Introduction to the Janome Four DLB Serger

Janome’s Four DLB Serger offers an extensive array of serging capabilities, all packed into a compact frame. Renowned for its durability and the precision of its stitching mechanism, this model delivers high-quality 3/4 thread serging. The Four DLB is designed to cut, seam, and finish garments efficiently, ensuring professional-grade results swiftly with a speed of up to 1,300 stitches per minute.

Benefits of the Janome Four DLB Serger Sewing Machine

Janome Four DLB Serger
  • Compact Design: Ideal for any sewing space, the Four DLB does not compromise functionality despite its smaller size.
  • Robust Construction: Built to last, it withstands extensive use without diminishing performance.
  • High-Speed Serging: Achieve faster results without sacrificing the quality of your stitches.
  • Efficient Operation: Integrates cutting, seaming, and finishing into a single process, enhancing your productivity.

Janome Four DLB Serger Sewing Machine: Comprehensive Feature Review

Overview of Stitching Capabilities

Janome’s Four DLB Serger is equipped with both 3 and 4-thread stitch options, providing versatility to match the specific needs of various fabrics and projects. This functionality ensures optimal adaptability for diverse sewing tasks.

Advanced Cutting and Hemming Features

  • Retractable Upper Knife: This avoids unwanted fabric cutting, enhancing the machine’s flexibility in handling delicate serging tasks.
  • Quick Change Rolled Hem: Switch effortlessly between serging and rolled hemming. Adjust the length and width settings to create customized hems for different projects.
Janome Four DLB Serger

Threading and Tension Control

  • Easy Threading: Follow the color-coded guides and the threading chart printed right on the machine for hassle-free threading.
  • Color Coded Thread Guides & Threading Chart: Simplify the setup process, making it user-friendly even for beginners.
  • Tension Release Lever: Provides precise tension control, essential for achieving the perfect stitch on varying fabric types.

Additional Operational Features

  • Easy Lay-in Tension Dials: Adjust tension smoothly for improved stitch quality.
  • Easily Accessible Lower Looper: Simplifies the threading process for quicker setup.
  • Lower Looper Pretension Setting Slider: Offers further control over thread tension, enhancing the finish of your projects.

Performance and Precision Enhancements

  • Adjustable Foot Pressure & Snap-on Presser Feet: Adapt the machine to the thickness and texture of different fabrics.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length (1mm to 4mm) and Differential Feed Ratio (0.5mm to 2.25mm): Customize stitches to suit specific fabric and design requirements.
  • Adjustable Cutting Width (3.1mm to 7.3mm): Allows for precise edge finishing, accommodating a range of fabric types.
  • Maximum Speed of 1,300 SPM: Ensures quick completion of projects without compromising stitch quality.

Standard and Optional Accessories for the Janome Four DLB Serger

Standard Accessories Included

The Janome Four DLB Serger comes with a practical set of standard accessories designed to support everyday serging tasks:

Janome Four DLB Serger
  • Standard Serger Needles: Essential for a variety of fabric types.
  • Tweezers: For easier threading and fabric handling.
  • Screwdriver (Small and Large): For machine adjustments and maintenance.

Optional Accessories for Enhanced Functionality

Expand the capabilities of your Janome Four DLB Serger with these optional accessories:

Specialized Sewing Feet

  • Beading Attachment: Adds decorative beading to projects.
  • Blind Stitch Foot: Perfect for invisible seams.
  • Cording Foot A & B: Ideal for adding cording as a decorative element.
  • Gathering Foot: Simplifies the gathering of lightweight fabrics.
  • Piping Foot (1/8″ & 3/16″): Creates precise piping.
  • Taping Foot with Reel: Applies tapes with precision.

Fabric Handling and Decorative Attachments

  • Cloth Guide: Ensures consistent seam allowances.
  • Elastic Gathering Attachment: For adding elasticity to garments.
  • Gathering Attachment: Enhances fabric gathers for voluminous effects.

Maintenance and Miscellaneous Tools

  • Extra Wide Table (Serger): Provides a larger work area for extensive projects.
  • Lint Brush: Keeps the machine clean and functioning smoothly.
  • Seam Ripper BPT: Essential for correcting mistakes.

