Top 10 Best Sewing Machine Under $100 Reviews

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Interested in learning more about sewing? It’s a realistic activity that’s interesting and fun. You’ve got a list of tasks you’d like to get started on right immediately. If you already have your fabric, a craft area, and the time, you’re ready to get creative.

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There is, however, one component that you will require. A machine for stitching! But how do you make a decision, exactly? Options abound, each with its unique characteristics and costs is dispersed throughout.

However, your budget is small at best. Here’s where we come in to help. We’ll help you find the Top 10 Best Sewing Machines Under $100 in our list below. Your monthly telephone bill is cheaper than the cost of a stitching machine that’s perfect for sewing pillows, garments, crafts, and more. 

Our Top picks of sewing machine under 100$

It is important to note that, regardless of the purpose and cost of the stitching machine, the machine we choose must have specific features. This SINGER 5400 Sew Mate Sewing Machine comes out on top of the rest of the stitching machines that sell for less than $100. 

With 60 built-in stitches, stitch size and width modifications, and stitch switching methods with ft, the SINGER 5400 is a standout. In addition to not having to juggle threads, the automated drop bobbin and threader make it easier for the consumer to sew clothes. A lighter machine still needs to sound well and perform well, despite its smaller size. 

Poor points: It is heavier than other under-$100 sewing machines. Though it may also limit its portability, the machine’s weight proves its dependability, hence the weight issue is inconsequential. As a result of SINGER 1234, the stitching sewing is capable of producing 750 stitches.

As a result, let’s get you a sewing machine that won’t break the wallet! Make sure you have a clean, 100-dollar consignment on hand. It’s time to hit the malls! 

Top 10 Sewing machine 

1. Brother Sewing Machine XM2701 

The Brother XM2701 is a lightweight, full-featured sewing machine with 27 stitches and 6 included feet. With 27 stitches and a 1-step auto-size buttonhole setting, the Brother XM2701 is a powerhouse of a machine.


  • Sewing patterns such as straight-line, zig-zag, and blind hem are included in the machine. 
  • There are 63 sewing functions. 
  • Needlestitching machine with 800 stitches per minute automatic threading 
  • Bobbin with 6 feed dogs for quick setting 
  • Quilting features built-in 
  • Buttonholes made in a single step are unquestionably the best buttonholes. 
  • A 25-year warranty is available. 

All the features are included in this sewing machine, including a fast sewing speed, automated sewing functions, and affordable pricing. It’s easy to use and reliable, and it’s a good value. We guarantee you’ll love it. This computing equipment is perfect for buttonhole cutting and quilting. At around $100, it’s a terrific option. This is also one of the best stitching machines for beginners, in our opinion.

The versatility of this machine will appeal to stitchers of all levels, whether they are beginners or seasoned professionals. It contains everything a sewer might need.


  • Lots of presents are on offer on the computing device (seriously-you have to see for yourself) 
  • Superior tactics can be completed with ease if you have the right technical talents 
  • Easy hemming and sewing are made possible by six easily replaceable feed pups. 
  • It can sew large, beautiful patterns


  • Not for absolute beginners 
  • large in size
  • heavier 

Although its price is surprising, it makes our listing of great stitching machines under $100. ​ 

2. Brother Jx2517 Sewing Machine 

Jx2517 is a lightweight full-size sewing machine from Brother Lightweight and Full Size 


  • The system for threading needles with a guide 
  • It can stitch 900 per minute are the speed. 
  • a total of four canine feeding systems 
  • A pinnacle bobbin with a quick-set, jam-resistant mechanism. 
  • A 5mm stitch width and a 4mm stitch size 
  • Accessories can be stored in the built-in compartments. 

This is an impressive stitching machine at a very reasonable price. With this model, you can expect great results because it has 17 unique built-in stitch patterns and a four-step buttonhole that is quite convenient. 

Whatever your needs, the Brother Jx2517 can handle them all. All the fundamental features and add-ons that you’d expect from a stitching machine make this mannequin ideal for simple, everyday use. 

