Review of the SINGER M2100 Sewing Machine Mechanical sewing machines are easy to use and maintain due to their lack of moving parts. They have proved to be reliable over time despite having manual controls. You can manage simple stitching, home crafts, alterations, and many more with their built-in stitches.

Since the company’s establishment in 1851, SINGER has never stopped developing items for seamstresses of all skill levels, and they do so in the same spirit of creative innovation and functional design that defined the company’s founding values.

SINGER is maintaining its position as a market leader by releasing the M2100 sewing machine. It is a lightweight and compact sewing machine, making it suitable for sewing in tiny spaces as well as carrying to sewing lessons.

Review of the SINGER M2100 Sewing Machine

The pre-set stitch length and width in each of the 63 different stitch applications make it simple to get started sewing, even for people who are just beginning to learn how to sew. You may quilt and sew clothing, as well as make home décor, crafts, and other items with this sewing machine.

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The Singer M2100 Sewing Machine is an excellent sewing machine that comes with a wide variety of functions and is priced affordably. The SINGER M2100 will be discussed in this review. In this analysis, we are going to go over all there is to know about the Singer M2100 sewing machine. Now, let’s have a look at the many functions that may be performed on the SINGER M2100 sewing machine.

SINGER M2100 sewing machine is a versatile choice, suitable for beginners and experts alike. This machine arrives pre-threaded for your convenience, and its accompanying accessories are neatly stored in the front storage compartment.

Features of the SINGER M2100 Sewing Machine

  • 63 Stitch Applications: Covering essential sewing techniques, this machine offers a wide range of stitch options to accommodate various projects.
  • Easy Stitch Selection: Streamlined stitch selection makes it simple to choose the right stitch for your sewing needs.
  • Preset Stitch Length and Width: Conveniently preset stitch dimensions simplify the selection process.
  • Buttonholes as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4: Creating buttonholes is a straightforward 4-step process with this machine.
  • Use SINGER Class 15 Transparent Bobbins: This machine utilizes Class 15 transparent bobbins for efficient bobbin winding and thread monitoring.
  • 4 Presser Feet for Improved Capability: Four presser feet expand your sewing capabilities, enhancing your project versatility.
  • Simple Stitch Selection: The machine’s user-friendly stitch selection feature ensures ease of use for sewers of all levels.
Image Credit: Singer
Product TypeMechanical Sewing Machine
Primary MaterialMetal
Number of Built-In Stitches63
Automatic ButtonholerYes
Reverse StitchingYes
Needle Threading SystemManual
Free ArmYes
Power SwitchYes
Sewing Machine Items IncludedLight Included; Storage Compartment Included
Weights & Dimensions
Overall Dimensions14” H x 17” W x 10” D
Overall Product Weight12 lb.
Product WarrantyYes
Warranty Length1 Year
Full or Limited WarrantyLimited (specifications in table)

Pros And Cons Of SINGER M2100 Sewing Machine


  • Extensive selection of 63 stitch applications.
  • User-friendly with easy stitch selection.
  • Preset stitch length and width for beginners.
  • Simplified four-step buttonhole creation.
  • A comprehensive accessory kit is included.
  • Effective Stay bright LED lighting


  • Corded electric, limiting mobility.
  • May not meet the needs of advanced sewers.

Manual Guide to the Singer M2100 Sewing Machine

Quick Guide

Included accessories: Singer M2100 sewing machine

  • It comes with a comprehensive set of 100 included accessories
  • Offers 63 Stitch Applications for essential sewing techniques
  • Features an intuitive and user-friendly Easy Stitch selection
  • Simplifies stitch selection with preset stitch length and width options
  • Easily creates buttonholes using a 1, 2, 3, 4-step process
  • Provides a 5.9″ sewing space (from needle to tower) with a 4.25″ height
  • Utilizes SINGER Class 15 Transparent bobbins for efficient bobbin management

Key Features: Singer M2100 Sewing Machine

Stitch Applications:

  • 63 Stitch Applications: These represent specific sewing techniques achievable with the machine’s various stitches.

Built-In Stitches:

  • 8 Built-In Stitches: Choose from a selection of stitches suitable for basic, decorative sewing, and more.


  • Four-Step Buttonhole: Easily sew buttonholes in just four steps, with clear guidance on the Stitch Selector Dial.

Bobbin and Darning Plate:

  • Front Loading Bobbin: Convenient front-loading bobbin
  • Darning Plate: Place this plate over the feed teeth for free-motion sewing, such as stipple quilting, monograms, and button sewing.

Stitch Selection:

  • Easy Stitch Selection Dial: Select your desired stitch by turning the Stitch Selector Dial.

