Best Tape Measure Holder For Measurements (2022)

What is Tape Measure Holder 

It is a gadget to store the tape measure quickly while not in use throughout your work. It comprises a ribbon with linear marks of fabric, plastic, fiberglass, or steel. It is a frequent instrument of measurement. Its layout makes it possible to take a measure of fantastic size easily and to measure around curves or corners in a pocket or tool bag. 

What Are the Uses of Tape Measure Holder

Everyone in their house wants a tape measure. As a product that has for 100 years been tremendously the same, they are an essential part of any area of devices which are possessed with the support of any group, just like you.

Even if you do no DIY around the house, you want a tape measure, nevertheless. You do not know if the place you wish to find measures can come that day.

It seems so stupid to not have one, therefore if you’re wanting the measurement for excellent tape, we have the list for you. It is so inexpensive.

Utilizing the hook in the pocket or belt is usually worn around the tail. The holder features holes into which the belt can be fabricated in favorable conditions.

These holders are usually poor in size and are less complicated to supply you with entry when you start operating.

Best Tape Measures 

Whether you are looking for expert projects or just something that will rescue you in an emergency – and you don’t have one to acknowledge – we have prepared a concise yet outstanding variety of viable options, and let you experience something a bit more structured, should you desire measurements. You cannot always utilize the leaders of your children’s faculty, let’s dive into the best tape measures 

1.Custom Leathercraft 464 Heavy Duty Measuring Tape Holder

This is the only one you should use if you want a difficult, durable tape holder. It is made of leather and may be added to your choice, as the title indicates. The beautiful, long-lasting leather-based tissue is sufficient for extended periods.

You have the snap to maintain the tape measure. This works when the tape is slender enough to form in the pocket. In consequence, the tape would be in place. This holder includes belts up to 3,75 inches in diameter.


  • Mechanism of car locking 
  • 30 drops from the 2nd best rate of 10′ ladder remained 
  • Fixed markers


  • There will be a narrow (16-inch) tap.

It should fit most of the belts you really wear, as the selection suggests. In addition, the bag conserves tape measures between 25′′ ordinary Stanley and 35′′ Fatmax Stanley. The smaller the tape, the bigger the chance of a bigger house. You may wriggle a bit more house skill as you turn around.

2. CLC Custom Leathercraft 364 Fit All Measuring Tape Holder

If you are looking for the band holder of your device that will match your Dewalt box and the Dewalt clip appropriately, this is the one you are using.

It features perfect for your workbook as a short holster and is quite effortless to charge and empty. It is created from sturdy fabric and rivets and may be closed for a long period. Some goods don’t have vast clips to maintain a drill clip, but that clip is not enough.


  • It is for the purpose of heavy-duty. 
  • Designed with a robust steel tap clip.
  • It may last a long time. 
  • There are 2-inch slots on the belt.


  • water may damage it

This is a superb product. Due to the fact that measurement of tape is possible, other tape measuring holders cannot be utilized. You desire tape holders that may meet the demands of bothersome usage while you deal with the building or carpentry.

3. PowerLine-Measure-Klein-Tools-

The clip is likely to be suitable if you wish to take the tape measure swiftly and simply. It operates in the same way when it comes to hooking the holder. It makes it easy to securely hook and carry the holder.


  • Its characteristics include quality and dependability. 
  • The product is multifaceted 
  • It may last a long time. 
  • It has a limited guarantee.


  • No cons

It’s also equipped with plenty of storage sleeve pocks, wire nozzles, various tiny things, and placing slots for screwdrivers and various small objects. It seems this holder for the electrician is magnificent. This pocket tape measuring holder is a great choice for electricians who wish to raise the tape measurement and various electrical devices on their belts during their work.

Moreover, polyester makes it lightweight.

4. Klein Tools 5196 Tape Measure Holder

When you pick a measurement holder based on leather, it is the one you can use. As we have discovered, tape measurements from the fashionable 25′′ to 30′′ tape measures should be kept at a wide scale.

This holder does not matter how strongly you take the measurement from the function and does not count the position that the physics has taken owing to the belt slot in the course of the work. These slots are suitable for any belt up to 2.5 inches in diameter. 


  • Perfect for carrying power return rules of big dimensions. 
  • The costs are fair. 
  • It contains slots to be mounted on the ribbon. 
  • It is a product of quality,


  • No Cons

The tape measure, a great amount like Custom Leathercraft, is preserved in position. This helps to prevent a tiny tape from slipping inside.

5.Fastcap SpeedClip tape holder

This is the right solution if you want a Tape measure holder or anything comparable to your Stanley Fatmax tape measurement.