Special Needles and Threaders

  • Needle (Universal): Versatile for various fabrics.
  • Needles Ball Point Size #11 & #14: Specifically designed for knit fabrics.
  • Purple Tip Needle: Engineered for heavy-duty fabrics.
  • Needle Threader: Simplifies the needle threading process.
Janome Four DLB Serger

Detailed Overview of Janome Four DLB Serger Specifications

Core Specifications and Functionalities

Thread Configuration and Stitch Options

  • Number of Threads: Supports both 3 and 4-thread serger configurations for versatile stitching options.
  • Pattern Selection: Utilizes Pattern Selection Dials with an integrated Stitch Information Display for easy adjustments.

Threading and Tension Features

  • Threading: Features an Easy Lay-In system complemented by a Threading Chart and Color Coded Thread Guides for straightforward setup.
  • Type of Tension: Controlled via Manual Dials allowing for precise adjustments.
  • Tension Release Lever: Provides ease in adjusting thread tension during projects.

Hemming and Fabric Cutting

  • Quick Change Rolled Hem: Facilitates swift transitions between serging and rolled hemming.
  • Easily Retractable Upper Knife: Prevents accidental fabric cuts, enhancing versatility in fabric handling.

Looper and Pressure Adjustments

  • Lower Looper Pretension Setting Slider: Offers additional control over thread tension, important for consistent stitch quality.
  • Adjustable Foot Pressure: Enables customization to accommodate various fabric thicknesses.

Additional Features and Adjustments

  • Stitch Length Adjustment: Ranges from 1.0mm to 4.0mm, allowing for fine-tuning based on fabric type.
  • Differential Feed Adjustment: Adjustable from 0.5mm to 2.25mm, this feature helps in managing stretchy or thin fabrics.
  • Cutting Width Adjustment: Can be set between 3.1mm to 7.3mm, essential for achieving precise fabric edges.
Janome Four DLB Serger

Performance and Physical Attributes

  • Maximum Speed: Achieves up to 1,300 Stitches Per Minute (SPM), making it suitable for high-speed sewing tasks.
  • Machine Weight: Weigh approximately 14.3 lbs, making it relatively portable yet stable during operation.

Additional Notes

  • Presser Foot: Uses a convenient Snap-On system for quick changes.
  • Cover Stitch Capability: This does not include cover stitch functionality.
  • Built-in Two Thread Converter: Not available in this model.

Pros and Cons of the Janome Four DLB Serger


  1. Versatile Thread Options: The ability to choose between 3 and 4 thread configurations makes this serger adaptable to a variety of sewing needs.
  2. High-Speed Performance: With a maximum speed of 1,300 Stitches Per Minute (SPM), the machine allows for quick completion of projects.
  3. Easy Threading System: Features such as the Easy Lay-In threading, color-coded guides, and a threading chart simplify the machine setup process.
  4. Precision in Tension Adjustment: Manual tension dials along with a tension release lever provide precise control over stitch quality, accommodating different fabric types.
  5. Quick Change Rolled Hem: Switching between serging and rolled hemming is seamless, adding versatility to the projects you can tackle.
  6. Adjustable Settings: Comprehensive adjustable features including stitch length, differential feed, and cutting width allow for fine-tuning according to specific project requirements.
  7. Compact and Portable: At only 14.3 pounds, this serger is easy to move and set up in various sewing environments.


  1. No Cover Stitch Capability: Lacks the ability to perform cover stitches, which may limit those looking to use the serger for more advanced finishing techniques.
  2. Manual Tension Dials: While offering precision, manual adjustment of tension may require more skill and patience, potentially challenging for beginners.
  3. Limited Built-in Features: This does not include a built-in two-thread converter or a flip needle system, which could restrict some specific serging techniques.
  4. No Dual Voltage: The machine does not support dual voltage (80v – 240v), which might be a drawback for those who travel or live in regions with different voltage standards.
  5. Accessory Coverage: While it supports a range of optional accessories, the absence of a cover means additional costs or efforts to protect the machine from dust and damage when not in use.
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Conclusion: Evaluating the Janome Four DLB Serger

The Janome Four DLB Serger offers a robust combination of features that make it a standout choice for both beginners and experienced sewists. Its ability to handle both 3 and 4-thread configurations, coupled with a maximum speed of 1,300 Stitches Per Minute, allows for efficient and versatile sewing operations. The machine’s easy threading system and adjustable settings cater to a variety of fabric types and sewing requirements, making it an adaptable tool for diverse sewing projects.

While it excels in speed, precision, and ease of use, the lack of cover stitch capabilities and dual voltage compatibility might limit its appeal for some users, particularly those looking for a more all-encompassing serger or those who frequently travel. Additionally, the need for manual tension adjustments may pose a slight learning curve for newcomers to serving.