Reverse Stitching:

  • Reverse Lever: Sew stitches in reverse to secure seams at the beginning and end, preventing unraveling.

Frame and Lighting:

  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame: The machine’s interior frame is constructed of durable metal.
  • LED Lighting: Long-lasting LED lighting provides bright, cool-to-the-touch illumination.

Free Arm and Presser Feet:

  • Free Arm: Easily access the free arm by sliding off the removable storage compartment, allowing for sewing trouser hems, sleeve cuffs, and smaller or tubular projects.
  • Snap-On Presser Feet: Quickly attach or remove presser feet for various sewing techniques.
  • Extra High Presser Foot Lifter: An extra high position is available to accommodate thick fabrics.

Sewing Space and Bobbin Class:

  • Sewing Space (Needle to Tower): 5.9″ between the needle and the machine’s main body, offering ample space for larger projects like quilts.
  • Bobbin Class (15 Transparent): Recommended use of SINGER or INSPIRA-branded Class 15 Transparent bobbins for optimal results.


  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty, with a 25-year limited warranty on selected components.

63 Stitch Applications

The M2100 Sewing Machine elevates your sewing experience with an array of dazzling and extravagant features, offering an impressive 63 stitch applications to cater to your creative aspirations.

Whether you’re in the process of crafting a quilt, mending a piece of clothing, or fashioning a unique masterpiece, this computerized sewing machine empowers you with enhanced control over your projects. With its 63 versatile stitch applications, you can tackle your creative endeavors with ease and confidence.

4-Step Buttonhole

The SINGER M2100 sewing machine is designed to be effortlessly user-friendly, making it the ideal companion for creating stunning sewing projects. With the SINGER M2100 sewing machine, you have access to a specialized 4-step buttonhole foot, which allows you to craft flawless buttonholes swiftly.

This four-step buttonhole feature consistently delivers impeccable results without the need for complex machine adjustments. In fact, it’s as straightforward as threading a needle, ensuring your sewing endeavors are a breeze.

Front Loading Bobbin

The SINGER M2100 sewing machine features a convenient front-loading bobbin system, enabling you to swiftly prepare your thread and get back to the enjoyable task of sewing. Front-loading bobbins are both easy to wind and insert, enhancing your efficiency without compromising the smoothness of the needle plate.

Quick and Easy Threading

The SINGER M2100 sewing machine is truly exceptional, boasting numerous outstanding features. One of its standout attributes is the automatic needle threading function, a convenience not found in all sewing machines. Furthermore, this SINGER sewing machine is equipped with a high-speed motor, ensuring swift and effortless sewing. Its user-friendly threading guides simplify the threading process, making it quick and hassle-free.

Reverse Lever

The SINGER M2100 sewing machine incorporates a built-in Reverse lever, enhancing the versatility of your sewing experience. This feature enables you to sew stitches in both forward and reverse directions, effectively preventing the fabric from unraveling. The reverse stitch capability simplifies the process of securing a seam at the beginning and end of your project, ensuring it remains intact. The M2100’s Reverse lever proves to be a significant time-saver, particularly when engaged in free-motion quilting and other sewing tasks.

LED Light

Singer’s exclusive LED Lighting System is a game-changer, as it effectively brightens your sewing area, eliminating the need to strain your eyes, especially when working with dense fabrics. This system also excels at reducing shadows and glare, ensuring an enhanced view of your sewing space.

Furthermore, these lights maintain exceptional visibility even in well-lit surroundings or during daylight hours. Unlike traditional bulbs, they won’t fade over time, providing consistent and reliable lighting that you can always count on.

The Singer M2100 sewing machine, with its heavy-duty metal frame, offers a multitude of features that position it as a true workhorse in the sewing world. The robust metal frame is meticulously designed for long-lasting durability and unwavering dependability. Thanks to its heavy-duty construction, this sewing machine is an ideal choice for serious sewers who require a machine that can withstand rigorous use.

SINGER Sewing Assistant App

Sewing has never been easier, and now there’s a valuable tool to keep you on the right track. The SINGER Sewing Assistant App is a free resource readily available whenever you’re online. Simply install the SINGER Sewing Assistant app on your smartphone, and you’ll instantly have access to a wealth of information about your sewing machine, creative projects, and more.

This handy assistant app simplifies the learning process for the SINGER M2100’s features, including the automatic needle threader, drop-in bobbin, and one-step buttonhole. You can conveniently access instructional videos and receive exclusive tips and techniques right from your smartphone or tablet using this handy assistant app.

Singer M1500 vs M2100 Review

Singer sewing machines stand out as the top choice for essential sewing projects. Whether you’re a novice just starting or an enthusiast looking to enhance your sewing prowess, Singer machines provide a seamless solution. The latest Singer models eliminate the concerns of threading, foot pedal operation, and post-sewing thread tying, thanks to their advanced automatic features.

