The Brother SQ9185 Sewing and Quilting Machine comes with quite a long list of features: it’s a sewing machine, a quilting machine, and even has a monogram font.

This machine is extremely affordable as well. Are you still unsure about whether you should purchase Brother’s SQ9185 for your big projects, such as quilting? Now you don’t have to be because Brother SQ9185 promises many features you’ll use.

This sewing and quilting machine features different stitch patterns, high performance, precision, and speed. In this article, you will find an in-depth review of the SQ9185 and what features to check out before purchasing it.

Are you skeptical yet?

Don’t worry—we were, too. As a result, we investigated whether the SQ9185 promise was true or if it was, in fact, a scam. 

Before buying a sewing machine, it is important to research what features you want. To begin with, you need to list all of your requirements and make sure this machine meets them. Before buying any sewing machine, you should consider a few important factors. 

Our Brother SQ9185 review will help you make an informed purchase decision by providing you with a closer look at this machine.

Specification of Brother SQ9185 Sewing Machine:

Before diving deep inside this machine,. Let’s first look at the specification of  Brother SQ9185 before analyzing other features of  Brother SQ9185

Features of the Brother SQ9185 Sewing Machine:

The best sewing and quilting machines should offer good performance, precision, durability, and versatility. In the Brother SQ9185, you will find everything you need in your machine.

For this reason, if you’re looking for a sewing machine that includes some amazing features, you’ve come to the right place. With so many features, the Q9185 might be your next go-to sewing machine. 

I was immediately attracted to this machine’s 130 built-in stitches because there are quite a few. Additionally, it comes with eight styles of one-step buttonholes.

Looks And Design of the Brother SQ9185 Sewing Machine:

Let us start by saying that the Brother SQ9185 is a beautiful machine before we dive into its features.

It has 130 stitch options printed on its arm. It also has a monogramming legend on the inside of the top cover. There is also a display screen situated in the middle of the design. The machine weighs in at 9.9 lbs, making it one of the lightest quilting machines available.

You’ll certainly get your fingers tingling as you unpack all this.

Built-in Stitches And Patterns

Modern sewing machines come with stitch patterns, designs, and stitch options, making the work of sewers much easier. These features are not available on older machines. Your work becomes so much more creative when you use different stitch styles.

 If you’re going to buy a sewing machine, make sure it has as many built-in stitch patterns and designs as possible. Regarding the Brother sewing and quilting machine SQ9185, it has 130 built-in stitches. Additionally, it comes with eight different buttonhole stitch styles.

Speed Of Brother SQ9185 Sewing machine

  We stitch those seams fast and straight at 850 stitches per minute. LED area with bright light to sew in less-than-optimal lighting. The SQ9185 has 8 different types of buttonholes with a 1-step buttonhole maker.  

Wide Table Included with Brother SQ9185 Sewing Machine:

One more piece of ingenuity: the Brother SQ9185 comes with an attachable wide table.

The Brother quilting machine now has a 33% larger workspace than previous models.

This great addition is designed to make large-scale quilting (which, let’s be honest, isn’t always an easy task, to begin with), or bigger projects like gowns, as easy as possible.

Large Backlit LCD Display

With the Brother SQ9185, you can select stitches, adjust positioning, and make monogramming easy.

It is bright and easy to read even in low-light conditions and is generally well designed with icons to indicate choices.

Added Accessories in the Box of the Brother SQ9185 Sewing Machine:

When you spend your money on something, make sure it comes with some extra accessories. There shouldn’t be a shortage of items in your package so you have to purchase the other necessities yourself. As an example, your sewing and quilting machine should come with a needle set that is compatible with it.

More than that, it should come with a cleaning brush, a sewing and quilting guide, a user manual, as well as bobbins, screwdrivers, and a seam ripper.

Pros & Cons of Using Brother SQ9185 Sewing Machine:


  • It is affordable
  • It is beginner-friendly and easy to maintain
  • It has an Auto-needle threader
  • It comes with an LED Screen for Monitoring
  • It has many built-in stitches


  • Produces a little bit of noise

Brother’s SQ9185, with its tremendous combination of features, will make your sewing and quilting experience a breeze. A bright LED light creates a perfect working field for bringing precision to your work.

 Besides that, it has a large workspace, so quilting and sewing are easy. This machine comes with an automatic needle threader and an LCD screen for utmost convenience.

 I recommend getting a sewing machine tote for this very reason because the machine is lightweight and therefore easier to carry or move around.

The most effective sewing and quilting machines should offer high performance, precision, durability, and versatility. In the Brother SQ9185, you will find everything you need in your machine. For this reason, if you’re looking for a sewing machine that includes some amazing features, you’ve come to the right place. You may want to consider the SQ9185 as your next sewing and quilting machine. 

There are 130 built-in stitches on this machine, which immediately attracted my attention because there are so many. In addition, it has eight styles of one-step buttonholes.

The speed of this machine is another thing that I love about the SQ9185. It is capable of 850 stitches per minute on its highest speed setting. As it has variable speed control, you can also adjust the speed as per your requirements.

Brother SQ9185 reviews are incredible since they offer working space and bright LED lights for a comfortable working environment. Other than that, you will love the LCD screen, which allows you to choose your stitch style, position it, create a monogram, and much more.

Moreover, it includes a seam ripper, which is an added convenience for your sewing needs. Moreover, the Brother SQ9185 includes an automatic needle threader that saves you the time and effort of doing that manually. 

There may be a reason why Brother sewing machine SQ9185 reviews are positive. This is because it is stylish, provides tremendous performance, is compact, and, most importantly, is versatile. In addition to its ability to sew, it is also used for quilting by many people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there a certain number of available stitches? 

When it comes to stitching diversity, this mannequin has it all—130 stitches in all, including eight different buttonhole patterns that can be constructed in just one step.

Is there a reverse stitch on this garment? 

Two or three stitches at the beginning and end of the seam help reinforce the stitches, making the seam impermeable. Using the foot pedal, however, the machine cannot reverse direction.

Is SQ9185 worth your money?

The Brother SQ9185 is a great printer for the features it offers, and it is also pretty affordable to begin with. For beginners, this machine can be tricky; therefore, it is not recommended for those just starting out. Apart from that, it offers a variety of stitches and designs, so it’s a good value for money.

How long can the Brother SQ9185 sewing machine last?

You can expect the Brother SQ9185 to last anywhere from 10 to 30 years, depending on how you use it. Taking proper care of your sewing machine will enable it to last you up to three decades and perform well. When used roughly, it may last between 5 and 10 years.


Brother’s discontinued SQ9185 is a computerized entry-level sewing machine for quilting and embroidery. You can find a low-priced model in a retail store or online if you find a new model.

A thing of wonder, the Brother SQ9185 130-Stitch Sewing and Quilting Machine is packed with features, comes with an array of accessories, and runs beautifully.

Have a nice day!

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