Singer Starlet 6680 Sewing Machine Review: A Professional Sewing Machine with 80 Sewing Stitches

For the more creative, today we thought we’d review the Singer Starlet 6680, that is, one of the models of the Singer sewing machine richer in sewing functions. Who is it suitable for? Singer Starlet? Certainly for the most expert tailors and seamstresses, but also for beginners who want to start sewing with a complete machine. Compared to cheaper sewing machines, a model like the Singer Starlet, grows with you. If at first you only use the simplest stitches, little by little you will be able to start using the more advanced functions of this sewing machine.
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Singer Starlet 6680: How to Use It

We know that when faced with a new sewing machine, especially one equipped with many functions, some people fear not being able to use it correctly. But don’t worry: below you will find a video that shows you all the accessories and components of the Singer Starlet 6680. Then, at the end of this post you will find a link that allows you to download the instruction manual in Italian for free Singer Starlet 6680.

The Singer Starlet is a fully electronic sewing machine, so to choose the sewing stitch to use, as well as the length and width of the stitch, just select the options you find on the liquid crystal display. All sewing stitches, as well as the available lengths and widths, are indicated on the display on the left. Look carefully at the display:

  • Below the display, you will find six buttons, plus a table listing all the available stitches
  • the chosen point is indicated by the number on the leftmost side of the display
  • the numbers on the right indicate the width and length of the stitch
  • to vary the stitch or even its size, just use the buttons
  • These are just basic instructions, in the manual you will find all the information you need.

The Features Of The SINGER Starlet 6680 Sewing Machine

And let’s move on to describe the actual functionality of the Singer Starlet. This machine puts 80 sewing stitches at your disposal, in fact, we have:

  • 8 utility stitches, i.e. those you use to hem trousers or skirts,
  • 8 decorative stitches, thanks to which you can have fun creating the most original patterns
  • 56 elastic stitches, which will allow you to sew all the most difficult fabrics to work with, from spandex to tulle

Then, the Singer Starlet 6680 It is equipped with a button to carry out the welding. Thanks to this feature you will be able to close all the seams in the safest way possible. As usual, in this machine you will find an accessory compartment where you can store the spools and everything else safely. But if you remove the accessory compartment the Singer Starlet it transforms into a free-arm sewing machine, and you can tubulate all the garments you want!

Shall we then talk about the needle positions? Here you will find 13 different positions, which allow you to sew edges, zips and much more. But here is the complete list of functions of the Singer Starlet 6680:

Product Features of the Singer Starlet 6680 Sewing machine:

180 Built-In Stitches, including 8 Essential, 8 Stretch, 58 Decorative, and 6 Fully Automatic 1-Step ButtonholesEnjoy a wide variety of stitching options, including essential, stretch, and decorative stitches, as well as the convenience of 6 fully automatic 1-step buttonholes for versatile and creative sewing projects.
2Automatic Needle ThreaderSave time and effort with the automatic needle threader, which simplifies the threading process for quick and efficient setup before each sewing task.
3StayBright LED LightIlluminate your workspace with the StayBright LED light, ensuring optimal visibility and reducing eye strain during your sewing sessions for accurate and detailed stitching.
4Automatic Stitch Width and LengthExperience ease and precision with automatic stitch width and length adjustments, allowing you to customize your stitches according to the requirements of your sewing project.
5Automatic TensionAchieve balanced and consistent stitches effortlessly with the automatic tension feature, ensuring high-quality results and minimizing the need for manual adjustments.
6Variable Needle PositionsTailor your stitching with variable needle positions, providing flexibility and control for different sewing techniques, allowing you to achieve the desired outcome with ease.
7Heavy Duty Metal FrameBenefit from the durability and stability of the heavy-duty metal frame, ensuring the longevity of your sewing machine and the ability to handle various sewing tasks with ease.
8Automatic Bobbin Winding ClutchSimplify the bobbin winding process with the automatic bobbin winding clutch, streamlining one of the essential steps in sewing preparation for a more convenient and efficient workflow.
9Extra High Presser Foot LifterAccommodate thicker fabrics and multiple layers with the extra high presser foot lifter, enhancing the machine’s versatility and allowing you to tackle a wide range of sewing projects.
10Push Button Stitch SelectionNavigate through stitches effortlessly using the push-button stitch selection feature, making it user-friendly and accessible for both beginners and experienced sewers.
11Up to 6.5mm Stitch WidthEnjoy the flexibility of stitch width, with the capability of going up to 6.5mm, catering to various sewing needs and providing you with the versatility required for different fabric types.
12Automatic Presser Foot PressureAchieve optimal fabric feed with the automatic presser foot pressure, ensuring consistent stitching on different materials and reducing the need for manual adjustments during sewing.
13Automatic ReverseSeamlessly reinforce stitches and secure the ends of your seams with the automatic reverse feature, adding durability to your sewing projects and enhancing the overall quality of your work.
14Sewing Speed – up to 750 stitches-per-minuteBoost your productivity with a sewing speed of up to 750 stitches-per-minute, allowing you to complete projects efficiently and meet tight deadlines without compromising on the quality of your work.
15Handy Free ArmFacilitate sewing cylindrical items like sleeves and pant legs with the handy free arm feature, providing you with the flexibility needed for a variety of sewing tasks.
16Extension TableExpand your workspace with the extension table, offering additional support for larger projects and ensuring stability during the sewing of bulkier fabrics or intricate designs.
17Free Accessories IncludedEnhance your sewing experience with complimentary accessories included, adding value to your Singer Starlet 6680 purchase and providing you with the tools necessary for a wide range of sewing projects.
18Built-In Accessory StorageKeep your workspace organized and clutter-free by utilizing the built-in accessory storage, ensuring easy access to essential tools and accessories whenever you need them during your sewing sessions.
19Instruction ManualMaximize the potential of your sewing machine with the comprehensive guidance provided in the instruction manual, offering detailed insights into the features and functionalities of the Singer Starlet 6680 for optimal usage and creative exploration.