This mannequin is a great choice if you are a beginning sewer or if you want to introduce your child to the world of sewing. Very easy to use and very small weight makes it ideal for travel. It can help a beginner sewist develop self-belief in her abilities.


  • In addition to buttonholes and hems, this machine allows you to test new tactics and build your competencies.
  • Perfect for stitching enthusiasts who are just getting started
  • Include bobbins and additional needle pins.


  • As opposed to other models that require only a single turn of the dial to select a stitch pattern, you’ll notice that this machine requires more effort.

A good bet, this mannequin has 17 different sew ranges. Although there is no automated needle threader, the dial requires a little more effort than other dials to turn than most others.

3. Singer 5400

For beginners and advanced users, this is the only mechanized stitching device with 60 built-in stitches.


  • It has Automatic stitch adjustments
  • It has a heavy metal frame which makes it more durable.
  • It has 60 inbuild stiches
  • It has got some cool features like an automatic needle threader, quick-and-easy threading, etc.

It is the greatest sewing machine for heavy stitching with multiple stitches, the SINGER 5400 Sew Mate Sewing Machine. 

However, even though it is a digital device, the machine is easy to use and carry. Numerous built-in aspects make the machine flawless; clients no longer have to juggle threads, but instead must simply select the option they want. You will only have to deal with the machined modifications to the stitch size and breadth.

Your imaginative abilities are easily enhanced with a zipper, buttonhole, and a variety of other features. As a result of its high stitch rate of 750 stitches per minute, the machine is incredibly efficient. 60 pre-installed stitch patterns make this gadget ideal for swapping stitch patterns with ease and a wide variety.


  • Bobbin system with front-loading presser foot pressure Automatic 1-step buttonhole maker 
  • automatic adjustment of stitch size and width 
  • It has four one-step buttonhole designs In it.
  • It is very good for heavy works or in rough enviroiment


  • Price is quite high

As an alternative to a more expensive stitching machine, a sewing stitching machine can be just as effective.

4.Singer 1304 

Sewing Machine for Beginners SINGER Start 1304 6 Stitches, Free Arm, 11.46 pounds 


  • A stitch rate of 750 per minute 
  • To choose from, there are six built-in stitch designs (including the 4 step buttonhole) 
  • Dial fashion decision for easy sewing 
  • Features automatic bobbin winding a
  • Stitching in the reverse direction 
  • Presser feet for buttonholes, zippers, and all-purpose applications are included. 
  • Stitch width of 5 mm is used (automatically set) 
  • Stitching cuffs, collars, hemming, and other tough areas can be done with the free arm.

Stitching is a serious pastime for some of you, and this model is perfect for you! The Singer 1304 is a simple, easy-to-use, and convenient machine. Because it’s so light, you can move it anywhere you want. 

Sewing size and breadth are already determined for this pattern, so there’s no need to alter them. With this model, you can sew cuffs, hems, and so much more. ​The Singer 1304 is a good entry-level sewing machine. In addition to the three-presser foot, this machine offers reverse typical rapid stitching for those who sew as a hobby. 

It’s possible to thread the needle incorrectly, but with a little practice, this can be avoided. With its extra-high presser foot lifter, the machine can also stitch many layers of fabric together.


  • With basic stitching, you may complete your project in no time at all. 
  • The quantity of elements it offers for less than $100 makes it well worth the price tag.
  • The machine’s speed is adequate, as are the six common sewing patterns it offers. 
  • People who want to travel a lot will appreciate its small weight. 


  • Some people may also have difficulty with the vertical bobbin. 
  • This may not be an issue for a sewer who has worked with a lot of machines.

This machine is simple, compact, and powerful in its overall design and functionality.

5.Janome Fastlane 

At about 5 pounds, the Janome Fastlane Fuschia is a basic, 10-stitch portable, compact sewing machine.


