The Brother PR655 6-needle Embroidery Machine, part of the Entrepreneur® series, is a powerhouse in the realm of multi-needle embroidery. Designed for both the aspiring entrepreneur and the passionate hobbyist, the PR655 combines high-end features with user-friendly functionality, setting a new benchmark in the embroidery machine market.


Key Features

  • 6-Needle Configuration: Offers the flexibility of six needles, facilitating quick color changes and versatile design options, with a generous 12″ x 8″ embroidery area.
  • Automatic Needle Threading: Reduces setup time and simplifies the threading process, enhancing productivity and ease of use.
  • Advanced Display: Features a large 4.4″ x 7.3″ ASV HD LCD touchscreen display by Sharp® Corporation, providing clear, vibrant visuals and intuitive navigation.

Technology and Design Capabilities

  • Droplight™ LED Positioning Marker: Ensures precise needle placement, crucial for detailed embroidery projects.
  • Expanded Design Library: Comes with 25 built-in designs, 28 size-adjustable fonts, including Greek, Appliqué, Floral, and Renaissance styles, plus additional designs and fonts on an included USB memory stick.
  • Enhanced Frame Detection and Basting Function: Offers improved frame recognition and a basting function that secures fabric for precise embroidery.

Advanced Functionality

  • Group/Ungroup Feature: Allows for easy manipulation and adjustment of designs directly on the machine.
  • Individual Stitch Backup and Thread Spool Reset: Provides detailed control over the embroidery process, ensuring high-quality results.
  • Link-Ready Function: Compatible with PE-DESIGN® NEXT software (optional) for expanded design and editing capabilities.

Connectivity and Accessories

  • Multiple USB Ports: Equipped with three USB ports for extensive connectivity and design transfer options.
  • Optional Accessories: Including Arm D and Clamp Frame, enhancing the machine’s versatility and performance for various projects.

Basic Features of the Brother PR655 6-Needle Embroidery Machine

Display and User Interface

  • LCD Display: 4.4″ x 7.3″ Advanced Super View (ASV) HD LCD with a 176° viewing angle and 16.7+ million colors.
  • Adjustable Screen Brightness: Customizable settings to suit various lighting conditions.
  • On-Screen Help and Tutorials: Includes videos and diagrams for assistance.
  • Built-in Languages: Offers multiple language options for user convenience.

Editing and Design Features

  • On-Screen Editing: Comprehensive editing capabilities include rotate, mirror image, move, copy, enlarge/reduce, letter spacing, thread density, and group/ungroup functions.
  • Realistic Preview: Allows users to see a realistic representation of the embroidery design before starting.
  • Built-in Memory: 1.7MB, capable of saving up to 500,000 stitches.

Embroidery and Lighting

  • Maximum Embroidery Area: 12″ x 8″, suitable for large projects.
  • Maximum Speed: Embroidery speeds of up to 1000 stitches per minute.
  • Lighting: Equipped with Runway® Lighting featuring 2 LED lights for enhanced visibility.

Threading and Stitching

  • Needle Threading System: Automatic threading for all 6 needles.
  • Thread Sensors: Detect both upper and bobbin thread status with on/off functionality.
  • Automatic Thread Cutting: For all 6 needles, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.

Connectivity and Storage

  • USB Ports: Three are available for expanded connectivity options.
  • Computer Connectivity: Allows for machine updates and design transfer via multiple media.

Additional Features

  • Built-in Embroidery Designs: 25 sample designs with an additional 60 designs on an included USB stick.
  • Alphabet and Frame Options: 25 size-adjustable fonts, 4 alphabet designs, and 10 frame designs.
  • Speed Adjustment and Editing Tools: Speed can be adjusted for different projects, with extensive on-screen editing tools like curving text, space reduction among alphabets, and pattern rotating.

Included Accessories with the Brother PR655 6-Needle Embroidery Machine

The Brother PR655 comes with a comprehensive set of accessories and tools designed to enhance the embroidery experience and provide everything needed to get started on a variety of projects.

