The Made By Me My Very Own Sewing Machine is a newly designed, battery-operated sewing machine tailored for beginners, especially children, to dive into the world of sewing with ease and safety. Its compact size and two-speed functionality are perfect for introducing young learners to sewing basics, encouraging them to explore their creativity through a variety of craft projects.

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Key Features and Benefits

Made By Me My Very Own
  • User-Friendly Design: Equipped with an on/off switch, adjustable stitches and lengths, and pre-threaded bobbins, making it straightforward and convenient for beginners to start sewing projects immediately.
  • Child-Friendly Safety Features: This comes with finger guards, a safety light, and adjustable speeds, ensuring a secure sewing experience for young users.
  • Educational and Fun: The sewing machine kit not only teaches valuable sewing skills but also opens up a world of creativity, allowing children to create items like pillows, toys, and clothing.
  • Comprehensive Kit Contents: Includes the sewing machine, measuring tape, needle threader, spools of thread, stuffing, fabric sheets, stickers, and a project booklet, providing all the necessary tools to begin sewing right away.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 7.67 x 4.52 x 7.48 inches, making it an ideal size for young sewers to handle.
  • Power Source: Battery-operated, ensuring portability and ease of use anywhere (batteries not included).
  • Included Accessories: Offers a variety of accessories to kickstart sewing projects, including threads in popular colors, fabric sheets, and decorative stickers to personalize creations.

Made By Me My Very Own Sewing Machine: What’s Included and Safety Information

What’s Included

  • Battery-Powered Sewing Machine: Compact and designed for beginner use.
  • Cotton Spools (3): Basic thread colors to start various sewing projects.
  • Non-Woven Sheets (2): Fabric sheets to practice stitches and create simple projects.
  • Stuffing: For making stuffed toys or padded crafts.
  • Measuring Tape: To accurately measure fabric and ensure precise cuts and seams.
  • Metal Needle Threader: A tool to assist in threading needles easily, saving time and reducing frustration.

Additional Materials Needed

  • Scissors: Essential for cutting fabric and threads.
  • “AA” Batteries (4): To power the sewing machine (preferably alkaline for better performance).
  • Hand Needle: For finishing touches or manual sewing tasks.
  • Additional Fabric: For more varied and extensive projects.
  • Wiggly Eyes, Fabric Glue, Pen or Pencil: For decorative and crafting purposes, enhancing the creativity and fun of sewing projects.

Safety Warnings

  • Choking Hazard: Contains small parts; not suitable for children under 3 years old.
  • Adult Supervision Required: Due to sharp points and edges, adult assistance is necessary for unpacking, assembly, and operation.

Before You Begin

  • The sewing machine is aimed at introducing sewing to novices and is not suitable for professional use.
  • Carefully read all instructions before using the sewing machine to ensure safety and proper operation.
  • For video tutorials, visit the Horizon Group USA YouTube page.

Installing Batteries & Battery Safety

  • Battery installation should be performed by an adult.
  • Use 4 “AA” alkaline batteries or equivalent for optimal performance.
  • Follow the correct polarity when inserting batteries.
  • Avoid mixing old and new batteries or different types (alkaline, standard, rechargeable).
  • Replace batteries if the machine operates slowly.
  • Ensure batteries are removed and disposed of properly to prevent short-circuiting or leaking.

Getting Started with the Made By Me My Very Own Sewing Machine

Follow these steps to start using your sewing machine effectively:

Step 1: Battery Installation

Ensure the batteries are correctly installed as per the battery installation guide. Then, raise the presser foot using the presser foot lever to prepare for sewing.

Step 2: Thread Positioning

Confirm that the thread from the needle is under the presser foot and extends towards the back of the machine. Thread should enter the needle from the left side and exit through the right.

Step 3: Needle Adjustment

Turn the handwheel following the directional arrows to raise the needle to its highest position.

Step 4: Fabric Placement

Select your material, place it under the presser foot, and then lower the presser foot lever to secure the fabric. Ensure the fabric is taut under the foot to prevent slipping or bunching.

Step 5: Manual Stitching

Manually turn the handwheel as indicated to make a few stitches, securing the fabric and thread in place.

Step 6: Speed Selection

Choose your sewing speed by pressing the speed button on the machine. For beginners or detailed work, start with low speed. Use high speed for longer, continuous stitching.

Step 7: Starting to Sew

Press the “ON/OFF” button to start the sewing process. The needle will move automatically. Gently guide the fabric under the needle, allowing the machine to pull it through without force, and keep your fingers away from the moving needle.

Step 8: Completing the Seam

Once you reach the end of your fabric or seam, press the “ON/OFF” button to stop the machine and finish your stitching line.

Tip: If the stitches are not tight enough, you can adjust the tension dial to achieve the correct tension and then test the stitch quality again.

