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Have you been looking for a sewing machine that can offer you a feeling of uniqueness, capture your originality, and keep up with your taste, but you have been unsuccessful so far? Let me use this opportunity to introduce you to the Janome 9850 sewing and embroidery machine, which has the potential to become your best friend!

You are most likely already familiar with the Janome machines, which let users create designs that are unique to themselves and may be altered. In addition, the machines produced by Janome are sturdy and reliable. In the event that you choose to get one, you can rest certain that it will be of the very best quality and will serve you for the rest of your life.

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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850: Review and Overview 

The Janome 9850 is an excellent combination of sewing and embroidery machines. With the greatest features for embroidery, garment sewing, home décor, fabric crafts, and more, it gives you the freedom to pursue your creative expression in any way you can imagine. It is also a machine that is the ideal size for whatever area you have available for sewing.

A number of features, including an LCD touch screen, a top-loading complete rotary hook bobbin, a bobbin winder, and automated thread tension, will make your sewing experience as smooth as possible. This machine will make stitching an enjoyable and stress-free experience thanks to its big embroidery hoop, 175 pre-programmed embroidered designs, and embroidery speeds ranging from 60 to 800 stitches per minute.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine Review

Features of the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850

Sewing Feature of the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850

The Janome Horizon MC 9850 sewing machine offers a comprehensive array of features tailored for an exceptional sewing experience. Here’s a detailed overview of its sewing capabilities:

  • Extensive Stitch Library: With 200 built-in stitch patterns, the machine provides immense variety for all types of sewing, from basic to complex designs.
  • Efficient Bobbin System: Features a full rotary hook and top-loading bobbin system for easy setup and smooth sewing operations.
  • Adjustable Stitch Dimensions: Offers a maximum stitch length of 5mm and a width of up to 9mm, allowing for broad and detailed stitching options.
  • One-Step Buttonholes: Includes six one-step buttonhole styles, facilitating consistent and easy buttonhole creation.
  • Automatic Thread Tension and Needle Threading: Ensures optimal thread tension and easy needle threading to streamline the sewing process.
  • Snap-On Presser Feet: Provides quick and effortless changes between different presser feet to suit various sewing tasks.
  • Needle Position Memory: The machine can remember and return to the needle’s up/down position, enhancing sewing precision and convenience.
  • One-Step Needle Plate Conversion: Enables quick changes between needle plates, optimizing the machine for different sewing tasks.
  • Advanced Fabric Feeding: Features a seven-piece feed dog system for consistent and smooth fabric feeding.
  • Free Arm and Drop Feed: Offers a free arm for sewing cylindrical items and a drop feed feature for free-motion sewing.
  • Start/Stop Button and Speed Control Slider: Allows for sewing without the foot control and adjusting sewing speed for optimal control.
  • Automatic Thread Cutter with Memory Function: Trims threads automatically, saving time and ensuring clean finishes.
  • Twin Needle Guard and Memory Capacity: Protects against needle breakage when using twin needles and offers up to 3 MB of data storage for custom settings and patterns.
  • Extra High Presser Foot Lift and Automatic Bobbin Winder: Facilitates sewing thicker materials and provides convenient bobbin winding.
  • High-Resolution Full-Color Touchscreen: Displays 65,356 colors, making stitch selection and adjustment both intuitive and visually engaging.
  • Pressure Foot Adjustment: Can be set to accommodate different fabric thicknesses, ensuring optimal sewing results.
  • Sewing Application Support: Offers on-screen assistance and guides for various sewing applications.
  • High Sewing Speed: Capable of sewing up to 1000 stitches per minute, allowing for efficient completion of projects.
  • Attached Bobbin Winder Plate and Cutting Blade: Enhances the ease of bobbin preparation and thread cutting.