  • Sewing options include straight, zig-zag, and multi-stitch 
  • 10 stitches are already integrated into the garment. 
  • The Pinnacle bobbin loading system is easy to operate. 
  • The free arm and reverse lever are used together. 
  • Finger guard on the presser foot 

At a great price, this is a functional, but less expensive, sewing machine that can stitch up to 10 stitches. It’s an easy-to-use machine that’s great for beginners. 

Small, portable, and easy-to-use, this sewing machine is suitable for basic stitching operations and changes. Using the linked finger protector, you may assist safeguard your fingers from injuries.


  • It weighs only five pounds. 
  • The free arm allows for more experimentation and skill-building.
  • Perfect stitching machine for children or first-time sewers 


  • A short life expectancy

Fabrics such as mild denim, cotton, and chiffon can be processed in the Fastlane.

However, if you are looking for a basic machine to start with, the Fastlane will fit its job. After learning the basics, new sewers can switch to a more advanced machine.

6 Michley LSS-505 

Little Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine, Model LSS-505, with Built-In Stitches by Michley 


  • You have a choice of 8 built-in sewing patterns. 
  • High-low settings let you choose your sewing speed. 
  • Stitching in the reverse direction 
  • The front dial on the machine allows for easy thread anxiety management. 
  • Option to remove the arm 
  • Three diverse canine feeding systems 
  • Needle sets, bobbins, and a foot pedal are among the extra equipment. 
  • Easy-to-understand instructions 
  • It’s little and affordable. 

Let’s start with the machine’s weight. No other machine weighs less than 5 pounds, making it nearly impossible to find one that is lighter. 

Portability is only one of the benefits of this mannequin, which also includes eight built-in sewing patterns, reverse stitching, as well as LED lighting to illuminate the area where you will be sewing.


  • This mannequin is capable of performing all of these activities flawlessly 
  • They are ideal for those who like to learn the basics.


  • The warranty period is limited. 

Learn how to generate nice and smooth stitches with this machine by doing some research.

7 .Michley’s LSS

Michley’s LSS is an easy-to-use, high-quality stitching machine.


  • Portability and compactness are important considerations. 
  • The speed with two modes of operation 
  • Cutters for thread 
  • It is possible to automatically wind bobbins. 
  • It is really simple to use 

Pricing, along with a wide range of features, make it an excellent value. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for more advanced features or a bit more diversity, this one may no longer be for you.

Machine to sew little items Under $100 for a portable lightweight Double Thread and Free-Arm Sewing Machine for Beginners, Adjustable 2-Speed Electric Sewing Machine with Foot Pedal for Kids (Pink) 

A mini-machine with a steep learning curve is ideal for those just starting in the world of stitching. It’s also possible that this Suteck mini-machine will be your only option. Children and other novices who want to begin their epic journey into the world of sewing will find it a great tool.

For children’s enjoyment, this machine is available in both red and blue. Other features include an integrated drawing and a lightweight of several pounds. You or your child may easily lift it and utilize it in any location with power, no matter where it is. Sewing cotton and polyester shirts are no problem for this mini-machine, which has a sturdy needle. For joining and adding, mending slits, and adding stable seams to fragile ones, it is suitable for straight sewing. 

It also has a scuff slot that is perfect for making trouser legs and sleeve designs.


  • Most basic household stitching chores can be accomplished with this machine. 
  • It comes in a long-lasting body that resists fading. 
  • It is small enough to store easily. 
  • Mastering curve is impressive 


  • Do not stitch backward any longer.
  • This machine is priced at less than $100. 
  • Not for the advanced purpose 

There are two sections to the threader: a top area for move stitching and a bottom portion to make sure that the seams are extra strong. There is a built-in go cutter on the threader so you can cut any fabric faster.

8. Dechow sewing machine 


  • It also has a scuff slot that is perfect for making trouser legs and sleeve designs. 
  • Portability is one of the most important characteristics. 
  • It is really simple to use 
  • Both novices and advanced users will enjoy this product. 

