The Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition (SE) is a remarkable embodiment of versatility and innovation in the world of sewing and embroidery machines. Known for its comprehensive functionality, this model not only meets but exceeds the expectations typically held for a high-end machine. With capabilities spanning sewing, embroidery, and quilting, the Memory Craft 11000 SE offers a plethora of features designed to enhance the creativity and efficiency of every project.


Core Features


  • Three-in-One Machine: Seamlessly integrates precise sewing, dynamic embroidery, and advanced quilting features, making it an all-encompassing tool for any textile artist.

Advanced Embroidery and Quilting

  • AcuFil™ Quilting System: Revolutionizes quilt finishing with stippling in the hoop, providing an innovative approach to quilting that enhances both the quality and efficiency of your work.
  • Extensive Design Library: Includes 24 AcuFil™ Quilting designs and an additional 24 new quilting designs available in three styles, offering a vast array of options for personalization and creativity.
  • AcuFil™ Hoop and Template: These new tools open up unprecedented possibilities for quilting precision, allowing for meticulous pattern placement and design execution.

Review Highlights

The Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE stands out for its integration of multiple functionalities into one seamless unit. It excels in areas where other machines might compromise, offering robust features in sewing, embroidery, and quilting without sacrificing performance in any category.


  • Precision Sewing: With its built-in superior feed system, the machine ensures flawless stitch quality and handling across a variety of fabric types, from the lightest silks to heavy denim.


  • Gorgeous Embroidery: The embroidery unit is designed to produce intricate and beautiful designs with ease. The high-resolution touchscreen makes selecting and editing designs intuitive and user-friendly.


  • AcuFil™ Quilting System: Perhaps the most standout feature, the AcuFil™ system not only simplifies the quilting process but also elevates the finished product. Stippling in the hoop and precise design placement tools allow for professional-level quilting at home.

In-Depth Review: Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition

Key Features and Innovations

Moveable i-Height Screen

  • Adjustable Screen: The Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition boasts the largest and most vibrant screen ever produced by Janome. Unique to this model, the screen’s height is adjustable, allowing users to position it according to their comfort level. This feature ensures optimal visibility and ease of use, enhancing the overall sewing and embroidery experience.
  • Color Accuracy: See every stitch and design in true, vivid color, which aids in precise design selection and editing.

Robotic Precision in Embroidery

  • Advanced Embroidery Technology: Incorporating technology akin to industrial desktop robots, the Memory Craft 11000 SE offers unparalleled precision in embroidery. The Rolling Linear Motion Guide facilitates the movement of the embroidery hoop, ensuring every stitch is placed with exacting accuracy, a feature rarely seen in home embroidery machines.

Spacious Work Area

  • Extra Wide Work Area: With more than 9 inches (234mm) of space to the right of the needle when the screen is raised, the MC 11000 SE provides the largest arm and bed space of any home embroidery machine on the market. This expansive working area is perfect for large or complex projects, offering ample room for maneuvering and positioning your fabric.

Superior Data Transfer and On-Board Editing

  • Versatile Data Handling: The machine supports extensive design import and export capabilities using various data transfer methods. This flexibility allows users to easily manage and customize embroidery designs.
  • Powerful Editing Capabilities: Equipped with comprehensive on-board editing tools, users can manipulate designs directly on the machine. Functions include cut, copy, paste, flip, rotate, rescaling, and zooming. The machine also provides a 3D view of the layout on the bright, interactive screen, simplifying design adjustments and previews.

Largest Square Embroidery Hoop

  • Optimal Hoop Size and Shape: The MC 11000 SE comes with the largest square embroidery hoop available for home use, measuring 8 inches by 8 inches (200 x 200 mm). Square hoops are preferred for their versatility and ease in achieving symmetrical designs. Additional hoop sizes include a standard hoop and optional larger and free-arm hoops, providing solutions for a wide range of project sizes.