Embroidery Feature of the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850

The Janome Horizon MC 9850 boasts a comprehensive suite of embroidery features, catering to both beginners and seasoned embroiderers. Here’s a detailed look at its capabilities:

  • Built-In Embroidery Designs: Comes with 175 embroidery patterns, providing a diverse selection for various projects, along with two fonts for personalized creations.
  • Monogramming Functionality: Offers 2 and 3-letter monogramming, enhancing options for personalization with characters including European alphabets.
  • Generous Embroidery Area: The maximum embroidery size is 7.9 by 6.7 inches (200mm by 170mm), suitable for larger designs and projects.
  • Design Transfer Options: Allows easy design transfer via USB, facilitating the use of custom designs beyond the built-in selection.
  • Variable Embroidery Speed: Adjustable sewing speed ranging from 60 to 800 stitches per minute, accommodating both intricate detailing and faster fill work.
  • Supported Embroidery File Formats: Compatible with. JEF and, JEF+ embroidery file formats, the standard for Janome embroidery machines.
  • Advanced Editing Functions: Enables combining, resizing, arcing, flipping, duplicating, and more, directly on the machine, allowing for extensive customization of embroidery designs.
  • Programmable Jump Thread Trimming: Automates the trimming of jump threads, ensuring clean, professional-looking embroidery.
  • Embroidery Process Utilizing Linear Motion: Ensures precision and quality in embroidery execution.
  • Compatible Thread Brands: Supports a variety of thread brands like Janome, Sulky, Guterman, Mettler, Madeira, and Fujix, offering flexibility in thread choices.
  • Flexible Stitching Advances: Allows movement in the design by single, 10, or 100 stitches, aiding in precise positioning and editing.
  • Adjustable Hoop Positioning: Enhances the ease of aligning and starting the embroidery precisely where needed.
  • Standard Hoops Included: Comes with RE20a (6.7×7.9 inches) and SQ14a (5.5×5.5 inches) hoops, catering to a range of project sizes.

Janome Horizon MC 9850: Detailed product description

The Janome 9850 is a modern sewing machine that is fully computerized and features advanced automated functions. It comes with a variety of presser feet, an enormous bag full of supplies, and more needles. In addition, you will receive several useful charts for reference as well as an instruction manual. Inside, you will find a little brush as well as a cleanser. After removing the top, you will see that the embroidery attachment has a significant amount of weight to it. In terms of itself, it is not an especially hefty item; nonetheless, in comparison to other sewing machines, it is bulkier and more substantial.

The ideal use for this design is monogramming, which may be accomplished by stitching, mending, or the use of a variety of embroidery techniques. In addition to that, there is a foot pedal that you may utilize whether you want to or not. The kit comes with not one but two distinct hoops to choose from. The biggest one is 170 millimeters by 200 millimeters, while the smaller ones are 140 millimeters by 140 millimeters each. The attachment for embroidery may be attached to the machine by sliding it onto the rear. Utilize the arrows labeled “turn page” that are located at the very bottom of the screen in order to transition between the various hoop sizes.

You are now ready to embroider or sew once the back and hoop of the embroidery machine have been joined to the arm of the embroidery machine, and the tab has been turned to lock it in place. You are free to make use of the patterns that are already stored within the machine. To use the USB designs, you will first need to click on the folder that is located on the right-hand side of the screen. These designs may then be accessed using the drop-down menu. After that, choose the USB icon, and after that, the embroidery folder, which is where the designs will be stored.

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What fabrics can the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 sew?

  • The Georgette
  • Crinoline (n.)
  • Polyester (PBT)
  • A velvety texture
  • The use of lace
  • Lawn
  • Cloth of Momie
  • Duck towel
  • The Ottomans
  • The organdy
  • Net
  • To Ninon


