Singer Brilliance 6180 Review: A Little Gem for Best Sewing and Embroidering

Singer is a name known in every home for generations, thanks to its sewing machines, which allow you to make not only clothes but also home accessories very easily and quickly. In this post, we want to introduce you to the sewing machine Singer Brilliance 6180.

The Singer Brilliance 6180 has the great advantage of offering you a wide range of decorative stitches, that is, those that, until a few years ago, could only be made by hand, with a great waste of time, energy, and even eyesight! Besides that, thanks to Singer Brilliance 6180, you can make all the most common sewing stitches as well as use various options to automatically thread the needle.

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The whole range of stitches you can make thanks to the Singer Brilliance 6180 is illustrated on the front panel of the sewing machine, where, immediately below the display, you will find the complete list of sewing stitches, including the stitches for making buttonholes of various shapes, together with their code.

Easy Threading & Free Arm
  • 80 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • Drop-in bobbin system
  • LCD screen for stitch selection
  • One-step buttonhole
  • Free-arm sewing
  • Built-in storage for accessories
  • Top-loading bobbin
  • Needle position adjustment

Those who are already experts in sewing won’t have too many problems understanding how it works. Singer Brilliance 6180 If, however, you have recently approached the world of sewing machines, continue reading this place, because after having illustrated the characteristics of the Singer Brilliance 6180, we will also explain how it works. At the end of this article, we provide you with the link to the instruction manual, which you can read or even download for free.

Singer 6180 Electronic sewing machine – 80 sewing functions

  • 80 different sewing programs: 58 decorative stitches, 8 stretch stitches, 8 basic stitches, and 6 different automatic button stitches.
  • With 8 presser feet, variable needle positions allow for precise stitching.
  • Complete with accessories, an electronic pedal, and a protective case.

The Singer Brilliance 6180 is sold complete with accessories, including the electronic pedal and a protective case. Furthermore, the convenient accessory drawer allows you to always have a needle, cotton wool, and scissors at hand.

Pros and Cons Of Singer 6180 Electronic sewing machine


  • Versatile with 80 stitches
  • Easy threading with automatic needle threader
  • Customizable stitches with adjustable length and width
  • Simple bobbin loading with drop-in system
  • Convenient stitch selection through LCD screen
  • Effortless one-step buttonhole creation
  • Suitable for sewing cuffs and sleeves with free arm
  • Organized storage for accessories
  • Easy bobbin access with top-loading design
  • The needle position can be adjusted for precise sewing


  • It may be overwhelming for absolute beginners due to the variety of stitches
  • Some users may find the LCD screen difficult to navigate initially
  • Basic design without advanced features like embroidery or quilting options
  • Limited workspace for larger projects

Singer Brilliance 6180: How It Works

Just before we told you, don’t be scared by the fact that this is a computerized sewing machine. We assure you that this type of sewing machine makes your job much easier. If you have used different types of sewing machines in the past, perhaps purchased from Lidl or other discount stores, you will realize this immediately.

To get started, you need to connect your Singer Brilliance 6180 to an electricity source. Just insert the power cord into the slot on the right side of the sewing machine, connect the power cord to a socket, and press the power button.

Immediately, the light of the Singer Brilliance 6180 will light up. At this point, all you have to do is use the automatic needle threader, enter the number of the sewing stitch you are interested in on the display, and start creating new and original garments.

But the possibilities of Singer Brilliance 6180 don’t stop there. If you remove the sewing machine drawer, you can use your Singer as a free-arm sewing machine to sew, for example, the sleeves of a dress, a shirt, or even very difficult-to-reach places in the fabric. If you want to use the Singer Brilliance in the normal way, just put the little house back in position.

There are those who love to embroider by hand and those who prefer to embroider with a sewing machine. If you purchase the special embroidery foot, the Singer Brilliance 6180 It also allows you to embroider your favorite designs on any garment. What about the possibility of sewing buttons by machine?

Singer Brilliance 6180: Why It’s Worth It

Before choosing a sewing machine in the price range of the Singer Brilliance 6180, it is worth understanding what the disadvantages and advantages of this product are, compared to similar sewing machines.

Some complain about how, once threaded into the needle of Singer Brilliance 6180, the thread breaks almost immediately. This problem is true, but it depends on the quality of the thread, rather than the sewing machine.

To be clear: if you buy a very cheap cotton thread – for example those packs of ten spools of cotton on sale for one or two euros, it is normal for the thread to break. If, however, you sew using specific spools for sewing machines, that is, the large ones, you can rest assured.

Of course, the Singer Brilliance 6180 It weighs six kilos, and therefore some may find it difficult to move it: the solution is to create a small sewn corner at home. Consider that lighter sewing machines do not offer the same performance.

There Singer Brilliance 6180 has three advantages:

  • It is a versatile sewing machine: it allows you to create all types of stitching, including decorative stitches and embroidery, not to mention the processing of buttonholes, which as the most experts know is not among the simplest things
  • it is an easy-to-use sewing machine: even those who are not able to make particularly difficult sewing stitches by hand, thanks to the Singer Brilliance 6180 will be able to surpass itself and create valuable garments.
  • It is a durable sewing machine: Singer sewing machines are known to last for years and years, once purchased. Who doesn’t remember the classic Singer, which they perhaps saw at their grandmother’s house?

We are sure that this sewing machine will also be much appreciated as a gift.

What are the accessories supplied in Singer 6180?

In addition to the technical characteristics that have been talked about so far, we cannot help but pay a few minutes of attention to the available accessories. The machine is equipped with 8 replaceable feet, an electronic pedal with which to adjust the working speed, and a practical protective case useful for storing the accessory when not in use.

What is the price of Singer Brilliance 6180?

In our opinion, the Singer Brilliance 6180 It has an excellent quality/price ratio. Let’s be honest: we think that this sewing machine costs little if you take into account what it offers you, but above all what you can achieve.

Professional seamstresses, but also seamstresses who work at home, thanks to Singer Brilliance 6180 they will make a small investment, which will return with the sale of just two or three items. Those who sew only occasionally, or as a hobby, thanks to Singer Brilliance 6180 it will save time, but also the cost of having to take the clothes to the seamstress to make adjustments or small repairs.

Speaking about the price of this sewing machine, we heard that the Singer Brilliance was available on offer from Lidl. Well, this is true, but the offer ended in January 2017. However, we do not exclude that in the future some well-known e-commerce sites may put the product up for sale Singer Brilliance 6180 at a heavily discounted price. So, even if you choose to take a look at the price right away, our advice is to keep an eye on this product, in order to take advantage of any future offers.

F.A.Q. (people also ask)

Is the Singer Brilliance 6180 a good sewing machine?

An excellent piece of machinery!

I am overjoyed since this is the first brand-new machine I have purchased in a very long time. Just like anything else in this day and age, there is a significant amount of plastic, yet it still appears to be fairly strong. It stitches wonderfully and offers a wide variety of options to pick from. Extremely simple to alter the style of the stitching.

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