Only 12 Stitches Two Speed Mini Sewing Machine for Household Crafting and Mending – Ideal for Beginners, Kids, and Beginner Sewers (Purple) Money is one of the most versatile multifunctional computing devices you’ll ever come across. It is entirely powered by electricity and can sew up to 12 stitches at a time. Using it, anyone from a complete newbie to a seasoned professional may learn the ropes.

For children’s enjoyment, this machine is available in both red and blue. Other features include an integrated drawing and a lightweight of several pounds. You or your child may easily lift it and utilize it in any location with power, no matter where it is. 

Sewing cotton and polyester shirts are no problem for this mini-machine, which has a sturdy needle.


  • Any anyone can utilize it. 
  • Buttons make it easy to use. 
  • The learning curve is of good quality. 
  • Highly transportable for use each indoor and outdoor 
  • It comes in a weather-proof physique for years of use. 
  • Works with AA batteries for use below strength outage


  • For those who are sensitive to noise, it may no longer be ideal. 
  • Not much portable 
  • Not for daily purpose use 
  • It May be difficult for an absolute beginner 

For joining and adding, mending slits, and adding stable seams to fragile ones, it is suitable for straight sewing. 

 9.Suteck sewing machine 

Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners by Suteck Portable Electric Sewing Machines with Extension Table Lamp and Thread Cutter with 10 Thread Spools for Shared Use 


  • Stitching machine for small projects 
  • There are 16 sewing patterns available. 
  • With it, you get a huge extension table! 
  • The electricity that is both portable and convenient 
  • Beginners will find it easy to utilize this program.

Suteck’s Mini-sewing machine for beginners will help you improve your stitching talents. This sewing machine is not only tiny and portable, but it also boasts a fast processor, making it an excellent choice for basic domestic activities. Stitching straight lines, buttonholes, and more are all possible with this machine.

Using the foot pedal, you can change the pace of the Suteck mini-machine. An extension desk is included for sewing and mending sheets, large clothing, and other household crafts items. 

In addition to the pedal, you can also control the machine’s speed by pressing a switch. Consequently, if your pedal stops working, you can carry on as if nothing occurred. Additional strength is provided by double-threaded seams.

With the thread cutter, you won’t need a scissor to cut whatever material you’re working with. You don’t need a light, either, because this machine is fitted with LED lights for operation in the dark. Also included in the package deal is a charging plug that plugs into a standard wall outlet, making it easy to charge the gadget anyplace you go. 

A rewind feature on this machine allows it to accommodate large spools as well. The thread tension is maintained by a bobbin at the back of the threader, which makes it easy to switch the spool.

Although it is rather expensive, its price tag is generous enough to place it on this list. You’ll find that its capabilities far exceed those of an intermediate-level stitching machine. 


  • A fully automated needle threader saves time. 
  • It continues throughout. 
  • The desk can be removed for easy storage. 
  • This product provides seams that are exceptionally strong and durable. 


  • A Plugged-in power source is required.
  • Not for absolute beginners 
  • Not portable

Even more convenient is the large extension desk for working with large fabrics. The free arm, on the other hand, makes it easy to move from one feature to another. 

10.Singer 1234 sewing machine 

Additional accessories include larger bobbins, zipper foot, all-purpose foot, and buttonhole foot in addition to damping plate. A seam ripper, lint brush, and practice guide are also included. Also included are decals and a sheet for Tote Bag Project, along with a useful reference book to help you get acquainted with the machine.


  • Six stitches are already included in the product. 
  • a set of three pressing feet 
  • Bobbin winding on an automated basis 
  • Control of anxiety automatically 
  • Sewing selection with the rotary knob


  • Heavy 
  • Sometimes, threads are damaged. 
  • Weave in and out of stitches

Your privileges as a proud owner of the machine include access to SINGER’s online category conducting. To improve your stitching skills, use online guidance. It’s like taking a virtual study room tour.

How to chooose the best sewing machine

Other than affordability, you should consider four other factors while looking for a machine that meets all of your needs: 

Functionality range 

Are you looking for a machine that can be used for basic straight stitching or more advanced techniques like quilting? Only a few machines costing less than $100 can reverse stitch and quilt.