  • M foot overedge foot
  • Foot A is configured to do zigzags on the machine.
  • Foot F for satin stitching
  • Hemming the foot in blind G.
  • Foot E of the zipper
  • Footgear with automatic buttonhole R
  • D foot rolled hem foot
  • PD-H darting foot darting foot
  • Foot for sewing buttons, type T
  • 1/4-inch seam foot, size O
  • Foot for embroidery, model P
  • Bobbins multiplied by five (one set on the machine)
  • Set of needles
  • Driver for screws
  • a brush for lint
  • A seam ripper, also known as a buttonhole opener
  • Bar used as a guide for quilting
  • Spool holders, size big, quantity two (one set on each machine)
  • Two of the little spool holders
  • Extra pin for the spool
  • Cutlery shears
  • Stylus for touch-screen panels
  • Cleaner for the bobbin holder
  • Hoops for embroidery SQ14a (with template) and RE 20a: 6.7 inches by 7.9 inches
  • Holder for the bobbins used in needlework
  • Cable for the power supply
  • Footwork regulation
  • Manual of operations.
  • Chart of reference points for key icons
  • CD with a template
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Optional Accessories (Click Here)
DescriptionPart Number
AcuFeed Straight Stitch Foot STD202102005
Applique Foot AP202086002
Beading Foot (narrow groove) L1202097006
Beading Foot (wide groove) L2202098007
Binder Foot W202099008
Border Guide Foot FB202084000
Buttonhole Foot B202082008
Circular Sewing Attachment202135007
Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set OV202089005
Concealed Zipper Foot Z202144009
Cording Foot H202085001
Couching Foot Set for Free-Motion FMC202110006
Ditch Quilting Foot S202087003
Edge Guide Foot SE202100003
Even Feed Foot 9mm202137009
Convertible Even Feed Foot SET (open-toe and closed toe)202133005
Gathering Foot V202096005
Large Buttonhole Foot & Stabilizer Plate LR202199009
Pintucking Cord Guides for easy set bobbin models202213000
Pintucking Foot (narrow) N2202094003
Pintucking Foot (wide) N1202093002
Piping Foot I202088004
Quilt Binder Set (easy set bobbin compatible) W1202211008
Ribbon Sewing Guide (wide)200444408
Ribbon/Sequin Foot RS202090009
Rolled Hem Foot (4mm) D2202081007
Rolled Hem Foot (6mm) D1202080006
Ruffler RF202095004
Straight Stitch Foot ST202083009
Ultra Glide Foot U202091000
Ultra Glide Needle Plate & Ultra Glide Foot U202201005
Embroidery Hoop RE20a (170 x 200mm)861803509
Embroidery Hoop RE10a (100 x 40mm)861402205
Clothsetter (for perfect placement of embroidery designs)859439101
Spool Stand (5 threads)859430009
Spool Stand (2 threads)859429005
Optic Magnifer Set of 3 (1.2x,1.4x, 1.6x)202130002
Straight Stitch Needle Plate861801002
Bobbin Holder for free quilting and hand-look stitching200445007
Extra Wide Table861406014
Semi-hard Machine Cover861806007
Embroidery Unit Case861807008
Sharp Needle #9 (15×1)990109000
Sharp Needle #11 (15×1)990111000
Sharp Needle #12 (15×1)990112000
Sharp Needle #14 (15×1)990114000
Sharp Needle #16 (15×1)990116000
Sharp Needle Mixed Pack (15×1)990100000
Ballpoint Needle #11 (15x1SP)990211000
Ballpoint Needle #12 (15x1SP)990212000
Ballpoint Needle #14 (15x1SP)990214000
Ballpoint Needle Mixed (15x1SP)990200000
Blue Tip Needles #11 BP200346007
Purple Tip Needles #14 BP202122001
Red Tip Needles #14990314000
Denim Needles #16990416000
Top Stitch Needles #11/14990500000
Leather Needles #11/14/16990600000
Cutwork Needle Set (for cutwork embroidery designs)202200004
Cutwork Needle Holder (can also use to insert standard needles)862402301
Janome Plastic Bobbins x 10 BP202010027
Janome Plastic Bobbins x 5 BP202010038
Janome Pre-wound Bobbins – 12 black bobbin thread (emb bobbinfil)102100001
Janome Pre-wound Bobbins – 12 white bobbin thread (emb bobbinfil)102100003
Janome Pre-wound Bobbins – 8 white 4 black bobbin thread (emb bobbinfil)102100005
Janome Pre-wound Bobbins – 108 black bobbin thread (emb bobbinfil)102200001
Janome Pre-wound Bobbins – 108 white bobbin thread (emb bobbinfil)102200003
Janome Bobbin Thread white 300m200921781
Janome Bobbin Thread white 1000m200921792
Janome Bobbin Thread white 1600mJ-208-16C
Janome Bobbin Thread black 300mJ-209
Janome Bobbin Thread black 800mJ-209-1
Janome Polyester Embroidery Thread No. 1 (27 reels)200920001
Janome Polyester Embroidery Thread No. 2 (27 reels)200920104
Janome Polyester Embroidery Thread No. 3 (27 reels)200920207
Metallic Thread Set (12 reels 250m)200901006
Universal Sewing Table Stand excl. plate494710003
Plate D for universal table stand494405105
Universal side table stand (no hole)494709009
Janome Artistic Digitizer (full version) for Windows and MAC202390002
Janome Artistic Digitizer Jr (entry level software) for Windows and MAC202395007
Janome Artistic Digitize UPGRADE from JR to Full version202410009
AcuStitch Embroidery Software (windows only)202419008

Working on the Janome Horizon MC 9850

Even though the Janome 9850 is simple to use and ideal for novices, you still need some experience with sewing machines in order to do quality work with it. Becoming an artisan who takes pride in their work requires knowledge of both the outside and the inside workings of the equipment they are working on. The Janome 9850 is able to move about easily and doesn’t require a lot of space to do so. The arm will extend when you press the button that is located at the rear of the machine just behind the power switch.