Time-Saving Features

  • Programmable Thread Cutter: Allows for automatic thread cutting between color changes or at the end of sewing, saving time and thread.
  • Independent Bobbin Winding: Users can wind bobbins even while the machine is sewing, enhancing efficiency.
  • Automatic Needle Threader: Simplifies the threading process, saving time and reducing eye strain.
  • Knee Lift: Enables hands-free raising and lowering of the presser foot, particularly useful during intricate sewing tasks.

Comprehensive Features of the Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition

The Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition is a state-of-the-art sewing and embroidery machine packed with advanced features designed to elevate the sewing, quilting, and embroidery experience. This machine is equipped with a host of capabilities to cater to advanced users while remaining accessible enough for those new to computerized sewing machines. Here’s a detailed look at its extensive features:

Sewing and Stitching Capabilities

  • 358 Built-In Stitches with 3 Fonts: Offers a vast range of utility, decorative, and quilting stitches along with three font styles for personalization.
  • 13 One-Step Buttonholes: Provides a variety of buttonhole styles, automatically sized to fit your buttons.
  • Superior Feed System (SFS): Features a 7-piece feed dog system that ensures excellent fabric control and smooth feeding.
  • Memorized Needle Up/Down: Allows for easy pivoting on corners and precise fabric handling.
  • Automatic Thread Tension: Automatically adjusts the thread tension according to the stitch type and fabric thickness.
  • Twin Needle Guard: Prevents needle breakage, ensuring the safe use of twin needles for parallel line stitching.

Embroidery Features

  • 170 Built-In Embroidery Designs and 24 Stippling Designs: Extensive design options ready to use, plus stippling patterns for quilting.
  • 10 Fonts with European Characters: Ideal for monogramming and personalizing projects.
  • Maximum Embroidery Size 200mm x 200mm: Large embroidery area for substantial projects.
  • Embroidery Sewing Speed 60-800 SPM: Adjustable speed settings to suit the complexity of the embroidery design.
  • Flexible Stitch Traveling and Adjustable Hoop Positioning: Enhanced control over embroidery placement and stitch progression.

Convenience and Usability

  • Automatic Needle Threader and Thread Cutter: Simplifies the setup and finishing of sewing with automatic threading and thread cutting.
  • AcuGuide Automatic Cloth Guide: Ensures straight sewing lines for perfect seams and hems.
  • Snap-On Presser Feet: Quick and easy changing of feet to match specific sewing tasks.
  • Start/Stop Button and Speed Control Slider: Offers the ability to sew without a foot control and to adjust sewing speed on the fly.
  • Locking Stitch Button: Ends sewing sequences with a tie-off stitch for a neat finish.

Advanced Technology and Customization

  • LCD Full Color Touchscreen: Provides interactive and intuitive navigation through all machine settings and features.
  • Moveable i-Height Screen: Adjustable screen height for optimal viewing based on user preference.
  • Memory Capability and On-Screen Help: Saves custom stitch sequences and provides help guides directly on the screen.
  • Full Intensity Lighting System with 8 Pure White LEDs: Illuminates the work area for clear visibility, reducing eye strain.

Quilting Specific Features

  • AcuFil Quilting System: Allows for precise stippling and quilt finishing directly in the hoop, revolutionizing how quilting is done on an embroidery machine.
  • Programmable Jump Thread Trimming and Adjustable Speed While Embroidering: Tailor embroidery functioning to the needs of the project for professional results.

Design Transfer and Embroidery Format

  • Multiple Design Transfer Options: Includes ATA PC card, USB memory key, CD-ROM drive, and Direct PC Connection, providing flexibility in how designs are loaded into the machine.
  • Embroidery Format Compatibility: Supports .JEF and .JEF+ formats, widely used and compatible with many design software.

Comprehensive Guide to Standard and Optional Accessories for the Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition

The Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition is equipped with a wide range of accessories designed to enhance and expand your sewing, quilting, and embroidery capabilities. Below, we detail the standard accessories that come with your machine and the optional accessories you might consider to further tailor your machine to your specific crafting needs.