Sewing machines with reverse, zigzag, and quilt stitching are ideal for hobbyists and rapid learners. Otherwise, any mannequin will suffice if you’re trying to perfect your straight-stitching skills. 

either mechanical or electric 

Mechanics are great for remote regions that are not connected to the power grid. But some people prefer them because of their retro-styled features. In addition, they have incredibly steep learning curves. 

However, electric variants are appropriate for places with a continuous power source. As a result, they are ideal for children. What you choose as a machine melts in the public’s eyes.

Weighing in and measuring out 

If you enjoy stitching while traveling, a small, compact, and lightweight machine is your best bet, as it won’t weigh you down while you’re stitching. When you plan to work outside, the rules are the same. If, on the other hand, you prefer to work at a fixed desk, large and hefty machine equipment may be more appropriate. Just make sure that the stitching sewing doesn’t choke your work area. 


As far as stitching machines go, metallic machines are the best. Years of putting on and shedding tears are on their minds. For humid environments, certain steel units have rust-proof bodies. and if you wanna know the best leather sewing machine then you can check this article Top 7 Best Leather Sewing Machine For beginners (with review) | sewing machine greeks

However, plastic machines are lightweight, but they’re no longer long-lasting. Although they’re also visually appealing, especially to children, a single collapse causes them to fall apart into smaller pieces. We recommend strong metal sewing machines over plastic stitching machines if cost is a consideration.


The price is the most important goal of all. You should be explicit about the elements that are being presented and the amount that will be charged for them. When shopping for a machine, don’t be in a rush. Try to choose a machine under $100 that has a sturdy metal body that will make it long-lasting. However, the goods must be worth the money, even if you spend less than $100.

 Mechanically or electronically 

Purchasers should determine whether the machine is fully machined or mechanical before making a purchase. Sewing sequences are exact, and embroidery and other eye-catching stitches are available in a variety of alternatives. If money is an issue, mechanical stitching machines are the way to go; otherwise, you can choose a machined stitching machine instead.

The purpose for using the stitching machine

It is critical to have a clear understanding of why you are using the stitching machine. You must be certain whether you wish to use it for personal or professional purposes. Before figuring out the machine, every aspect and priority should have been given the utmost consideration. A terrific item can be useful in providing a good resource for your stitching hobby and can improve your skills in it. 

Before going equipment buying, make sure your goals are clear. If you prefer to sew heirloom-quality blankets, purchasing a cheap add-on machine device will prevent you from achieving your objectives.


On a low-cost stitching machine, there are fewer points than on a full-sized, high-end stitching machine. But there are a few things to consider. 

Among them are the product’s weight, size, number of built-in stitches, automatic threading capabilities, and guarantee.

Compact design, bobbins, and free arms are also important.

A wide range of stitches is available on high-end stitching machines. Utilities and decorative stitching computing devices should be included in a more cost-effective gadget.

 Every project should be stitched with five stitches. You can, however, find a mannequin with 32 stitches for a lower price. An easy-to-use display or turning dial should be used to adjust the stitches. 


Weight is less of an issue with compact sewing machines. People who travel a lot or who like to take their sewing machine to lessons should select a lightweight model. The machine you choose should also have a carrying handle on top. This will increase the unit’s portability, making it easier to transport. 

Bobbins and threading are also discussed. High-end and cost-effective sewing machines can be fitted with automatic needle threaders. Stitching can be started more quickly because of the time and effort it saves. Also, take attention to the thread’s anxiety. As a result of this, problems like random loops, broken thread, stretched fabric, and puckered seams could arise. 

Tension Force

Tension changes help you set the tension for the fabric you’re working with by changing the tension. As for bobbins, drop-in bobbins are exceptional to use.

They let you attach the cable in a certain location rather than threading it manually through the machine’s sewing. machined bobbin winding is also available on several gadgets. 

Arms are free. 