In the holder’s pocket would be OK with a Stanley Fatmax 25-inch. You should have the clip of the cassette available to properly protect it if necessary. It features a loop on the base of the holder, which is extended longer for improved grip. If you crochet it on the belt, it holds correctly and its odds are almost none.


  • User-friendly. 
  • The leather is lovely. 
  • It’s lightweight and small. 
  • It’s wonderful as a crab holder. 
  • Affordable


  • No Cons

However, this holder’s inconvenience seems obvious. The tape measurement would demolish, which is wrong, most plainly when it’s thinner or higher than 25′′ the Fatmax. This means that the tape measurement is twice checked. This is a great holder in general. All in all.

6. MagnoGrip 002-290 Quick Snap Magnetic Tape Measure Holder

Are you usually upset with the fact you have to remove and reassemble your measuring tape? However, there is an intelligent method to do it. Surprisingly, this holder is a viable alternative for first quality tape measurement.

You have just to hook your magnetic holder and attach the tape to your belt, and that’s all you have to do. The magnets join immediately now when the tape is passed through the film. In addition, when you cross, it remains firmly nearby. Take it from the clip and it will come out when the moment is right for it to be deleted.


  • It has strong clamps and magnets 
  • Cheaper. 
  • User-friendly. 
  • Lightweight


  • Clip belt is not very safe

And, if you’re a handy or hobbyist who seeks a cheaper and easier way to put off your belt measurement, with the exception of the belt that must hit every time you unclip it. Because of the robust clips and imbalances, it remains securely linked to your belt and no longer slips easily. The tape measures holder provides convenient access to the tape and a snap-on, snap-off mechanism.

7.Dead On Tools DO-TH Tape Measure Holder

If the Dead On DO-TH Killer Precision Tape Holder is the best solution if you want a big tape measure holder that is safe and durable.

In addition, this holder includes a double attachment tool, which may assist you in snapping it swiftly on your pants or strap loop. It has a locking strap with snaps to prevent tape measurement from falling out.


  • Tears and wear may be resisted. 
  • Made of solid nylon ballistic textiles. 
  • Mechanism of dual attachment.


  • The hook connecting to the belt is extremely loosely connected.

The designed structure makes it easier for a number of tape measures to be entered and handled. It consists of exceptionally long-lasting ballistic nylon yarn. This holder is helpful even if its measuring and fixing loop are excessively lengthy.

How To Find Best Tape Measure Holder


A tape measure must be precise before you worry about something else. Nothing else is important if it isn’t. It’s not only the quality tape measure we find to be accurate, fortunately. Besides the 6′′ mark on our Mixer Master calibration tool, all is worthless for Empire. With help of the line width – considerably less than 1/64′′ – Empire once was off. So the complete team is out from the door with a fantastic start, aside from the minor variance.


When you know your tape is accurate, stability is the main concern. All these tape measures have succeeded in surviving dozens, if not hundreds, of falls from workbench height into concrete.

The material you use is crucial if you want something long-lasting. You can select leather, nylon and polyester from the following materials. Both of them have no faults. All have their unique blend of benefits and disadvantages. 


Many people forget about how important it is, yet it is vital. Many people keep their clips on their pouches, whereas some people carry them in clips. The bags are similar to bags. A cowl’s up there. The bag keeps the tape measure, and the cowl keeps it from falling. It is also fitted to the tape measure with a silver clip. It is not apparent what you are using, however a clip helps you to keep the tape in the area if you are hard at work.

Size and Price 

The size of a tape measure, as we all know, depends on the size. If there is a restricted amount of room in the pouch-like tape measurement holder, any type of tape measure can not be formed inside it. If the tape measurements are so spacious, they will still not be or even come out. 

For example, all the products listed above have different costs. And if some are more expensive, you will still get some of the higher tape measurements at a realistic price. However, for low-cost tape holders, you would not want to lose first-class and solidity.


Which ruler or tape measure is more accurate?

It is easier to use a tape measurement, but it also gives more exact findings than a rule.

What are the two most often used tape sizes?

The bulk of tape measures now in use are between 12 and 25 feet long. Generally, constructors utilize lengths of 25 feet, whereas users’ usual lengths of 12 feet.


A tape measurement holder is a useful tool to assist your work. His little role helps us, in particular, to do our jobs properly. In addition, this holder prevents the measurement from breaking apart and prevents us from buying the defective strip. This, therefore, represents an exceptional investment. 

Almost of the aforementioned devices have identical features, as you may consider from this investigation. In this post, we have been discussing the needs and advantages you desire, the functioning, and the drawbacks. Please don’t forget to leave feedback in the below section and feel to share it with your friends and family.

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