How to Use a Sewing Machine

What is a sewing machine?

Nowadays what I am seeing is that lots of people are buying their own sewing machine rather than going to a tailor shop and stretching their clothes which is a good thing also because buying a sewing machine is a one-time investment and it saves lots of money. 

And in today world we can find different kinds of a sewing machines which can be used for different purposes like some people buy industrial sewing machines for their sewing industries especially what I seeing is that industries are buying automatic sewing machine which saves their time as well as money and other lots of production factor.

I have been talking about sewing machines for the last two paragraphs and if you are still confused about it then let me tell you what a sewing machine.

A sewing machine is a device used to sew clothes at home with little knowledge of tailoring. If we go to its history it was first made in France in 1830 whose name was Barthélemy Thimonnier.

What are the  types of sewing machines?

In the market you can find different types of sewing machines and they are uncountable too and they are different according to their brand but here are some types of sewing machines which are the most popular in the world.

  • Domestic model sewing machine.
  • Industrial model sewing machine.
  • Hand operated sewing machine.
  • Treadle sewing machine.
  • Mechanical sewing machines.
  • Electronic sewing machine.
  • Computerized sewing machine.
  • Long Arm quilting Sewing Machine
  • Embroidery only Sewing machine
  • Buttonhole machine
  • Button sewing machine
  • Safety stitch machine
  • Industrial machines

Why do people use sewing machines?

We all know that sewing machines are used to stitch garments and fabric with thread which makes clothes and fabric durable and easy to sew and which makes it more durable which is done by hand.

Fun fact” And nowadays everything has become automatic due to modern technology which is being invented day by day so sewing machines are also evolving day by day and you will be shocked after lishing that in ancient times people used to stretch their clothes by their own hands and it used to take lots of time.

What are the benefits of using a sewing machine?

There are many benefits of using a sewing machine. some of its benefits of  I will list them below:-

It helps to save time and money

We all know that time is money. It helps to save time because it is very easy to use and away faster to stitch by hand.

It is secure to use

If we started to stitch with our hand we know it takes time and the needle may also hurt us.

and to solve this problem sewing machines are invented especially new types of sewing machines that are more reliable and faster than old ones.

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It helps to save fabric

We can use unused fabric to make decorative designs which can easily be done with sewing machines. and we all know that the price of fabric (especially the price of Stretch fabrics) is increasing day by day and in such a situation we need to save the fabric.

so the modern sewing machines are very advanced and they are programmed to do particular tasks efficiently and they are made by using modern technologies which are specially made for saving the fabric as well as other factors like money, time, etc.

How to thread a sewing machine?

For the new user, it may offend them how to use it, I will guide you on how to thread a sewing machine.

At first, add your thread spool in the spool pin, and in your left part of your machine there must be a small bobbin pull some thread from the thread spool and round twice to that bobbin and thread the bobbin near your spool pin there is also a bobbin pin put your bobbin to that pin and pull that bobbin, Congratulations now your thread is set up in your sewing machine.

How to use a sewing machine for beginners?

Now I am going to guide you on how to use a sewing machine for beginners don’t worry it will be easier than you thought.

I already guided you on how to thread a sewing machine. I assume that you know how to thread a sewing machine. Now follow the steps to how to use a sewing machine.

At first, you have to put your fabric or piece of clothes under your pressure foot and lower your presser foot to hold fabric or any piece of clothes to hold it put your foot down on the foot pedal. Congratulations now your sewing machine is now ready to use.

Frequently asked questions on Sewing Machine 

When someone is new to sewing machines they may have lots of doubts, queries, or questions regarding sewing machines so here are some frequently asked questions about sewing machines.

What is the best basic sewing machine?

Every sewing machine is best in its own place, some are good at electricity consumption, some are good at time-saving but also if you want a clear answer the SINGER M1500 Mechanical Sewing Machine is best among all.

Why does the bobbin thread break?

If the bobbin is too tightly threaded or incorrectly threaded then it may break the bobbin thread.

Are cheap sewing machines any good?

Now in this case, if I have to be truthful then let me tell you they may be value for money but not in all cases, and especially the quality of the sewing machine depends upon the brand as well as price point.

Why does the upper thread break?

If the needle is inserted incorrectly or the machine is not properly threaded then it may break the upper thread.

what do we have to call a person who operates sewing machines?

That person who operates sewing machine is called sewing machine operators

Why does my sewing machine make loose stitches or loops?

If the tension is not properly adjusted then it may lose stitches or loops.

Why does the fabric pucker?

If the thread tension is too tight or bobbin thread tension is too tight then fabric pucker.

What is the best sewing machine for learning 

Every machine is best for learning as a beginner but you just need to know how it works. Here I am providing you with a list of some sewing machines which are very easy to use and learn on the starting page.
Bernette 35 Sewing Machine. 
Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine.
Bernette Sew & Go Sewing Machine
Janome Sewist 721 Sewing Machine
Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Especially what kind of company use Industrial machines

There are lots of companies that use sewing machines like clothing manufacturers, clothing production companies, etc.

what is the most important tool to stop the fabric from going in

Without the inconvenience of needles and thimbles which are used in hard sewing and it helps to save your time.


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