Are you contemplating the purchase of the Elna Enita EF72 sewing and quilting machine? We invite you to peruse our comprehensive review to ascertain whether this sewing and quilting device aligns with your specific sewing and quilting requirements.

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Elna Elnita EF72 sewing and quilting machine

Elna Elnita EF72 Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

Are you considering the Elna Elnita EF72 sewing and quilting machine for your crafting needs? In this review, we’ll explore the features, advantages, and limitations of this high-tech sewing companion.


The Elna Elnita EF72 is designed for the discerning seamstress who seeks a high-tech sewing machine with a comprehensive array of features. Let’s delve into its key attributes:

  • Adjustable Thread Tension: With adjustable thread tension, this machine provides the flexibility to achieve precise stitch outcomes, ensuring your projects are as polished as you desire.
  • Reverse Stitch Button: The inclusion of a reverse stitch button simplifies backstitching, enhancing the durability of your seams and making intricate stitching a breeze.
  • Dust Cover: The provided dust cover safeguards your machine from dust and debris, ensuring it remains in pristine condition between uses.
  • 7-Piece Foot Dog: The Elna Elnita EF72 comes with a 7-piece foot dog, offering versatility and control over your sewing projects, whether it’s quilting, embroidery, or garment construction.
  • Automatic Bobbin Winder: The automatic bobbin winder streamlines the process of loading bobbins, saving time and effort in preparation.
  • High-Speed Computerized Sewing Machine: This computerized sewing machine boasts a remarkable sewing speed of up to 1000 stitches per minute, making it a dynamic workhorse for tackling various tasks, from zigzag stitching to satin foot overcasting.
  • Illumination: Thanks to three additional LED lights, you can sew at any time of the day without straining your eyes. This illumination ensures precision and comfort throughout your sewing sessions.
  • Seven Dog Feeding Mechanisms: The Elna Elnita EF72 features seven dog feeding mechanisms, promoting smooth and precise fabric movement, regardless of the type of fabric you’re working with.
  • Computerized: It offers automated features such as programmable stitch patterns, precise tension control, and digital displays, enhancing the efficiency and versatility of sewing tasks.
  • One-step buttonhole: This allows users to create a buttonhole in a single, automated step.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length and Width: customize the length and width of stitches according to their specific sewing needs. Stitch length refers to the distance between individual stitches, and stitch width determines the lateral spacing or width of zigzag stitches.
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure: control the amount of pressure applied by the presser foot onto the fabric being sewn. The presser foot holds the fabric in place as it moves through the machine, and the pressure applied affects how smoothly the fabric feeds.
  • Adjustable Needle Position: change the placement of the needle horizontally, typically from left to center to right. This feature provides greater flexibility in stitching and is useful for various sewing techniques and projects.

Elna Elnita EF72 Sewing Quilting Machine

Brand: Elna
green, white
Material: Aluminum
Type: Electric


  1. Versatile Foot Variety: The inclusion of a 7-piece foot dog provides versatility and adaptability, allowing you to work with a broad range of fabrics and techniques.
  2. Spacious Throat: The ample throat space accommodates larger projects, making quilting and working with extensive fabric pieces more convenient.
  3. Handles Various Fabrics: The Elna Elnita EF72 can effortlessly handle various fabric types, from delicate materials to heavy-duty fabrics, catering to diverse sewing needs.


  1. Knee Lift Not Included: One potential drawback is the absence of a knee lift, which some sewers may find beneficial for hands-free presser foot control.

Features of the Elna Elnita EF72 Sewing and Quilting Machine

  • Excellent device for threading needles
  • The screen is illuminated by LEDs with straightforward control buttons
  • Seven scraps for the dog
  • Automatic bobbin winder
  • Needle up/down button Reverse button Thread tension that may be adjusted

What Fabrics Can The Elna Elnita EF72 Sew?

  • Marquisette
  • Gingham
  • Faille
  • Satin
  • Tulle
  • Veiling
  • Denim
  • Voile
  • There are many types of Cotton Jersey Knit
  • Batiste
  • Wool Tweed
  • Coated fabric
  • Corduroy

Working on the Elna Elnita EF72 Sewing And Quilting Machine


The Elna Elnita EF72 is a typical powerhouse that comes with a variety of presser feet (including zipper foot, satin stitch foot, overcast foot, and many more). The LED display makes it simple to navigate the options and settings, even when there isn’t a lot of light. Quilting and general sewing are both made easy with this machine. On Amazon, you can purchase it for only $2,000, or maybe even less than that. This quilting machine is up there with the greatest of them due to the fact that it can handle any kind of fabric, regardless of how big or how thick it is.

The problem of winding bobbins can be handled by using a bobbin winder that has an auto-declutchable mechanism. When the machine detects that the bobbin being wound has reached capacity, it immediately stops. This piece of sewing equipment also comes with an extra presser foot, which may be used for sewing thick and heavy materials such as canvas and denim. In addition, a dust cover is included for the components that are utilized infrequently and are part of the package.

When the needle is in the middle position, the one-of-a-kind needle plate that this product features might be of great assistance. Because it is so durable and is constructed out of aluminum, using this quilting machine will be a pleasurable experience for you.