In addition to these features, the Singer Starlet It is equipped with many different accessories. In the packaging of this sewing machine you will find:

  • a set of needles
  • 3 reels
  • an additional spool pin
  • felt discs
  • a spool cap
  • a small screwdriver to remove and attach the needle plate
  • a darning plate
  • three presser feet: a standard foot, a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot
  • the rheostat
  • a soft dust cover

Finally, the Singer Starlet 6680 it is sold with a two-year warranty, and with the optional extendable table. If you choose this option, you can expand the work area, which is convenient especially when you have to sew very long or wide fabrics.

Technical Excellence and Power of the Singer Starlet 6680 Sewing Machine

We said that the Singer Starlet 6680 it is a complete machine, but also robust and simple. But what can you make with this sewing machine? What are its characteristics? Let’s start with the more technical sides.

Technical Detailsinfo
Model Number6680
ColourWhite With Purple Panel
Product Dimensions21 x 33 x 40 cm
Weight6.7 Kilograms
Capacity1 litre
Power / Wattage3600
Auto ShutoffNo
Energy Efficiency ClassA
Noise Level44 dB
Special FeaturesExtension table
Item Weight6.7 kg
This table provides a clear overview of the technical specifications of the Singer Starlet 6680 sewing machine.

To the more experienced, we say that this machine has an oscillating crochet and in metal. For some it may be a problem, for others not, and we will immediately explain why. The rotary hook makes the sewing machine faster and less silent, this is true. But we’re talking about one here Singer sewing machine so the oscillating hook has been improved to increase its performance and reduce noise.

In fact, thanks to Singer Starlet Not only will you be spoiled for choice when it comes to stitches and sewing functions. This machine is perfect for handling thicker and heavier fabrics, thanks to the six-row feed. Then, with six types of automatic buttonholes, making any suit, including jackets and shirts, in a professional and elegant way will be child’s play.


  • user-friendly interface and design
  • reliable
  • easy-to-use
  • affordable
  • extremely efficient performance and the ease of work
  • utmost efficiency and style
  • very affordable and comes with a 25-year limited warranty
  • 6699 Manual covers quite a bit and the illustrations are reasonably clear
  • Automatic controls can also make your job easier
  • creates an extremely versatile work area
  • computerized sewing machine with a pleasing range of features


  • The format is a little annoying as it doesn’t provide
  • a sewing machine is less able to handle heavy work
  • not a huge assortment of fluff meant to drive up the price

Product description

Box Contains:

  1. Singer 6680 sewing machine
  2. Foot control and power cable
  3. All-Purpose Foot
  4. Zipper Foot
  5. Buttonhole Foot
  6. Blind Hem Foot
  7. Button Sewing Foot
  8. Overcasting Foot
  9. Invisible Zipper Foot
  10. Roller Foot
  11. Pack of Needles
  12. Bobbins
  13. Thread Spool Caps
  14. Auxiliary Spool Pin
  15. Spool Pin Felt
  16. Darning Plate
  17. Needle Plate Screwdriver
  18. Seam Ripper / Lint Brush
  19. Extension Table
  20. Hard-Sided Dust Cover
This Video Is Taken From The Cheshire Crafter

Singer Starlet 6680: Our Verdict

In our opinion, considering all its features and accessories, the Singer Starlet it’s the real deal. This sewing machine costs a little more than models like the Singer Simple 3232 or even the Singer Promise but considers that:
  • If you’re looking for a sewing machine to get started, the Singer Starlet 6680 is very easy to use since it is entirely electronic. Then it is equipped with many functions and accessories, so when you become more expert or expert in sewing you will not have to switch to a more expensive sewing machine
  • if you already know how to sew well, you’ve surely spent a lot of time struggling with fabrics like denim, not to mention felt! There Singer Starlet allows you to work with these fabrics quickly and easily
  • there quality of this sewing machine, both in terms of functions and materials, it is much higher than its price.

