Brother XM3700 Review: Should you buy It in 2022?

Is Brother XM3700 worth it? The Brother XM3700 is a good sewing machine that comes with lots of features. It is not the cheapest sewing machine you can get but it has more than enough features to justify the price.

If you are looking for an alternative Brother Sewing Machine, Brother CS6000i might also be worth considering.

The Brother XM3700 sewing machine is a reliable and easy-to-use option for anyone looking to create their own designs. It has limited features, but it’s a perfect choice if you have never used one before or want something simple that can get basic projects done quickly.

The XM3700 is perfect for sewers looking to expand their sewing skills. With 37 stitches and 74 stitch functions, This machine can do it all – garment construction like heirloom quilting or decorative stitching; you’re bound no matter your project size!

It comes with a variety of accessory feet including zippers which will make taking on any challenge easier than ever before (I mean come on how many times have we said “pas cuts” ?); even more importantly though are its built-in storage compartments so when not in use there’s less clutter everywhere plus an LED light that makes threading super easy while providing just enough illumination without being too bright.

Who should buy Brother XM3700

If you’re looking for a first sewing machine, the best option is to get something simple and straightforward. A mechanical with few options will make it easy enough that even beginners can learn on them in no time at all!

They’re also perfect if your household only needs occasional repairs or projects like placemats – they’ll do everything from mending clothes inside-out (or outside in) up through making curtains out of old sheets without too much trouble whatsoever.

If you’re looking to take your sewing skills beyond the home, this Brother XM3700 could make for an excellent investment.

Not only does it come with essential stitches and functions but also lightweight construction that makes transporting easy plus compact size means no bulky equipment taking up valuable space in closets or storage areas alike! With all these features at such affordable pricing points.

Brother XM3700 is a simple and safe machine to use. It has one buttonhole design, which means you can control only limited functions with its dials;

however, it does provide adequate stitch selection for new sewerages like us who want something easy on their pocket (or purse).

Features of Brother XM3700

We all know that sewing is a valuable profession, and the Brother XM3700 has been designed to help you make your customers even more satisfied.

The machine comes loaded with features at an affordable price making it great for those on budgets as well!

Stitch Options

The Brother XM3700 is an affordable and reliable sewing machine that can stitch a variety of materials with ease.

It has two needle positions, which allow you to double the number of stitches available on your project without purchasing another tool! and if you want the best sewing machine of singer brand then you can read this too Janome MOD 8033 Serger Review: Should you buy it in 2022

The Brother XM3700 is one of the most innovative sewing machines on the market due to its ability to offer an extensive list of features, with much more available through a downloadable app.

One way it does this? By providing additional stitch functions not found in other comparable models from competitors such as Singer or Necchi!

One-Step Buttonhole

The Brother sewing machine 3700 comes with a one-step buttonhole to make your life easier.

The one-step allows you to design the whole buttonhole within just 1 stop, so it’s much more convenient than four separate ones! And since this affordable option is perfect for beginners or those on budget {with its price tag ranging around $60}, incorporating an innovative feature like these into their machines can be viewed as praiseworthy in itself.

Free Arm System

It is important to use a free arm while sewing garments, especially those that are in the round.

I recommend using it for small projects like stitching collars or cuffs because you need more guidance with your fabric under the needle so as not to touch any other parts accidentally.

Brother XM3700 Costco has an excellent feature called “free-arm” which many lower-priced models don’t have at all; this makes them stand out among competitors!

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Drop-in Bobbin

The XM3700 comes with a drop-in bobbin, which can be easier to thread than an older type of top leading one.

Even though some prefer the old system for its higher stitch quality and comfortability more so that they’re quicker on their feet when it comes time to sew!

Presser Feet

A presser foot is an additional attachment that holds the fabric flat when going through a needle and stitched.

The Brother XM3700 comes with several different types of presses such as buttonhole, zipper, or blind-stitch ones but it also includes zigzag feet for more creative designs!


For those who are looking for the perfect sewing machine, look no further than this lightweight yet sturdy model. It’s easy to handle and use with great balance in weight making every project enjoyable!

The Brother XM3700 weighs only 10 pounds so you can take it anywhere without worrying about breaking your back or joints b You’ll get 25 years’ worth of warranty should anything go wrong during this time thanks again, guys.

Storage Space

You can store needles and buttons in the Brother sewing machine. It’s a good idea to have somewhere where you are not constantly stopped by interruptions, so this extra storage space helps!