After that, you may use your hand to reposition it so that it is fully extended, and it will be in that position from then on. As is the case with every machine, there is a possibility that you will experience some difficulties when using this one. On the other hand, given the high cost of this computerized embroidery and sewing equipment, it is quite unlikely that any issues would arise.

It is possible that you will not be successful with this model if you are new to embroidery because using it might be challenging and time-consuming. Nevertheless, if you are an expert in this area, the Janome 9850 is a product that you should consider purchasing. This is a machine that I am really enjoying using so far, and I would definitely suggest it to any and all aspiring seamstresses out there.

Image Credit: Janome

Maintenance routine for the Janome Horizon MC 9850

Here are the maintenance tasks for your machine based on different usage frequencies:

After each use:

  1. Removing fluff and dust: Yes
  2. Checking the bobbin: No
  3. Checking the bobbin winder: No
  4. Checking the tension: No
  5. Lubrication: No

After monthly use:

  1. Removing fluff and dust: Yes
  2. Checking the bobbin: No
  3. Checking the bobbin winder: No
  4. Checking the tension: No
  5. Lubrication: No

After annual use:

  1. Removing fluff and dust: Yes
  2. Checking the bobbin: Yes
  3. Checking the bobbin winder: Yes
  4. Checking the tension: Yes
  5. Lubrication: No

As Per Needed:

  1. Removing fluff and dust: Yes
  2. Checking the bobbin: Yes
  3. Checking the bobbin winder: Yes
  4. Checking the tension: Yes
  5. Lubrication: No

Make sure to follow these maintenance tasks to keep your machine in good working condition.


Janome Memory Craft 9850 Sewing And Embroidery Machine

Brother SE1900 Sewing And Embroidery Machine W/ 240 Stitches And 5in X 7in Embroidery Area
Husqvarna Viking Jade 35 Sewing And Embroidery MachineJanome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine
Check On AmazonCheck On AmazonCheck On AmazonCheck On Amazon
Customer Rating4.
Embroidery Area6.7″ x 7.9″5″ x 7″9.5″ x 6″7.9″ x 7.9″
Built-in Embroidery Designs17513870160
Monogramming ⓘYes
Lettering Fonts25
Built-in Sewing Stitches200240120
Included Hoops2111
Included Presser Feet11711
On-screen Editing
USB Connectivity ⓘ
LCD DisplayLCD Touchscreen3.2″ TouchscreenTouchscreenTouchscreen
Warranty25 Years25 Years20 Years25 Years

Alternatives Of the Janome Horizon MC 9850

Bernette B79 Sewing and Embroidery Machine with a $1,199 Gift!

Feature: Bernette B79 – A Seamstress’s Dream

The Bernette B79 stands as the epitome of Bernette’s product line, seamlessly uniting the sewing functionalities of the b77 with the embroidery advantages of the b70 DECO. This ingenious machine caters to the needs of creators, facilitating the crafting of unique, hand-made dresses adorned with delicately embroidered flowers.


  1. Intuitive Touchscreen and Multi-Function Knobs: The 5-inch color touch screen in the machine’s core simplifies the quest for the ideal stitch or embroidery design while ensuring precise thread tension adjustment. Alternatively, the multi-function knobs provide swift control over stitch length, width, and embroidery design positioning.
  2. Ample Illumination: Four bright LEDs bathe the sewing area in light, eliminating any shadows and offering a comfortable workspace with 230 mm of ample space to the right of the needle.
  3. Extended Workspace: The slide-on free-arm extension table generously extends your workspace, enhancing comfort for those engaging in large sewing or quilting projects.
  4. Versatile Stitch Selection: The Bernette B79 offers not just utility stitches but a dazzling array of 133 decorative stitches and 35 quilting stitches, opening the door to limitless creative embellishments.
  5. Tie-Off Function and Automatic Thread Cutter: Bid farewell to the need for reverse stitching to secure seams, thanks to the automatic tie-off feature. A simple press of the tie-off button at the end of a seam ensures seam integrity.