Standard Accessories

The following are included with the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE, providing a solid foundation for a variety of sewing and embroidery projects:

  • 1/4″ Seam Foot: Ideal for precise piecing in quilting.
  • 3-Way Cording Foot: Allows for the addition of decorative cording.
  • AcuFil Hoop AQ: Specifically designed for stippling and precise quilt finishing.
  • Blind Hem Foot: For creating nearly invisible hems on skirts and pants.
  • Standard Bobbins and Bobbin Holder: Essential for all sewing and embroidery tasks.
  • Button Sewing Foot: Facilitates the attachment of buttons.
  • Button Shank Plate: Provides support when sewing on buttons.
  • Darning Foot: Used for freehand embroidery and darning.
  • Embroidery Foot: Optimized for embroidery projects.
  • Embroidery Hoops SQ and ST: Accommodate a variety of embroidery project sizes.
  • Even Feed Foot: Enhances fabric handling during sewing.
  • Foot Control and Large Screwdriver: Basic tools for machine operation and maintenance.
  • Lint Brush, Overcast Foot M, Overedge Foot C: Tools and feet for overcasting and finishing edges.
  • Rolled Hem Foot 2mm and Satin Stitch Foot F: Specialized feet for hemming and decorative stitches.
  • Seam Ripper and Touch Panel Stylus: For seam correction and touchscreen navigation.
  • Triangle Screwdriver and Zig-Zag Foot: For general sewing and machine adjustments.
  • Zipper Foot: Essential for inserting zippers.

Optional Accessories

Enhance your sewing, quilting, and embroidery experience with these optional accessories tailored for specific tasks:

Specifications Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition

The Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition is a comprehensive sewing and embroidery machine that combines high-end functionality with intuitive usability. This machine is designed for both novice and experienced sewers who need precision, flexibility, and reliability in their sewing and embroidery projects. Here’s a detailed look at its features and specifications:

Sewing and Stitching Capabilities

  • Number of Stitches: 352 built-in stitches for a wide range of sewing needs.
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 7mm, allowing for broader and more decorative stitches.
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5mm, perfect for basting and other long stitch requirements.
  • Number of Buttonholes: 13 one-step buttonholes, automated for ease and consistency.
  • Stitch Selection: Utilizes a touchscreen interface for easy selection and customization of stitches.

Embroidery Features

  • Number of Embroidery Designs: 170 built-in designs to kickstart your embroidery projects.
  • Maximum Embroidery Size: 7.9″ x 7.9″, providing a large area for complex or large designs.
  • Embroidery Formats Supported: .JEF and .JEF+, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of designs available commercially or online.
  • Embroidery Sewing Speeds: Up to 800 stitches per minute, allowing for quick and efficient embroidery creation.
  • On-Screen Editing Functions: Include enlarge/reduce, rotation, turn-over, combine, drag & drop, re-editing, zoom, and arc, offering comprehensive control over embroidery projects directly on the machine.

Advanced Technology and Convenience Features

  • Feed System: Superior Feed System ensures smooth fabric feed even with thick or challenging materials.
  • Automatic Thread Tension Control: Adjusts the thread tension automatically for optimal stitch quality.
  • Built-in Needle Threader: Simplifies the threading process, saving time and reducing eye strain.
  • Memorized Needle Up/Down: Ideal for pivoting on corners or intricate quilting.
  • Drop Feed: Allows for free-motion sewing, essential for quilters.
  • Twin Needle Guard: Prevents needle breakage when using a twin needle setup.

Design and Build Quality

  • Machine Size: Measures 18.5″ x 12.8″ x 9″, making it robust yet compact enough for regular home use.
  • Machine Weight: At 31.5 lbs, it’s stable enough for intensive sewing tasks without being overly cumbersome.
  • Work Space: Offers 9.2″ x 4.8″ in workspace, ample room for managing larger projects.
  • Full-Intensity Lighting System: With 8 LEDs, providing excellent visibility across the sewing area.