Singer offers a diverse range of machine types, and in this discussion, we’ll compare the Singer M1500 and M2100 models. Both of these Singer sewing machines are brimming with features suitable for beginners and proficient enough to meet the needs of experts.

Singer M1500 Sewing Machine Review:

The Singer M1500 is a budget-friendly and portable sewing machine, specifically tailored for beginners embarking on their sewing journey. This machine boasts a robust, heavy-duty metal frame, imparting a sturdy and reliable feel while preventing any unwanted movement during use.

Setting up the Singer M1500 is a breeze, as it comes pre-threaded for added convenience. Additionally, a storage compartment at the front of the machine houses various accessories. The M1500 offers versatility with its six distinct stitch types: scallop, satin, blind hem, buttonhole, straight, and zigzag. For guidance on these stitches, an instruction manual with detailed diagrams is included.

Image Credit: Singer

This machine uses class 15 bobbins, and four of them are provided. The bobbin loading is front-facing, requiring the needle to be fully raised for smooth operation. The thread tension dial is conveniently located just above the needle area. Moreover, the M1500 supports free arm sewing, making it ideal for tasks like cuffs, sleeves, and pant hems. With a total of 57 stitch applications, you have ample options for a wide range of sewing projects.

The M1500 includes three presser feet: an all-purpose zigzag foot, a zipper foot, and a buttonhole foot. Creating buttonholes is a straightforward, four-step process. While you work on your projects, an integrated LED light illuminates the workspace, ensuring excellent visibility even on darker fabrics or intricate stitches. Another noteworthy feature is the machine’s capability for twin needle sewing, enabling you to produce two parallel lines of stitches simultaneously.

Singer M2100 Sewing Machine Review

The Singer M2100 sewing machine is a compact and space-saving option, making it perfect for sewing in confined areas. Much like the M1500, it boasts a lightweight and portable design, and it’s also reinforced with a heavy-duty metal frame for durability and longevity.

The M2100 comes pre-threaded, ensuring a hassle-free start to your sewing projects. In contrast to the M1500’s six stitch types, the M2100 offers an expanded selection of eight stitch types. Furthermore, the M2100 impresses with 63 stitch applications, which is more than the M1500 offers. Similar to its counterpart, this sewing machine utilizes a front-loading class 15 bobbin and simplifies buttonhole creation into a straightforward 4-step process.

Singer’s M2100 facilitates quick and straightforward threading thanks to preset stitch length and width options. The array of eight built-in stitches encompasses a variety of basic and decorative options. Like the M1500, the M2100 is equipped with three presser feet. Illuminating the workspace is an LED lighting system, ensuring optimal visibility for sewing on the full-size sewing area. Additionally, the M2100 includes a reverse sewing lever, similar to the M1500, for securing seams.

Our recommendation

Singer sewing machines have adapted to meet the demands of contemporary sewing enthusiasts. When comparing the Singer M1500 with the M2100, we’ve identified that both machines cater to beginners and hobbyists with their straightforward yet feature-rich designs. They share common attributes like being lightweight, budget-friendly, and user-friendly.

Nevertheless, when selecting one, we recommend the Singer M2100 sewing machine. It offers a broader selection of stitch types and applications compared to the Singer M1500. While most other features and specifications closely align with the M1500, the M2100 offers an enhanced variety of stitch applications for a slightly higher cost.

Conversely, the M1500 stands out for its affordability relative to the M2100. It’s a valuable asset for newcomers, boasting easy-to-master features. As your sewing skills advance, you can explore upgrading to a more tailored model to meet your changing needs.


What is the warranty on the Singer m2100?

For a period of twenty-five (25) years beginning on the date of purchase, the assurance that the product frame is free from manufacturing defects is provided by the manufacturer. Over the course of twenty-five (25) years from the date of purchase, we will supply free replacement components for any manufacturing flaw that may emerge in the product frame. However, you will be responsible for paying for the work.

Can I use any thread with Singer sewing machine?

Standard all-purpose sewing thread is the type of thread that is meant to be used with household sewing machines. This thread is available for purchase in shops that specialize in sewing or fabric in your area. The vast majority of all-purpose thread is made entirely of polyester. You are able to utilize cotton thread when you are practicing quilting.

Is machine sewing easy?

It is possible to complete seams that have been machine-stitched in a matter of seconds. It is a terrific method to finish projects of any size, and after you get the idea of how to use your sewing machine, including how to thread the bobbin and use the presser foot, machine sewing is a great way to complete tasks of any size. Just initially, you need to become familiar with the setup.

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