On most compact stitching devices, you’ll find a free arm. Certain round parts, such as sleeves and hems, are made easier to work on with this tool. 

Some machines even have a detachable storage area that can be used to free up space for the arm. When choosing the right sewing machine, consider the stitching speed as well.

Most of the less expensive models have only one stitching speed, but you can also find a more affordable stitching machine with two speeds, such as the DONNER POWER, that is more affordable. It has a faster speed. 

On most stitching gadgets, you may control the stitching pace using a foot pedal. Some units, on the other hand, use a slider bar to do this. 


Assure yourself that the machine you choose has a dirt-resistant cover! To keep your stitching desk as smooth as possible, you’ll want to use a protective cover. A storage case is a nice addition. 

Whether you’re visiting a friend or carrying your machine on the road, it’ll be safe. An inexpensive sewing machine comes with extra needles and bobbins, among other basic accessories. 

In addition, a sewing toes calculation and measuring recommendations must be supplied

Frequently Asked Questions

In what way does my stitching program fail to recognize my stitching attempts? 

Most likely, your needle is dumb or no longer properly locking with the bobbin. As a general rule, changing your needle will solve the problem. 
Test the feed canine to make sure it’s feeding your material rather than forcing it, as this can damage your needle. If it’s not, replace the canine. 

In what way is my sewing machine moving slower than normal? 

If the foot management is not working properly, this is a common problem that can be easily resolved. Alternately, you can change the velocity control to ensure that different speeds are being used. As long as you clean your stitching machine regularly, it will last longer and function more efficiently. Check to see that the bobbin winder is also turned on. 

Is there a reason why my thread keeps breaking? 

This can occur for a variety of causes, some of which are exclusive. To prevent this from happening in the future, use a high-quality thread. Also, check sure that your bobbins are working properly and that your sewing is threaded properly. The anxiety settings may need to be tweaked if your thread continues to break. 

Which type of sewing desk is best for beginners? 

Less expensive sewing machines tend to feature basic controls, which makes them easier to set up and use. Both novices and children will benefit from their use as a result of this. 

Cost of a high-end machine? 

Entry-level stitching machines cost between $100 and $300, while high-end stitching machines cost upwards of $3,000 per. Machines to sew for the home are normally priced between $500 and $1,000.

What makes a sewing machine heavy duty? 

A heavy-duty stitching machine can perform both bulk works and sew through heavy textiles at the same time. For the most part, these devices are ideal for corporate applications. 

Is there a sewing machine that is perfect for all purposes? 

If you’re looking for an all-rounder, go for an electric machine that can handle heavier fabrics. 
Does the value of vintage sewing machines justify the investment? 
It’s still worth it to buy an older wheeler because they’re easier to master and do a better job. However, they may also no longer fulfill your needs if you plan to embroider or quilt with them in the future.


An in-depth evaluation was required before purchasing the best stitching machine for under $100. A range of product evaluations and comparison studies are essential for gaining a better understanding of more than a few stitching machines. In this article, we’ve used an independent approach to evaluate the records. In addition to their merits, each of the above sewing machines has flaws. As a result, when we make a decision, we are bombarded with contradicting information.

The provided information will help you choose the best stitching machine under $100 that meets your needs. Searching for stitching designs, stitching functions, height and width changes, guide and automatic benefits, etc. are just a few of the things you may do. So long as it has the best features in each category, a sewing machine that gives excellent after-sales support and hassle-free extended service is always the best stitching machine.

However, you’re on a restricted budget, so you’re on the lookout for a home-use sewing machine that has all the capabilities you need. As a result, stitching machines are available in a variety of price ranges. There are fully machined machines at the upper end of the scale that is equipped with high-tech components. Mini-machines, some of which can only do one or two functions, are on the lower end of the spectrum. 

Depending on what you need, a high-quality stitching machine under $100 should be adequate. This review will show you 5 stitching machines for less than $100, their features, and what they can achieve. Read on to learn more.

Please don’t forget to share it with others and comment your queries in the comment section below. 

Have a nice day!

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