What  Is SewTites & How To Use SewTites
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 What Is SewTites & How To Use Best SewTites 2024

In these tutorials, the use of these fantastic SewTites (magnetic sewing pins) might eliminate the need for laborious pinning altogether. No matter what sort of sewing you perform most often, there is a SewTites product that will make it simpler for you to complete the task.

What Are SewTites (magnetic sewing pins)?

Since the beginning of sewing, the three essential components of the craft have been needles, cloth, and pins. On the other hand, the pins that are required to hold textiles together while they are being sewn frequently have limits.

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When it comes to stitching, there are some instances in which using conventional pins is impossible. If the cloth is excessively dense, the pins will not be able to penetrate it. You’re out of luck if you’re working with a material that can’t be punctured, such as leather or vinyl. In this case, you won’t be able to make the hole. Pinning is simply not an option in some situations, such as when you are working with an odd form like a bag or another item, such as when you are sewing on it. What should one do in such circumstances?

There are several solutions available that do not involve the use of pins that may be used to hold cloth together. One option is to replace the pins with sewing clips instead. These are little clips that have the appearance of clothespins and can be purchased at most fabric stores as well as on the internet. They are simple to apply, can be purchased for a low price, are available in a range of sizes, and won’t cause any holes in the fabric.

In the past, individuals just made do with what they had, perhaps securing items in place with basting stitches before executing the final sewing. At other periods, people just held items in place as they sewed them, doing the best they could with the resources they had. This may be dangerous since things can slide while you are sewing, and if they do, you will need to use a seam ripper, take out the threads, and start again. A product known as SewTites may put an end to all of those different sorts of difficulties.

SewTites are magnetic sewing pins that may keep your creations together without penetrating the cloth. These pins are available in a variety of sizes. After that, you may sew it together without having to worry about the correct location of the pieces. Your The SewTites will securely hold your fabric pieces in place

.ewTites are made up of two extremely powerful magnetic parts. One will be placed on the project’s front side, while the other will be placed on the project’s rear side. When you have done stitching, you can easily separate the two sections by sliding them apart, and then you may put them to use in the subsequent stage of your sewing project. They are able to be removed and repositioned, in addition to being reused on several occasions. Using these magnetic pins can make sewing a whole lot less difficult for you!

The Many Uses for SewTites Magnets

It is no longer necessary to fumble about with a pincushion or struggle to pick up teeny-tiny pins when you use SewTites. Put an end to the problem of dropping sharp things on the carpet. SewTites may be used to bind together a wide variety of crafts.

Although they may be used for sewing garments, their primary use is to facilitate the completion of other types of undertakings in which the use of straight pins would be impractical. You may use a magnetic pin anyplace a conventional pin can be used, and in many locations where a traditional pin simply won’t work. You can also use a traditional pin anywhere a magnetic pin can be used.

Sewing Leather and Vinyl

Sewing on leather or vinyl may be a difficult task, which is obvious to everyone who has ever attempted it. Because of their consistency and their slickness, these materials are challenging to deal with. In addition, conventional pins can cause damage to the material, which results in the formation of unattractive holes. In addition, sewing clips frequently get in the way and need to be removed and replaced many times throughout the process.

SewTites are an excellent replacement for traditional fabric fasteners like pins and clips since they keep the fabric in place without causing any damage to it. In addition to this, they are superior to sewing clips because they may be positioned anywhere on the fabric and are not limited to only the fabric’s edges.

Sewing thick fabrics or many layers together

Anyone who has ever tried to sew many layers of thick materials together understands how difficult it can be to keep everything in place when sewing. Regular sewing pins are not adequate for the work at hand, and as a result, the cloth is prone to sliding and moving out of place.

The SewTites are ideal for use in situations in which it is necessary to keep many layers of thick cloth together during stitching. Because the magnets will keep everything in place while you sew, even the heaviest materials won’t slip or move, and you’ll have an easier time stitching intricate designs.