  1. Moderate Sewing Speed: While the B79 excels in embroidery speed, its standard sewing speed may not meet the demands of high-speed sewing tasks.
  2. Premium Price: It’s important to note that the Bernette B79 resides in a higher price bracket, which might pose a budget constraint for some users.
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FAQs about the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850

Q1: What type of projects is the Janome Horizon MC 9850 suitable for?

A1: The MC 9850 is ideal for a wide range of projects, including general sewing, quilting, and embroidery. Its extensive stitch options and embroidery capabilities make it versatile enough for creating garments, quilts, home décor, and personalized embroidered items.

Q2: How many stitches does the Janome MC 9850 offer?

A2: It comes with 200 built-in stitch patterns, providing a vast array of options for sewing and decorative purposes, along with 175 embroidery designs.

Q3: Can I download additional embroidery designs to the Janome MC 9850?

A3: Yes, you can transfer additional embroidery designs to the machine via USB, allowing you to expand beyond the built-in designs.

Q4: What is the maximum embroidery size on the MC 9850?

A4: The maximum embroidery size is 7.9 x 6.7 inches (200mm x 170mm), accommodating large embroidery projects.

Q5: Does the Janome MC 9850 have a touchscreen display?

A5: Yes, it features a full-color touchscreen LCD that displays 65,356 colors, making it easy to select and edit stitches and embroidery designs.

Q6: What are the speed capabilities of the Janome MC 9850 for sewing and embroidery?

A6: The sewing speed can reach up to 1000 stitches per minute, while the embroidery speed ranges from 60 to 800 stitches per minute.

Q7: Is there an automatic thread cutter on the MC 9850?

A7: Yes, it has an automatic thread cutter that trims threads efficiently at the end of sewing or embroidery, enhancing the finishing process.

Q8: How can I ensure the embroidery designs are placed accurately on the fabric?

A8: The MC 9850 offers adjustable hoop positioning and an embroidery editing function on its LCD screen, enabling precise placement and alignment of designs.

Q9: What kind of needle system does the Janome MC 9850 use?

A9: The machine uses a standard needle system compatible with Janome needles, allowing for various needle types to be used depending on the project requirements.

Q10: Are there any specific features that support quilting on the MC 9850?

A10: Yes, it includes features like the extra high-pressure foot lift, drop feed for free-motion quilting, and a wide range of quilting stitches, making it well-suited for quilting projects.

Q11: Can the stitch length and width be adjusted on the Janome MC 9850?

A11: Yes, the machine allows for adjustment of both stitch length (up to 5mm) and width (up to 9mm), providing flexibility for various sewing techniques.

Q12: Does the Janome MC 9850 support twin-needle sewing?

A12: Yes, it has a twin-needle guard and settings to accommodate twin-needle sewing, expanding its capability for decorative stitching.

Q13: What types of file formats does the MC 9850 accept for embroidery designs?

A13: The MC 9850 can read.JEF and .JEF+ embroidery file formats, common to Janome embroidery machines.

Q14: Is there a memory function for storing custom stitch patterns or designs on the MC 9850?

A14: Yes, the machine has a memory capacity of up to 3 MB for saving custom stitch sequences and embroidery designs.

Q15: What type of feed system does the Janome MC 9850 have?

A15: It features a 7-piece feed dog system, ensuring smooth and even fabric feeding for a variety of sewing projects.

Q16: How do I transfer embroidery designs to the Janome MC 9850?

A16: Designs can be transferred via USB, allowing you to easily import custom embroidery designs from a computer or other storage devices.

Q17: Can the presser foot pressure be adjusted on the MC 9850?

A17: Yes, the machine allows for presser foot pressure adjustment, catering to different types of fabric and sewing conditions.

Q18: What is the purpose of the linear motion embroidery system on the MC 9850?

A18: The linear motion embroidery system ensures precise and smooth embroidery stitching, enhancing the quality of the finished embroidery work.

Q19: Are there automatic features for threading and bobbin winding on the MC 9850?

A19: Yes, it has an automatic needle threader and an auto-declutch bobbin winder, simplifying the machine setup and preparation process.

Q20: What are the included hoops with the Janome MC 9850?

A20: It comes with two standard hoops: RE20a, which is 6.7 x 7.9 inches, and SQ14a, which is 5.5 x 5.5 inches, accommodating various project sizes and embroidery designs.

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