really compact and fits anywhere. In the package you will also find some accessories:

  • a small L-shaped screwdriver
  • a pack of needles
  • tweezers to thread the needle
  • the pedal
  • a dust cover

This model is sold with a two-year warranty, and the instruction manual is all in Italian.

The functionalities

To help you make a comparison between the Singer 14SH654 overlocker and the other models reviewed below, we immediately list all the features of this machine:

  • With a maximum speed of 1,300 stitches per minute, the Singer 14SH654 overlocker allows you to complete your favorite projects in the blink of an eye
  • regulation of the differential transport of the fabric. This is a typical feature of industrial sewing machines, but it is now also available for the Singer 14SH654 serger . It allows you to sew all types of fabrics effortlessly
  • making the chain stitch. Thanks to this stitch, you will be able to create highly resistant seams on all fabrics subjected to strong stress: jeans, but not only
  • overlock stitch availability. This stitch is the standard stitch on industrial sewing machines. To be clear, this is the typical sewing stitch that you find on all the finishes and seams of non-stretch fabrics

These are just some of the possibilities of the Singer 14SH654 overlocker. This model can do so much more: the chain stitch, but also the overcast stitch, or even very complex decorations on thin fabrics such as tulle or other.

For the moment, we will stop here. If you want more information on this model, we recommend reading our complete review of the Singer 14SH654 serger.

The serger: What it is

Those who are used to using normal sewing machines often find themselves facing a series of problems when processing fabric:

  • cut spandex, lycra, or even cotton fabrics to create perfect hems and edges that won’t fray
  • sew very thick fabrics, such as duvets, sofa covers, sweaters, but also jeans and blankets
  • make ruffles on organza, cambric, and other very thin and delicate fabrics

The serger is a product that allows you to work with all these fabrics very easily and quickly. The overlocker allows you to sew, making all the stitches you prefer, and at the same time to cut the fabric, and finish it so that it does not fray. Or even to curl it, to ruffle it, and so on.

Obtaining these results is possible since the overlock is a machine that can work using up to 4 needles at the same time. So it can sew up to 4 stitches at the same time. The essential information on the overlocker is all here. If you want to know more, we recommend – if you haven’t already done so – to take a look at the videos you find in this post and see with your own eyes what you can achieve with this product.

All Image Credit: Singer.com

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