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Unleash Professional Sewing Power with the Singer HD-110

Experience professional-grade sewing with the Singer HD-110 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine, boasting a robust motor, exceptional speed, and a durable stainless steel bed plate. Its capability to swiftly complete projects with professional finesse sets the HD-110 apart.

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Key Features:

  • Powerful Motor and High-Speed Sewing: The Singer HD-110 is engineered for speed and durability, making it ideal for heavy-duty sewing tasks.
  • Extra Large Acrylic Extension Table: Handling large projects is a breeze with the spacious extension table, which includes an attachment for crafting perfect circles.
  • Effortless Threading Mechanism: With features like an automatic needle threader, automatic bobbin winder, and a top drop-in bobbin, setting up is quick and easy.
  • Versatile Stitch Options: Offering ten stitch patterns, adjustable stitch length and width, and various needle positions, the HD-110 encourages creative exploration.

Revolutionizing Sewing with Modern Innovation

The Singer Sewing Machine with Extension Table HD110 represents a significant leap in sewing technology, offering a 60% increase in power compared to standard models. This commercial-grade powerhouse can effortlessly manage heavy and multiple fabric layers, delivering up to 1,100 stitches per minute. Its stainless steel bed plate enhances the sewing experience, ensuring smooth fabric flow and convenience in every stitch.

Singer: A Legacy of Sewing Excellence

Singer HD-110

SINGER: Innovating Since 1851

SINGER, established in 1851, stands as a global frontrunner in the sewing machine industry, revered for its consumer and artisan sewing machines. The brand’s enduring legacy of trust and recognition is built on a foundation of continuous innovation.

Milestones in Sewing Innovation:

  • Pioneering Portable Sewing: SINGER introduced the world’s first portable sewing machine, revolutionizing sewing accessibility and convenience.
  • Advancements in Stitching: The creation of the first zigzag machine by SINGER marked a significant leap in sewing versatility, accommodating a broader range of stitch patterns.
  • Leading in Technology: SINGER’s launch of the first computer-controlled sewing machine epitomized the fusion of sewing artistry and modern technology, setting new industry standards.

A Tradition of Sewing Leadership

SINGER’s journey from pioneering the first portable sewing machine to introducing the first computer-controlled model illustrates its steadfast commitment to innovation. This tradition of leading the sewing industry through groundbreaking advancements has solidified SINGER’s status as one of the most trusted and esteemed names in the world of sewing.

Key Features of the Singer HD-110

Singer HD-110: Built for Speed and Precision

Maximize your sewing efficiency with the Singer HD-110’s high-speed motor, capable of delivering an impressive 1,100 stitches per minute. Its design caters to both speed and precision, ensuring rapid progress without compromising on quality.

Core Attributes:

  • Rapid Stitching Capability: Achieve professional results faster with the high-speed motor that powers through at 1,100 stitches per minute.
  • Circular Sewing Proficiency: The machine’s design facilitates circular sewing, expanding the possibilities for creative designs.
  • Robust Construction: A heavy-duty metal frame provides enduring stability and durability to withstand extensive use.
  • Smooth Fabric Handling: The stainless steel bed plate ensures smooth fabric feed, enhancing sewing quality and ease.
  • Compact and Manageable: Weighing 16 pounds with dimensions of 16 x 6-3/4 x 12 inches, the machine balances portability with a sturdy build.
  • Long-Term Reliability: Backed by a limited 25-year warranty, the Singer HD-110 promises long-lasting performance and satisfaction.

Standard Accessories of the Singer HD-110

Singer HD-110

Enhance Your Sewing Experience with Singer HD-110 Accessories

The Singer HD-110 comes equipped with a comprehensive set of accessories, designed to broaden the scope of sewing projects and enhance the user’s convenience and efficiency.