Of course, the Singer Starlet 6680 It is not among the top-price sewing machines. But a sewing machine is an investment. It is a product that you buy today, but that you will use for years and years. So, in the end, spending a few dozen euros more is worth it.

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In the frequently asked questions section regarding the Singer Starlet 6680, you can find the answer to the question you have.

Is a Singer sewing machine a good machine?

When it comes to home sewing machines, Singer is a solid option to consider. Singer machines are considered to be the best option by a significant number of quilters, sewists, and crafters. For almost 170 years, the Singer firm has been at the forefront of the sewing machine industry, earning a reputation for producing dependable and high-quality machines.

What is my Singer model number?

Looking for the model number on the handwheel side of the machine, next to the on/off button or the electric cable receptacle, is the best way to identify sewing machines that were built after about the year 1990. In machines that were built in the 1970s and 1980s, the model number is located on the front panel of the machine.

Where is the Singer serial number?

Find the serial number of the Singer sewing machine first. This will allow you to determine the year that a particular model was manufactured. In more recent machines, the number is located next to the switch that turns the machine on and off. In earlier machines, it is either located on the front panel or on a little plate.

What size needle should I use?

It is dependent on the thickness of the cloth that you are working with as to the size of needle you should use. If you are working with a thick cloth, you should use a strong needle. On the box of your needle, it will mention the types of compounds that are appropriate for use with your needle.

How long does a sewing needle last?

Typically, a sewing needle has a lifespan of between seven and nine hours.

Why is the machine not sewing properly?

The first thing you should do is make sure the needle is entered properly and is not bent. Make sure that the tension of the thread is regulated correctly in order to prevent stitches that are either slack or tight. Additionally, it is important to verify the settings for the stitch length and width, as some materials may require adjustments to be made. Last but not least, in order to prevent any problems with its functioning, confirm that your sewing machine is thoroughly cleaned and oiled.

Why does the needle break while sewing?

Needles can break for a variety of reasons, including the following: – The fabric is not properly guided – The bobbin case is not inserted correctly – The needle is set too low – The fabric is not being used appropriately – The not using the appropriate needle for the appropriate fabric

How can I fix a noisy sewing machine?

If your sewing machine is producing an excessive amount of noise, it may be necessary to clean and lubricate it. To remove lint and dirt, remove the needle plate, the bobbin case, and any other parts that are accessible. Following the instructions in the handbook, apply a tiny quantity of oil to the places that are approved for use with the sewing machine. Lubricating the machine will assist lessen the amount of noise and friction that occurs when it is operating.

How can I troubleshoot thread-breaking issues?

After experiencing thread breakage, it is required to rethread the machine with a thread that is compatible with the machine and to ensure that the machine is threaded correctly through all of the necessary loops and tension discs. Make sure that the tension is adjusted appropriately in accordance with the thickness of the cloth. Additionally, be sure that the needle size is appropriate for the cloth that is being sewed, since using the incorrect needle might result in the thread breaking.

Does the Singer Starlet 6680 have an LED display?

There is an LED display on the Singer Starlet 6680, that is correct. It is now possible to pick and alter stitch patterns and parameters with ease thanks to this convenience.

What type of power supply does the Singer Starlet 6680 use?

There is an electric power source that is utilized by the Singer Starlet 6680. Because of this, it is necessary to connect it into an electrical outlet in order for it to function.

Does the Singer Starlet 6680 have an automatic needle threader?

The Singer Starlet 6680 does come equipped with an automated needle threader. This function makes the process of threading the needle quick and simple, which not only saves time but also reduces eye strain.

How many programs does the Singer Starlet 6680 have?

There are eighty different programs available on the Singer Starlet 6680. Consequently, this offers a wide range of stitching alternatives that may be utilized for a number of sewing projects.

How can I address the issue of the machine not powering on?

You should begin by examining the connection between the power cable and the sewing machine as well as the power outlet. Be certain that both are plugged in securely. Attempting to use a different outlet or testing the outlet with another device to rule out any potential power supply difficulties is something you should attempt if the computer is still unable to turn on. If these methods do not eliminate the issue, it may be required to seek the aid of a qualified specialist to obtain more assistance.

How can I resolve uneven stitching or skipped stitches?

First things first, check to see sure the needle is the appropriate size and type for the cloth that is being used. It is important to make sure that the needle is not dull or curved, as this might result in stitches being missed. After that, check the top threading to make sure that it is appropriately threaded through all of the relevant places, such as the take-up lever and the tension discs. Last but not least, check that the bobbin has been threaded and inserted correctly, and that the tension on the bobbin has been set appropriately.

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