Basic Accessories

  • Needle Set (2): Different types of needles for various fabric types and embroidery requirements.
  • Prewound Bobbins (6): Ready-to-use bobbins to start projects immediately.
  • Spool Mats (6), Caps (6), and Nets (6): Essential for thread management and to prevent unwinding or tangling.
  • Seam Ripper and Tweezers: For removing stitches and fine-tuning embroidery details.
  • Screwdrivers (5): Various sizes for machine adjustments and maintenance.
  • Scissors and Touch Pen: Cutting materials and navigating the touch screen interface.
  • Cleaning Brush and Needle Threading Tool: For machine upkeep and easy needle threading.
  • Oil: To ensure the machine parts run smoothly.

Embroidery Essentials

  • Embroidery Sheets (4): To plan and visualize the embroidery layout.
  • Card Reader Holder: For reading embroidery design cards.
  • USB Memory Drive (with Brother Logo): To store and transfer embroidery designs.
  • USB Cable and Power Cord: For connectivity and power supply.
  • Operation Manual: Comprehensive guide to operating the machine and utilizing its features.

Embroidery Hoops

  • 1.5″ x 2″ Hoop
  • 4″ x 4″ Hoop
  • 5″ x 7″ Hoop
  • 8″ x 12″ Hoop

These various-sized hoops accommodate a wide range of embroidery projects, from small monograms to large patterned designs. Additional hoop sizes are available for purchase to expand the machine’s capabilities further.

Mechanical Specifications of the Brother PR655 6-Needle Embroidery Machine

Warranty and Dimensions

  • Warranty: Comes with a 2/6/25-year premium warranty, providing extensive coverage and peace of mind.
  • Machine Dimensions: Measures 30.312 inches in height, 20.156 inches in width, and 23.188 inches in depth.
  • Machine Weight: The machine weighs 81 pounds, indicating a sturdy and durable build.
  • Shipping Dimensions: Shipped in a package measuring 36.0 inches by 29.75 inches by 32.74 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: The total shipping weight is 114 pounds.
  • UL/CSA Listed: Yes, rated for 110v, ensuring compliance with North American safety standards.

Multi-Needle Embroidery Specifications

  • Embroidery Speed: Ranges from 400 to 1000 stitches per minute (spm) for frames, and 400 to 600 spm for caps.
  • Number of Needles: Equipped with 6 needles, facilitating multiple color embroideries without frequent thread changes.
  • Computer Linkage: Capable of linking multiple machines to a computer with PE-Design® NEXT Software, enhancing productivity and coordination (software available separately).
  • Spool Capacity: Accommodates 6 spools, supporting the machine’s multi-needle functionality.
  • Cap Frame Capability: Offers cap embroidery options with an additional purchase required.

Additional Features

  • Eyelet Threading System: Not available in this model.
  • InnovaChrome™ LED Thread Color System: Not included, indicating standard thread color selection.
  • Light and Audio Cues: Absent in this model; does not have automatic alerts for thread change, breakage, or design completion.
  • Color Palette: Supports a color palette of 300 colors, providing a wide range of embroidery designs.

Main Features of the Brother PR655 6-Needle Embroidery Machine

Enhanced Frame Compatibility

  • New Frame Sensor: Equipped with advanced sensors to accommodate a wider range of frame types, including round and clamp frame kits, enhancing the machine’s versatility for embroidering on various items like shoes, cuffs, and pockets. Note that additional purchases are required for these frame kits.

Precision Placement and Operation

  • LED Pointer: Features a new LED pointer that shows the exact needle drop position, facilitating precise pattern placement and streamlined job positioning, significantly improving embroidery accuracy.

Optimal Working Environment

  • Advanced Natural Lighting System: The built-in LED lights provide strong, natural lighting, ensuring a well-illuminated work area that mimics daylight conditions, reducing eye strain and improving stitch quality visibility.