Comprehensive Accessory Kit:

  • Needles and Twin Needle: Cater to various fabric types and sewing needs with the included needles and a twin needle for parallel stitching.
  • Bobbins: Ensure smooth and consistent stitching with the included bobbins.
  • Versatile Presser Feet:
    • All-Purpose Foot: A versatile tool for a wide range of sewing tasks.
    • Buttonhole Foot: Simplify buttonhole sewing for professional results.
    • Zipper Foot and Invisible Zipper Foot: Attach zippers with ease and precision.
    • 1/4-inch Foot: Perfect for piecing quilts and topstitching.
    • Blind Hem Foot: Achieve nearly invisible hems on various fabrics.
    • Special Purpose Foot: Adapt to specialized sewing needs and techniques.
  • Spool Caps: Secure your thread spools during sewing for smooth operation.
  • Extended Table: Provides ample space for larger sewing projects, enhancing control and comfort.
  • Instruction Manual: Navigate the features and functions of your machine with ease.
  • Power Cord (73 inches long): Offers flexibility and convenience in machine placement.

Enhanced Sewing Experience with Singer HD-110

Singer HD-110

Robust Sewing Performance

Navigate through heavy fabrics with ease using the Singer HD-110, a machine designed for durability and high efficiency. It outperforms standard sewing machines by 60%, especially when sewing through multiple layers of fabric like denim, showcasing its powerful sewing capability.

Exceptional Features for Superior Sewing:

  • Extension Table: The inclusion of an extension table, reminiscent of traditional sewing machines, facilitates handling larger and heavier fabrics, ensuring comfort and efficiency in big projects.
  • Advanced Threading System: Threading becomes a breeze with features like an automatic needle threader, automatic bobbin winder, and a top drop-in bobbin, paired with ten stitch patterns, adjustable stitch length and width, and variable needle positions to fuel your creative sewing endeavors.

Crafted for Creativity and Convenience

  • Lightweight yet Durable: The Singer HD-110 strikes a perfect balance between being lightweight for ease of handling and durable enough to withstand rigorous use.
  • Stainless Steel Bed Plate: The bed plate’s stainless steel construction ensures smooth fabric feed and durability.
  • Extra Large Acrylic Extension Table: Accommodates larger sewing projects, providing ample space and support.
  • Versatile Sewing Accessories: Comes equipped with various accessories to meet the demands of different sewing projects, enhancing the machine’s versatility and user satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of the Singer HD-110 Sewing Machine


  • High-Speed Motor: With the capability to sew 1,100 stitches per minute, it significantly reduces project completion time.
  • Heavy-Duty Performance: Designed to sew through heavy fabrics like denim and multiple fabric layers with ease, demonstrating its robust construction.
  • User-Friendly Features: Includes an automatic needle threader, automatic bobbin winder, and a top drop-in bobbin for convenient setup and operation.
  • Versatility in Sewing: Offers ten stitch patterns, adjustable stitch length and width, and variable needle positions for a wide range of sewing projects.
  • Durability: Features a heavy-duty metal frame and stainless steel bed plate, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Extended Work Area: Comes with an extra-large acrylic extension table, making it easier to manage large and heavy fabrics.
  • Comprehensive Accessory Set: Equipped with numerous accessories to accommodate different sewing needs.


  • Weight: At 16 pounds, it may be considered heavy for those requiring high portability.
  • Complexity for Beginners: With its extensive features and settings, beginners may find it challenging to master.
  • Cost: As a heavy-duty machine, it may be more expensive than basic sewing machines, which could be a consideration for budget-conscious users.
  • Limited Stitch Patterns: While it offers ten stitch patterns, some users may find this limiting compared to machines with a broader range of built-in stitches.
  • Noise Level: The high-speed motor might generate more noise compared to less powerful machines, which could be a concern in noise-sensitive environments.

Conclusion: Singer HD-110 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

The Singer HD-110 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine is a powerful and versatile tool designed to meet the needs of both seasoned and ambitious novice sewers. Its high-speed motor and heavy-duty construction enable efficient sewing through thick fabrics and multiple layers, making it a standout choice for challenging projects. The machine’s user-friendly features, such as the automatic needle threader and extensive stitch options, provide convenience and creative flexibility.