Holding sewing patterns in place

SewTites are also wonderful for maintaining the position of patterns. After positioning the design so that it is on top of the cloth, fix it in place with SewTites. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the pattern shifting while you’re working on cutting the cloth.

You can see me cutting fabric for my apron project in the photograph that can be found below. When I cut the pattern with my rotary cutter, the design stays in place thanks to the excellent grip that SewTites provides.

Bag Making

Your pastime of creating bags may be completely transformed by using SewTites. You won’t have to struggle with traditional straight pins to rapidly secure a bag with these safety pins.

Pockets and Patches

When stitching pockets and patches onto other items, it might be challenging to get them adhered to in the ideal position. Fancy appliqué patches can be difficult to work with because of their thickness and difficulty in pinning, and it might be difficult to position an outside pocket on a garment, purse, or jacket in the ideal area.

The use of SewTites simplifies the process of affixing these items to the surface of various surfaces. When you are sewing an appliqué patch onto a heavy object, such as a jacket, backpack, or handbag, you will find that these are extremely helpful. Magnetic sewing pins are easy to reposition, so you may use them whenever you need to make a fast adjustment to the angle or location of a patch or pocket.

Embroidery work

When you are trying to embroider objects that are either too thick or too little to fit into the machine hoop, this is when you will find that SewTites truly shine. You may hoop your stabilizer first, and then place the little thing on top of the stabilizer without going through the additional step of hooping the small item. The technique is known as FLOATING EMBROIDERY.

After that, secure the item to the stabilizer that is contained within the hoop by using the SewTites.

Check and recheck to make sure that the SewTites will not be in a location where the needle or presser foot will come into contact with them.

When you are finished, take the product out of the hoop, remove the SewTites from the project, and then trim away any leftover stabilizer.

You can see SewTites holding a piece of transparent vinyl in the hoop in the image that can be found below. I now have a total of four layers, including two pieces of cotton quilting fabric, one piece of batting, and one piece of transparent vinyl.


If you’re someone who enjoys doing applique, you probably already know that it may be difficult to hold the appliqué pieces in place as you sew the small stitches around the cloth piece. The slightest movement of a fabric piece will need you to get out the seam ripper and begin the process all over again.

Art of quilting

Pinning may be a time-consuming task, especially when you have to deal with a large number of little pieces of cloth. Once more, magnetic sewing pins like SewTites might be used as a lifesaver in this situation. SewTites are used instead of pins to hold the components in place while sewing. Once the stitching is complete, the SewTites are easily removed and may be reused for the subsequent step of the project.

Additionally, nobody wants to repeatedly prick themselves with straight pins, and nobody wants to bleed all over their quilts. Neither of these things is desirable. Quilts may be loaded into a longarm machine in a brisk and trouble-free manner using SewTites. When you are done, they are very simple to remove; all you have to do is take them off, and you will be done.

For Those With Hand and Finger Problems

The realization that one’s body will not cooperate with the activities that one desires to perform might be one of the more challenging aspects associated with becoming older. Due to arthritis or other degenerative conditions, a great number of seamstresses and quilters have been forced to give up sewing since their fingers just stopped working with them.

On the other hand, if one uses SewTites, they could be able to continue sewing for years longer. If you are unable to sew by hand, you could still be able to sew on a machine if you have access to certain tools and accessories, such as electric scissors, sergers, or SewTites magnetic sewing pins.

How to Use SewTites

Utilizing SewTites is a pretty straightforward process. Simply slip the top and bottom parts away from one another, and then put them on the fabric on the top and bottom of the two sections that you wish to connect.

After ensuring that the placement is correct, the next step is to sew together your creation.

At long last, move the top and bottom sections of the SewTites away from one another. At this point, you may either repurpose the top and bottom pieces for the subsequent phase of your project or reattach them and store them in their original location.