User-Friendly Threading and Customization

  • Exclusive Automatic Needle Threading: With the push of a button, the machine automatically threads the needle, simplifying the setup process and saving time.
  • On-Screen Customization: Offers powerful on-screen editing tools, allowing for text arrangement, pattern rotation in 1-degree increments, design resizing, combining designs, and adding lettering, which empowers users to tailor their embroidery projects directly on the machine’s interface.

Specifications of the Brother PR655 6-Needle Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Features

  • Embroidery Speed (Max): Up to 1000 stitches per minute (spm), facilitating fast and efficient embroidery work.
  • Embroidery Area (Max): Offers a generous embroidery field of 300mm x 200mm, accommodating large designs and projects.
  • Built-in Embroidery Designs: Includes 28 ready-to-use embroidery designs, providing a variety of creative options.
  • Built-in Fonts: Features 5 built-in fonts for monogramming and text embellishments.
  • On-Screen Editing: Allows for adjustments and customization of designs directly on the machine’s interface.
  • USB Connectivity: Equipped with both host and slave USB ports for easy design transfer and machine updates.
  • Jump Stitch & Wiper Function: Automatically trims jump stitches and wipes the needle area for a clean embroidery finish.

General Features

  • Category: Embroidery Sewing Machine, specifically designed for embroidery tasks.
  • Bobbin Type: Uses a vertical bobbin system for efficient thread delivery.
  • Needle Threader: Includes an automatic needle threading feature for convenience.
  • Sewing Light: Features LED lighting to illuminate the work area clearly.
  • Start/Stop Button: Provides the option to operate the machine without using the foot pedal.
  • Thread Tension Control: Manual adjustment, allowing for precise control over thread tension.
  • Touch Panel LCD: Equipped with a touch-sensitive LCD display screen for intuitive operation and settings management.

Dimension & Weight

  • Machine Dimensions: Approximately 512mm (W) × 589mm (D) × 586mm (H), indicating a substantial and stable machine build.


  • Warranty: Offers a 1-year carry-in warranty, ensuring reliable service and support.

Pros and Cons of the Brother PR655 6-Needle Embroidery Machine


  • High Embroidery Speed: With a maximum speed of 1000 stitches per minute, it allows for rapid project completion.
  • Large Embroidery Area: A maximum embroidery area of 300mm x 200mm is ideal for large or complex designs.
  • Built-in Designs and Fonts: Offers 28 embroidery designs and 5 fonts, providing a good range for customization.
  • On-Screen Editing: Enhances design flexibility with options to edit directly on the machine’s LCD screen.
  • USB Connectivity: Host and slave USB ports facilitate easy design transfer and software updates.
  • Jump Stitch & Wiper Function: Automatically cuts jump stitches and cleans the needle area, ensuring a neat finish.
  • LED Lighting: Provides clear visibility of the work area, which is essential for detailed embroidery work.


  • Limited Built-in Designs: With 28 built-in designs, users may need to rely on external sources for more variety.
  • Manual Thread Tension Control: Requires manual adjustment, which may be a challenge for beginners or those used to automatic tension settings.
  • Size and Weight: Its dimensions and weight make it less portable and more suited for a fixed workspace.
  • Warranty Period: Offers only a 1-year carry-in warranty, which may be shorter than what some competitors offer.
  • Learning Curve: The advanced features and functionalities may require a learning period, especially for those new to multi-needle embroidery machines.


The Brother PR655 6-needle Embroidery Machine stands out as a powerful and efficient tool for both professional embroiderers and serious hobbyists. Its high-speed stitching capability, expansive embroidery area, and advanced features like on-screen editing and USB connectivity make it a versatile and productive machine. While it has a few limitations, such as a relatively small number of built-in designs and manual thread tension control, these are offset by its overall performance and functionality.