The Elna Enita EF72 sewing and quilting machine comes equipped with an extensive array of accessories and components to elevate your sewing and quilting experience:

  1. Overcasting Foot: Perfect for neatly finishing raw fabric edges.
  2. Zigzag Foot: Ideal for versatile sewing with zigzag stitches.
  3. Satin Stitch Foot: Aids in creating smooth and elegant satin stitches.
  4. Blind Hemming Foot: Facilitates the creation of precise blind hem stitches.
  5. Zipper Foot: Essential for adding or replacing zippers with precision.
  6. Automatic Buttonhole Foot: Streamlines the process of creating consistent buttonholes.
  7. Rolled Hem Foot: For creating delicate and professional rolled hems.
  8. Darning Foot: Essential for free-motion embroidery and darning tasks.
  9. Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot: Enables you to explore your creativity with free-motion quilting.
  10. Close-Toe Foot: Useful for precise and controlled sewing applications.
  11. Open-Toe Foot: Allows for improved visibility when executing intricate stitches.
  12. Clear View Foot: Enhances visibility during sewing, particularly when working with intricate fabrics.
  13. Stabilizer Plate: Ensures stability and even fabric feeding during your sewing projects.
  14. Bobbins (5): Extra bobbins for convenient thread management.
  15. Needle Set: A selection of needles to accommodate various fabric types and project needs.
  16. Lint Brush: Helps keep your machine clean and in optimal working condition.
  17. Seam Ripper (Buttonhole Opener): For undoing seams and opening buttonholes.
  18. Quilting Guide Bar: Assists in achieving precise quilting patterns.
  19. Screwdriver: Essential for making adjustments and maintenance.
  20. Net (2): Used for organizing and protecting various sewing accessories.
  21. Large Spool Holder (2): Accommodates larger spools of thread.
  22. Small Spool Holder (2): Ideal for smaller thread spools.
  23. Spool Rest (2): Provides stability for your thread spools during sewing.
  24. Needle Plate: Part of the machine that helps guide the fabric and needle.
  25. Straight Stitch Needle Plate: Designed for straight stitch sewing.
  26. Stitch Reference Chart: A reference guide for different stitch options.
  27. Stitch Chart Bracket: Holds the stitch reference chart in place for easy access.
  28. Setscrew (2): Used for securing various machine components.
  29. Dust Cover: Protects your machine when not in use.
  30. Instruction Book: Offers guidance on using the machine effectively.
  31. Instructional DVD: Visual assistance for learning about the machine’s features.
  32. Power Cable: Provides electrical connectivity.
  33. Foot Control: Allows you to regulate the sewing speed with your foot.

Maintenance Routine For The Elna Elnita EF72 Sewing And Quilting Machine

To ensure the Elna Enita EF72 sewing and quilting machine functions optimally and remains in good working condition, it’s important to follow a maintenance routine. Here’s a breakdown of the recommended actions after each use, monthly use, and annual use, as well as those that should be done as needed:

After each use:

  • Removing fluff and dust is essential to prevent buildup and maintain the machine’s cleanliness. This should be done regularly to avoid performance issues.

After monthly use:

  • Checking the bobbin is recommended monthly to ensure it’s properly loaded and positioned. This helps prevent thread jams and other issues.
  • Checking the bobbin winder is also advised on a monthly basis to make sure it’s in good working order. This is crucial for winding bobbins efficiently.
  • Checking the tension of the machine should be done monthly to ensure your stitches are consistent and of high quality.

After annual use:

  • Checking the bobbin annually is an extra precaution to maintain proper bobbin function and overall sewing performance.
  • Checking the bobbin winder annually is a longer-term maintenance task to ensure it remains in good working condition.
  • Lubrication of the machine should be performed annually to keep the moving parts running smoothly.

As Needed:

  • Additional maintenance, such as addressing specific issues or making adjustments, should be done as needed. If you notice any irregularities in your machine’s performance, take the necessary steps to address and correct them.

By following this maintenance schedule, you can extend the lifespan of your sewing and quilting machine and ensure it consistently produces high-quality results for your projects. Regular maintenance helps prevent problems and keeps your machine in excellent working order.

Alternatives To The Elna Elnita EF72 Sewing And Quilting Machine

Here are some alternatives to the Elna Elnita EF72:

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Unlock Creativity with the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Are you ready to unleash your creative potential? The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing and Quilting Machine is your key to a world of limitless possibilities. This powerhouse of innovation is packed with an impressive array of features, making it the ultimate sewing companion for your creative journey.


  • 1,172 Stitch Applications: With an astounding 1,172 stitch applications at your fingertips, including 5 alphanumeric fonts and 13 fully automatic one-step buttonholes, your creative ideas can flourish without boundaries.
  • Customization Made Easy: Tailoring your projects to perfection is effortless with features like “Mirror Imaging” and “Stitch Elongation.” Whether you’re working on unique pillow cover sequences or adding elegant buttonholes to your garments, the Singer 9960 delivers impeccable results.
  • Effortless Start: Begin your sewing journey with ease. Quick threading, preset stitch parameters, and a built-in needle threader simplify the setup process. Say goodbye to frustrating threading woes.
  • Intuitive LCD Screen: The intuitive LCD screen provides clear information about stitch functions, ensuring you have complete control over your projects.
  • Ample Workspace: The extension table offers ample space for quilting and tackling larger projects, giving you the freedom to explore your creativity on a larger scale.
  • Brilliant Illumination: Illuminate your workspace with two powerful LED lights that provide optimal lighting for every intricate detail of your work.
  • Advanced Features: Explore a wealth of advanced features, including electronic twin needle settings, a 7-segment feeding system for precision, automatic locking stitches, and more. These features are designed to enhance your sewing experience and bring your creative visions to life.
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: Enjoy the convenience of automatic bobbin winding, direct stitch selection, and adjustable presser foot pressure, streamlining your workflow and allowing you to focus on your craft.

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is not just a sewing machine; it’s your gateway to limitless design possibilities. Elevate your craft with this exceptional value, and redefine your sewing experience today.

Unleash your imagination, express your creativity, and take your sewing and quilting projects to new heights with the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960.

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Juki TL-2010Q Portable Sewing and Quilting Machine

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