The Janome Four DLB Serger is a reliable and efficient sewing machine that promises quality and durability. It is well-suited for those who value speed and precision in their sewing tasks, making it a worthy investment for enhancing one’s sewing arsenal. Whether for home use or more professional environments, this serger offers the functionality to take on a broad range of sewing projects with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Janome Four DLB Serger

What types of threads can the Janome Four DLB Serger handle?

The Janome Four DLB Serger is capable of using both 3 and 4-thread configurations, making it versatile for a variety of fabrics and project types.

Can the Janome Four DLB Serger perform cover stitches?

No, the Janome Four DLB does not have the capability to perform cover stitches. It is primarily designed for overlocking.

Is the Janome Four DLB Serger suitable for beginners?

Yes, this serger is suitable for beginners due to its easy threading system, color-coded threading guides, and manual dials that allow for simple adjustments. However, beginners may need some practice to master manual tension adjustments.

What is the maximum sewing speed of the Janome Four DLB Serger?

The maximum sewing speed of the Janome Four DLB Serger is 1,300 Stitches Per Minute (SPM), which allows for quick completion of sewing projects.

How heavy is the Janome Four DLB Serger, and is it portable?

The Janome Four DLB Serger weighs approximately 14.3 lbs, making it relatively lightweight and portable. It can easily be moved and set up in different sewing areas.

Does the Janome Four DLB Serger come with any accessories?

The serger comes with standard accessories such as serger needles, tweezers, and screwdrivers. Optional accessories, including various specialized sewing feet and attachments, are also available for purchase.

Can I adjust the stitch length and width on the Janome Four DLB Serger?

Yes, the Janome Four DLB allows you to adjust the stitch length from 1.0mm to 4.0mm and the differential feed from 0.5mm to 2.25mm. The cutting width can also be adjusted from 3.1mm to 7.3mm.

What should I do if I need to change the thread tension while sewing?

The machine is equipped with manual dials for tension adjustment, which you can manipulate to achieve the desired stitch quality. There is also a tension release lever for making quick adjustments.

How do I maintain my Janome Four DLB Serger?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the lint brush after each project, ensuring the machine is dust-free, and periodically checking and changing the needles to maintain optimal performance.

Where can I purchase additional accessories for my Janome Four DLB Serger?

Additional accessories can be purchased from Janome dealers, sewing supply stores, or online platforms that specialize in sewing machines and accessories.

Can the Janome Four DLB Serger handle heavy fabrics?

While the Janome Four DLB Serger is quite versatile, it is primarily designed for light to medium-weight fabrics. For heavy fabrics like denim or canvas, extra care and appropriate settings are necessary, such as adjusting the presser foot pressure and using suitable needles.

Is it easy to switch between different stitching modes on the Janome Four DLB Serger?

Yes, switching between different stitching modes, such as from serging to rolled hemming, is streamlined thanks to features like the Quick Change Rolled Hem. This makes the process efficient and user-friendly.

Does the Janome Four DLB Serger come with a warranty?

Yes, the Janome Four DLB Serger typically comes with a limited warranty. The terms and length of the warranty can vary, so it’s recommended to check with the retailer or directly with Janome at the time of purchase for specific warranty details.

How do I troubleshoot problems with my Janome Four DLB Serger?

For troubleshooting, refer to the user manual that comes with your serger, which includes solutions to common issues. For more complex problems, contacting Janome customer service or visiting a professional service center is advisable.

What safety features does the Janome Four DLB Serger have?

The Janome Four DLB Serger includes several safety features, such as a retractable upper knife that prevents accidental fabric cuts. Always ensure that the machine is turned off and unplugged during maintenance or when making mechanical adjustments to ensure safety.

How often should I service my Janome Four DLB Serger?

It’s recommended to have your serger professionally serviced at least once every 12 to 18 months, depending on usage frequency. Regular at-home maintenance like cleaning and oiling (if applicable) should be performed more frequently to keep the serger in good working condition.

Can I use generic accessories with the Janome Four DLB Serger?

While many generic accessories may be compatible with the Janome Four DLB Serger, using Janome-branded or recommended accessories ensures optimal performance and avoids any potential issues related to fit or function.

How can I learn to use all the features of my Janome Four DLB Serger?

To fully utilize all the features of your serger, reading the included user manual is a great start. Additionally, many retailers offer classes or workshops on how to use Janome sergers. Online tutorials and videos can also be helpful resources.

All Used Image Credit : Janome

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