While the machine’s weight and complexity may pose challenges for some users, these aspects are also indicative of its durability and comprehensive functionality. The HD-110 may carry a higher price tag compared to basic models, but its performance and durability offer value for those looking to invest in a reliable sewing companion for extensive use. The Singer HD-110 excels in delivering professional-grade sewing capabilities, combining robust construction with thoughtful features to enhance the sewing experience. It stands as a testament to Singer’s legacy of innovation and quality in the sewing machine industry, making it a worthy investment for those seeking a machine that can handle a wide range of sewing tasks with efficiency and precision.

FAQs for the Singer HD-110 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Q1: Can the Singer HD-110 handle thick materials like leather and denim?

A1: Yes, the Singer HD-110 is designed with a powerful motor and heavy-duty construction, enabling it to sew through thick materials like leather and denim efficiently.

Q2: How fast can the Singer HD-110 sew?

A2: The Singer HD-110 boasts a high-speed motor capable of sewing up to 1,100 stitches per minute, facilitating quick completion of sewing projects.

Q3: Is this machine suitable for beginners?

A3: While the Singer HD-110 is feature-rich and may seem complex, it is designed with user-friendly features like an automatic needle threader and top drop-in bobbin, making it accessible for beginners willing to learn.

Q4: What type of sewing projects is the Singer HD-110 best suited for?

A4: The Singer HD-110 is versatile and suitable for a wide range of sewing projects, from heavy-duty tasks like sewing thick fabrics and multiple layers to more intricate sewing like quilting and decorative stitching.

Q5: Does the Singer HD-110 come with a warranty?

A5: Yes, the Singer HD-110 comes with a limited 25-year warranty, offering long-term assurance for your investment.

Q6: How heavy is the Singer HD-110, and is it portable?

A6: Weighing 16 pounds, the Singer HD-110 is sturdy and durable. While it’s not the lightest machine on the market, its weight contributes to its stability during heavy-duty sewing.

Q7: Are additional sewing accessories available for the Singer HD-110?

A7: Yes, the Singer HD-110 comes with a comprehensive set of accessories, and additional specialized accessories are available for purchase to enhance its versatility.

Q8: Can I adjust the stitch length and width on the Singer HD-110?

A8: Yes, the Singer HD-110 allows you to adjust the stitch length and width, providing flexibility for various sewing needs and creative projects.

Q9: Does the Singer HD-110 have an automatic needle threader?

A9: Yes, the Singer HD-110 is equipped with an automatic needle threader to simplify the threading process and save time, making it more convenient for sewists of all skill levels.

Q10: Can the Singer HD-110 sew in a circular pattern?

A10: Yes, the Singer HD-110 has the capability to sew in circular patterns, especially when using the extension table and the appropriate attachments, allowing for a wide range of decorative stitching options.

Q11: What types of stitches can the Singer HD-110 perform?

A11: The Singer HD-110 offers ten stitch patterns, including basic, decorative, and buttonhole stitches, providing versatility for different sewing projects.

Q12: Is it easy to maintain and clean the Singer HD-110?

A12: Yes, the Singer HD-110 is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Regularly cleaning the bobbin area and following the manufacturer’s maintenance guide will help keep the machine in good working condition.

Q13: Can the Singer HD-110 handle sewing multiple layers of fabric?

A13: Absolutely, the Singer HD-110 is particularly effective at sewing through multiple layers of fabric, thanks to its heavy-duty metal frame and high-powered motor, making it ideal for quilting and other layered projects.

Q14: How does the Singer HD-110 compare to other Singer models in terms of performance?

A14: The Singer HD-110 is considered a heavy-duty model, offering more power and speed compared to basic Singer models, making it suitable for a wider range of sewing tasks, including those involving thicker materials and complex layers.

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