The machine’s design, emphasizing speed, precision, and convenience, caters well to the demands of a busy embroidery environment or for those looking to scale up their home-based embroidery projects. Given its robust construction, comprehensive feature set, and the backing of the Brother brand, the Brother PR655 is a solid investment for those seeking to enhance their embroidery capabilities and efficiency. The decision to choose this machine should be based on a balance of its advanced capabilities, the specific needs of the user, and the workspace requirements it entails.

FAQs for the Brother PR655 6-Needle Embroidery Machine

What is the maximum embroidery speed of the Brother PR655?

The Brother PR655 can reach a maximum embroidery speed of 1000 stitches per minute (spm).

How large is the embroidery area on the Brother PR655?

The Brother PR655 offers a maximum embroidery area of 300mm x 200mm, allowing for sizable embroidery projects.

How many built-in embroidery designs does the Brother PR655 have?

The Brother PR655 comes with 28 built-in embroidery designs, providing a variety of options for immediate use.

Can I edit designs directly on the machine?

Yes, the Brother PR655 features on-screen editing capabilities, allowing you to rotate, resize, mirror, and modify designs directly on the machine’s display.

Does the Brother PR655 support USB connectivity?

Yes, the Brother PR655 has USB ports that support both host and slave connections, enabling easy transfer of designs and software updates.

What is the Jump Stitch & Wiper function on the Brother PR655?

This function automatically trims jump stitches and wipes the needle area to maintain a clean embroidery finish.

Is the Brother PR655 suitable for commercial use?

Yes, with its 6-needle configuration and robust features, the Brother PR655 is suitable for small to medium-sized commercial embroidery operations.

Does the Brother PR655 have an automatic needle threading system?

Yes, the Brother PR655 features an exclusive automatic needle threading system, simplifying the threading process for all 6 needles.

What type of bobbin does the Brother PR655 use?

The Brother PR655 uses a vertical Quick-Set™ bobbin, allowing for easy and reliable thread delivery.

Can I connect the Brother PR655 to a computer?

Yes, the Brother PR655 can be connected to a computer for design transfer and machine updates, enhancing its functionality and keeping it current with new embroidery trends and software features.

What types of embroidery hoops come with the Brother PR655?

The Brother PR655 typically includes several hoop sizes to accommodate different project dimensions, but the exact sizes should be confirmed with the purchase details, as these can vary.

How many needles does the Brother PR655 have, and can they be customized?

The Brother PR655 has 6 needles, and each needle can be threaded with a different color, allowing for versatile and complex embroidery designs without the need for frequent thread changes.

Does the Brother PR655 have a cap frame capability?

Yes, the Brother PR655 can embroider on caps with the additional purchase of a cap frame attachment, expanding the range of embroidery projects you can undertake.

Is there a warranty for the Brother PR655?

Yes, the Brother PR655 comes with a 1-year carry-in warranty, though additional warranty options may be available through purchase or registration with Brother.

Can I use the Brother PR655 for monogramming?

Absolutely, with its built-in fonts and on-screen editing features, the Brother PR655 is well-suited for monogramming and personalizing items with text.

What is the weight of the Brother PR655, and how will it affect its placement?

The Brother PR655 weighs about 81 pounds, indicating that it’s a sturdy machine designed for stable operation. This weight means it should be placed on a solid, level surface that can support its size and operational activity.

How does the LED lighting system work on the Brother PR655?

The Brother PR655 LED lighting system illuminates the work area, providing clear visibility of your project to ensure accuracy and ease of embroidery, even in lower light conditions.

Can I create custom designs on the Brother PR655?

While the Brother PR655 allows for significant on-screen editing and customization of existing designs, creating entirely new designs from scratch typically requires additional software that can be connected to the machine.

How can I update the software of the Brother PR655?

Software updates for the Brother PR655 can be performed via USB connectivity, ensuring the machine remains up-to-date with the latest features and improvements from Brother.

All Used Image Credit : Brother USA

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