Operation Manual

This machine is easy enough for anyone to use. All you need to do is read the manual and follow along with step-by-step instructions, then all of your worries will be behind you!

Pros and Cons of Brother XM3700


  • It is a very lightweight machine.
  • It is very easy to use
  • Automatic one-step buttonhole
  • It is budget-friendly


  • There is no start or stop button
  • It has got fewer accessories with its package
  • It is mostly made of plastic

Brother xm3700 vs xm2701

There are few companies that can match Brother when it comes to affordable sewing machines.

The company’s XM2701 has a lot of features for mechanical devices, but they also happen to cost more than other brands in this category – is the extra expense worth your time?

The Brother XM3700 is an excellent choice for sewing classes and meetups.

Not only does it have the essential stitches, but at just over four pounds with its built-in light stand – not to mention that this machine has a hardcover option available as well!

What’s The Difference Between A Stitch And A Stitch Function?

The Brother XM3700 has the most stitches of any sewing machine, with 37 stitch designs and 74 useful functions.

Stitch design refers to the shape or pattern that it’s made up in; for example, straight stitching can be done by holding down one button on your Singer 99E serger while weaving BACK AND FORTH along with another using SEQUENTIAL mode (or S).

On this particular model, there’s also zigzag stitching available as well which doesn’t decrease width as satin does- it creates more raw edges than flat fabrics may need!

Top 4 best alternatives to Brother XM3700

Whether you want to purchase additional items or you like ready-to-use machines, Brother sewing machines are the best. The Brother XM3700 is fully loaded with high-quality features; there’s no point trying out similar ones because it won’t be as good!

But if you want an alternative to brother xm3700 then here is the top 4 list

Singer 4432 Heavy Duty

The Singer 4432 Heavy Duty is a budget-friendly sewing machine that can work with more fabrics than your typical model.

If you’re looking to sew for yourself or other crafters, and need the power of an industrial-grade device without breaking any bank – this might be just what you’ve been waiting on!

The Singer 4432 is a great sewing machine for people who want to sew through just about anything and need a sturdy, easy-to-operate model.

Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine

The new Bernette B05 series is a top model of the newest Swiss design.

The Academy uses the latest engineering to create strong, robust sewing machines with electronic speed control and includes a bonus quilt/sew extension table for a limited timescale (12 months).

Janome mod-50 computerized sewing machine

The Janome mod-50 Computerized Sewing Machine is a great option for those who want to learn all they can about computerized sewing technology.

It is not as advanced as Brother XM3700 but it has a good value for the price and it gets the job done just the same!

Bernette 37 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine

The Bernette 37 is a computerized sewing machine with a large number of features and stitch quality.

The brunette 37 has a robust construction and offers simple operation. With its wide range of functions, the Bernette 37 is suitable for all levels of expertise.

It comes with a start/stop button which allows you to sew without using the foot pedal, the needle stops up or down function which lets you decide whether the needle should stop in the fabric or above it when you want to turn the fabric around the needle while sewing corners.

Brother XM1010

The Brother XM1010 is an easy-to-use sewing machine with a bobbin winding system that makes it simple even for those just starting out.

The upper thread and winder are located at the front of this device, making free arm stitching possible on children’s clothes which will help you save time rather than spending extra hours trying to figure out how things work best!

Frequently asked questions about brother XM3700

What is the price of Brother XM3700?

The price of bother XM3700 is very budget-friendly and it will just cost you only 180$

Is this sewing machine can be used by beginners?

Yes of course you can use this sewing machine as if you are a beginner or intermitted

Is brother sewing machine for beginners

Yes of course brother sewing machines are really good for beginners and it has lot’s of budget-friendly sewing machines for beginners like xm3700

Is brother xm3700 is good sewing machine?

Yeah, it is one of the good and budget sewing machines of brother `right now in the market.


The Brother XM3700 is a sewing machine that nails it in every way. It’s equipped with all of the features you could want, has an excellent price tag for what’s on offer, and performs just as well when put to use or stored away neatly out-of-sight – everything about this product seems tailored towards finding exactly what would suit your needs best!

Looking at all the features described above, we are quite positive that this machine is offering well and beyond its price tag. So if you really want to buy it then go ahead! We’ll be here waiting with open arms for your feedback on how things went when using our product in everyday life.

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