Customization and Control

  • Foot Pressure Adjustment: This allows for fine-tuning the sewing foot pressure to accommodate various fabric types.
  • Knee Lift: Provides hands-free raising and lowering of the presser foot, enhancing ease of fabric handling.
  • Programmable Jump Thread Trimming: Automates thread trimming between color changes in embroidery.
  • Adjustable Speed While Embroidering: Tailors the sewing speed to match the intricacy of the embroidery design.
  • Adjustable Hoop Positioning: Facilitates precision in embroidery design placement.

Connectivity and Data Transfer

  • Design Transfer Options: Includes ATA PC card, USB, CD-ROM drive, and Advanced PD Data Transfer, providing multiple ways to upload and download embroidery designs.

Pros and Cons of the Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition


Versatility and Functionality

  • Multifunctional: Combines sewing, embroidery, and quilting functionalities in one machine, making it incredibly versatile for different types of textile projects.
  • Comprehensive Stitch Options: Offers 352 built-in stitches and 170 embroidery designs, providing a vast array of creative possibilities for various applications.
  • Advanced Embroidery Features: Supports a maximum embroidery size of 7.9″ x 7.9″, which is ideal for large projects, and includes powerful on-screen editing tools for detailed design customization.

Advanced Technology

  • Superior Feed System (SFS): Ensures smooth fabric feeding, which is crucial for consistent stitching, especially on thick or multi-layer fabrics.
  • Full-Intensity Lighting System: Equipped with 8 LEDs, this feature provides excellent visibility, reducing eye strain and making it easier to work on projects for extended periods.
  • Moveable i-Height Screen: The adjustable touchscreen enhances ergonomics and accessibility, making the machine comfortable for users of different heights.

User Convenience

  • Automatic Features: Includes an automatic thread cutter, needle threader, and thread tension control, which significantly speeds up the sewing process and enhance user convenience.
  • Independent Bobbin Winding Motor: Allows for bobbin winding without interrupting sewing tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Programmable Jump Thread Trimming and Memory Capability: Enhances productivity by allowing users to customize and recall settings easily.



  • High Price Point: As a high-end model, the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE is quite expensive, which might not be justifiable for hobbyists or those new to sewing.


  • Steep Learning Curve: Due to its extensive features and advanced technology, there can be a significant learning curve, especially for beginners or those transitioning from simpler machines.

Size and Weight

  • Bulk and Weight: Weighing 31.5 lbs and with its considerable dimensions, it requires a dedicated space and may not be easily portable for classes or workshops.


  • Regular Maintenance Required: To keep it functioning optimally, regular maintenance by a professional is recommended, which could incur additional costs over time.

Specificity of Accessories

  • Dependency on Specialized Accessories: While the machine comes with many standard accessories, full utilization of its capabilities often requires additional optional accessories, which can be an added expense.


The Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition is a powerhouse sewing machine that offers professional-grade functionality across sewing, embroidery, and quilting. Ideal for experienced sewers or those who require a high degree of versatility and precision, this machine stands out for its robust feature set and advanced technological integrations. However, its cost, complexity, and size may not make it suitable for everyone, particularly those looking for a more straightforward or budget-friendly option. For those ready to invest in a top-tier sewing machine, the Memory Craft 11000 SE promises to expand creative boundaries and deliver exceptional results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition

What makes the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE different from other sewing machines?

The Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition is a multifunctional machine that combines sewing, embroidery, and quilting functionalities. It features a moveable i-height touchscreen, an advanced embroidery system with a large embroidery area, and the AcuFil™ Quilting System, making it exceptionally versatile and capable of handling a wide range of textile projects.

Can the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE handle thick fabrics like denim and leather?

Yes, the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE is equipped with a Superior Feed System (SFS) and a 7-piece feed dog that ensures smooth fabric feeding, making it capable of handling thick fabrics like denim and leather effectively. However, always use the appropriate needles and settings for the best results.