In comparison to standard straight pins, SewTites provides several advantages. SewTites are less likely to slide out of fabric, and the magnets included within SewTites can aid in keeping fabric in place when you sew or embroider, keeping it from bunching up or moving. SewTites are also less likely to slip out of cloth accidentally. They will not do any harm to your fabric in any way.

However, employing SewTites might potentially have a few negative consequences in the long run. For example, the magnets in SewTites can cause your sewing machine’s metal throat plate to become obstructed, which will cause the fabric to bunch up.

The magnets in the SewTites may cause your sewing machine’s throat plate to become stuck at times. you prevent this from happening, be sure you use SewTites that are smaller and with magnets that are not as strong.

In addition, when using SewTites for machine embroidery, you should position them so that they are close to the edges of the fabric piece (or the hoop). This will prevent them from getting caught up in the stitching, which is something that happened to me when I placed them over only one layer of fabric and caused one of them to stick to the throat plate of my embroidery machine.

Therefore, it is essential to use SewTites with caution and be aware of the limitations of the product.

Types and Sizes of SewTites

SewTites are available in a broad range of sizes and designs, allowing you to choose the one that is most suited for the projects you are working on.

Using SewTites dots is helpful when working on smaller tasks such as appliqué. If you need to make adjustments while you are sewing, you can simply slide the SewTites magnetic dots about because each one just contains a single magnet and has the least amount of holding power. They are around the same size as a dime.

The next size up from SewTites are the Minis. They are around 1 14 inches in length, are rectangular, and are slightly bigger than the dots. The SewTites minis each include two separate magnets. These SewTites are fantastic for use with your embroidery machine.

The SewTites Lite Collection is comprised of parts that have magnets that are not as strong. People who suffer from arthritis or have trouble with their hand strength may find that the Diamond, Lite Bar, and Star Lite are the best options for them.

Tula Pink SewTites are adorable little models fashioned like hearts. The Tula Pink SewTites Magnetic Sewing Pins are a wonderful choice for a variety of hand-sewing projects, especially those that are smaller in scale.

The SewTites original is a standard bar-style magnetic sewing pin. They work well for ordinary sewing, in particular for stitching many layers of heavier textiles, as well as for sewing heavy materials such as vinyl and leather. Their measurements are 1.78 inches long by 0.5 inches wide.

SewTites HD are designed specifically for applications involving many layers of substantial cloth, such as quilting and bag construction. They measure 2.125 inches by 0.5625 inches, making them significantly bigger than the SewTites that were originally sold.

Magnum SewTites were developed with long-arm quilting in mind from the very beginning. These magnetic sewing pins measure four inches in length and have a total of five magnets on the reverse side.

A Mixer box is available for purchase from SewTites. This bundle has a variety of SewTites magnetic sewing pins. If you are currently working on a wide variety of various types of sewing tasks, this choice is ideal for you. The Original, Dots and Minis are all included in this one convenient bundle for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are SewTites?

They are magnetic sewing tools designed to hold layers of fabric together securely without the need for pins. They come in various sizes and shapes and are ideal for tasks like quilting, sewing, and crafting.

How do SewTites work?

This features powerful rare earth magnets enclosed within a plastic or metal casing. You simply place the magnets on either side of the fabric layers you want to hold together, and they will securely clamp the layers in place.

Are SewTites safe to use?

Yes, They are safe to use. They eliminate the risk of pricking your fingers with pins and are particularly useful for delicate fabrics that can be damaged by pinning.

What are the benefits of using SewTites?

SewTites offer several advantages over traditional pins, including no damage to the fabric, no distortion of seams, ease of use with thick or layered fabrics, and improved accuracy in matching seams.

Can SewTites be used with all types of fabric?

Yes, SewTites can be used with most types of fabric, including cotton, silk, denim, fleece, and more. However, it’s essential to avoid using them near sensitive electronic devices or magnetic storage media.

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