Specifications of the Made By Me My Very Own Sewing Machine

Design and Build

  • Type: Battery-operated, portable sewing machine
  • User Level: Designed for beginners, particularly children
  • Safety Features: Includes finger guards and a safety light

Dimensions and Weight

  • Size: 7.67 x 4.52 x 7.48 inches
  • Weight: Lightweight, specifics should be checked in the product manual

Functional Specifications

  • Speed Settings: Two-speed operation with a motorized power switch
  • Stitch Options: Adjustable stitches and lengths for a variety of sewing projects
  • Thread Setup: Pre-threaded bobbins for immediate use


  • Battery Requirements: 4 “AA” batteries (not included)

Additional Features

  • Instructional Guide: Picture-based instructions for ease of understanding
  • Sewing Capacity: Suitable for small to medium-sized projects, including crafts and basic garment sewing

Accessories Included

  • Sewing Kit: Measuring tape, metal needle threader, spools of thread, stuffing, non-woven fabric sheets, and decoration stickers

Pros and Cons of the Made By Me My Very Own Sewing Machine


  • Beginner-Friendly: Designed with features like adjustable stitch lengths, pre-threaded bobbins, and an on/off switch, making it accessible for beginners and young users.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with finger guards and a safety light, providing a secure sewing environment for children.
  • Portability: Compact and battery-operated, allowing for easy transportation and use in various locations without the need for electrical outlets.
  • Educational Tool: Comes with picture-based instructions and a variety of projects, encouraging learning and creativity in sewing.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes all necessary accessories to start sewing immediately, such as thread, fabric, needles, and decorative stickers.


  • Limited Functionality: As a machine designed for beginners, it may not offer the advanced features or robustness required for more complex sewing projects.
  • Battery Dependency: Requires 4 “AA” batteries, which can be an ongoing cost and may limit sewing time if spare batteries are not readily available.
  • Size Limitation: While compactness is a benefit for storage and portability, the small size might restrict the scale of projects that can be undertaken.
  • Durability Concerns: Being targeted towards beginners and children, the machine may not withstand heavy or long-term use as well as more professional models.
  • Age Restriction: Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts and choking hazard, and adult supervision is required for operation.


The Made By Me My Very Own Sewing Machine is a thoughtfully designed product that serves as an excellent introduction to sewing for beginners, particularly young learners. With its user-friendly features, safety mechanisms, and comprehensive set of accessories, it offers a complete package for those taking their first steps into the world of sewing. While the machine’s simplicity and size make it ideal for basic projects and learning purposes, its limitations in terms of functionality and durability should be considered when planning more advanced or frequent sewing activities.

this sewing machine is a valuable educational tool that not only teaches the fundamentals of sewing but also encourages creativity and the development of practical skills. For parents and guardians looking to introduce their children to sewing, the Made By Me My Very Own Sewing Machine represents a safe, enjoyable, and effective starting point.

FAQs for the Made By Me My Very Own Sewing Machine

Is this sewing machine suitable for adults, or is it just for children?

While designed with children in mind, the Made By Me sewing machine can also be used by adults who are beginners in sewing or those looking for a simple, easy-to-use machine for small projects.

How long do the batteries last in this sewing machine?

Battery life depends on the quality of batteries used and the frequency and duration of sewing. For optimal use, high-quality alkaline batteries are recommended, and it’s advisable to have spare batteries on hand for uninterrupted sewing.

Can this machine handle thick fabrics like denim or canvas?

The Made By Me sewing machine is designed for lighter fabrics and simple projects, so it may struggle with thicker materials like denim or canvas. For heavy fabrics, a more robust machine would be more suitable.

Does the sewing machine come with a warranty?

It’s important to check the product documentation or contact the manufacturer directly to verify warranty coverage and duration for the sewing machine.

How can I get replacement parts or accessories for this sewing machine?

Replacement parts and accessories may be available through the manufacturer or authorized retailers. Check the user manual or the manufacturer’s website for parts ordering information.

Can I sew clothes with this machine?

While the Made By Me sewing machine is capable of basic sewing tasks, including simple clothing repairs or alterations, its functionality might be limited for complex garment making.

What should I do if the machine stops working or malfunctions?

Refer to the troubleshooting section of the user manual for common issues and solutions. If problems persist, contact customer support for the product or consult a professional repair service.

Can this sewing machine do embroidery?

The Made By Me sewing machine is primarily designed for basic sewing and may not have the specialized features required for embroidery. For embroidery projects, a machine specifically designed for that purpose would be more appropriate.

How easy is it to change the thread or bobbin on this machine?

The machine is designed with beginners in mind, so changing the thread or bobbin is made to be straightforward. Detailed instructions in the manual should guide users through the process efficiently.

Is the machine’s speed adjustable?

Yes, the sewing machine offers adjustable speeds, typically a low and high setting, allowing beginners to start slowly and increase the speed as they gain confidence and skill.

Can I use regular spools of thread with this machine, or do I need special ones?

The Made By Me sewing machine can use regular spools of thread, which makes it convenient and easy to find replacements or additional colors for various projects.

What types of stitches can this machine perform?

This machine typically offers basic stitch functions like straight stitch, zigzag, and buttonhole, catering to fundamental sewing needs and simple projects.

How do I maintain and clean the sewing machine?

Regular maintenance usually involves cleaning lint and debris from the machine, especially in the bobbin area, and checking for thread tangles. Detailed maintenance instructions should be provided in the manual.

Are there any sewing classes or tutorials recommended for beginners using this machine?

Many beginners find it helpful to start with online tutorials, especially those provided by the manufacturer. Additionally, local sewing classes can provide hands-on instruction and guidance in using the sewing machine effectively.

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