How do I transfer embroidery designs to the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE?

The Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE offers multiple design transfer options including an ATA PC card, USB memory key, CD-ROM drive, and Direct PC Connection. These varied options provide flexibility in how you can upload your favorite designs to the machine.

What is the maximum embroidery size on the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE?

The maximum embroidery size on the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE is 200mm x 200mm, which provides a substantial area for creating large and complex embroidery designs.

Does the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE have an automatic thread cutter?

Yes, the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE features an automatic thread cutter with a memory function, which can be programmed to cut threads between color changes in embroidery or at the end of sewing tasks, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.

What are the lighting features of this machine?

The Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE is equipped with a full-intensity lighting system that includes 8 pure white LED lights. This system provides excellent visibility across the work area, making it easier to work on projects with precision, especially in low-light conditions.

Can I quilt with the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE?

Absolutely, the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE excels in quilting. It features the innovative AcuFil™ Quilting System which includes stippling in the hoop, 24 AcuFil™ Quilting designs, and a special AcuFil™ hoop. These features are designed to enhance the quilting process and produce professional-level results.

How can I maintain my Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the race hook and feeding dogs after each use to remove lint and debris. The machine should be professionally serviced once a year to ensure it remains in optimal working condition. Additionally, keeping the machine covered when not in use will protect it from dust and other potential contaminants.

What type of needle should I use with this machine?

The Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE can use universal needles, but the choice of needle size and type should depend on the fabric and thread being used. Janome also offers specialized needles such as the Blue Tip and Purple Tip needles for different sewing requirements.

How do I update the software on the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE?

To update the software on the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE, you will need to download the latest firmware update from the Janome website. Updates can be transferred to the machine via a USB memory stick or directly through a PC connection. It is important to follow the specific instructions provided by Janome to ensure a successful update.

Can the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE use any brand of embroidery thread?

While the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE allows you to select thread brands such as Gutermann, Robison-Anton, Madeira, Mettler, and Janome in its settings for optimal tension adjustments, it is compatible with a wide range of embroidery thread brands. However, for best results, it’s recommended to use high-quality threads to avoid issues such as thread breakage or poor stitch quality.

What is the purpose of the twin needle guard?

The twin needle guard is a safety feature on the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE that helps prevent the twin needle from breaking during use. It provides extra stability and ensures that the needles are correctly aligned, reducing the risk of mishaps and ensuring smoother operation when using twin needle techniques.

How do I use the knee lift on the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE?

The knee lift is a lever that can be operated with your knee to raise or lower the presser foot without using your hands. This feature is particularly useful when you need both hands to manage the fabric, such as when turning corners or working on intricate parts of your project. It enhances sewing efficiency and ease, allowing for more precise fabric handling.

Is the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE suitable for beginners?

The Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE, while packed with advanced features, has an intuitive interface that can be navigated easily with some learning. However, due to its complexity and cost, it may be more suitable for intermediate to advanced sewists who can fully utilize its extensive capabilities. Beginners might find simpler models more manageable as they start their sewing journey.

What is the AcuFil™ Hoop, and how do I use it?

The AcuFil™ Hoop is specifically designed for quilting with the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE. It allows for precise stippling, decorative quilting, and accurate placement of quilting designs across a larger area. To use it, select the AcuFil™ Quilting option on the machine, attach the hoop, and follow the on-screen prompts to set up and execute your quilting design.

Can the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE handle sewing multiple layers of fabric?

Yes, the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE is capable of sewing multiple layers of fabric, thanks to its Superior Feed System and extra high pressure foot lift. These features ensure that the machine can handle thick materials and layers smoothly, making it ideal for projects like quilting and making bags or upholstery.

What maintenance should I perform to ensure the machine’s longevity?

Regular maintenance of the Janome Memory Craft 11000 SE includes cleaning the bobbin area and feeding dogs, changing needles regularly, and ensuring the machine is dust-free. Additionally, scheduling an annual professional service will help maintain its performance and troubleshoot any potential issues.

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